Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack v1 for WoW 3.0.9

As stated a few days ago on my twitter page, Darkened Linux has made a new Trinity Core repack for WoW 3.0.9 which is of course for WoW 3.0.9 only, so if you have patched your WoW installation, you need to perform a roll back in order to use this

A detailed explanation about this repack are listed below:

Trinity Core 2
Last Patch added 7777
Upgrades will be available for this pack soon, like 3.1.0.

Since there’s no upgrade function exist in order to upgrade from the last Trinity Core that was made by Oatman, by installing this you’ll lose all data on your previous Trinity Core installation, unless you choose to install it into different databases name

Darkened Linux also told me that he is currently working on making his next release to be upgradeable from Oatman’s release, so in the other words, if you choose to install this repack, make sure to install it into different databases name that the default databases name provided in the Batch Installer, while waiting for him to create an upgradeable version from the last Trinitycore repack release by Oatman



1. You need to have MySQL Installed (how to Install MySQL)
2. World of Warcraft Client version 3.0.9 as stated earlier
3. DBC’s , VMAPS and MAPS Need to be Updated for 3.0.9 (use the vmaps, and dbc extractor included in the repack)
4. .NET FrameWork 3.5 SP1

And finally if you have all of the above installed and configured here’s the download link for the repack:

– Mirror 1: Rapidshare
– Mirror 2: Megaupload
– Mirror 3: Filebeam

How to Install:

Please check the Reaper Trinity Installation

or a much simplified version:

1. Use the Extractors to extract the VMaps and DBC files from your World of Warcraft installation directory

2. Copy the extracted folders into Trinity Core’s folder

3. Use the Reaper-x installer to install the database

4. Edit TrinityCore.conf and TrinityRealm.conf to your liking (but make sure the databases name match the databases name used when installing via the batch file)

p.s. There is no need to edit Reaper-X installer as seen in the installing guide above.

All credits should be given to Darkened Linux for making this repack, and of course to everyone who are involved in Trinity Core development

Trinity Core Official Siteplease note, Trinity Core website doesn’t support any repacks, so don’t ask any questions about repacks there


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286 comments on “Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack v1 for WoW 3.0.9

  1. Have Reaper-x 3.0.9 running vista. just got off from playing on lan… Cant seem to get no-ip to see the web site or game hookup..
    no-ip was working for another game i had. Just seemed to quit working. any ideas?

  2. Everything works great
    But death knights lol.
    there is no lich king NPC , or any other npc for death knights

    I can create a DK Character but thats the error I get. Nothing avaliable for death knights.
    The DK area is completly empty with no NPCS
    Fix for this?

  3. Awesome! I refreshed all the files.
    I also uninstalled all of MySQL then reinstalled it and i’m in! thx for your help everyone!

  4. SomegGirls said

    “You need to let it finish, then it will convert it in to the VMAPS. That’s if you used the simple extractor. If you used the other one then you will need to use the other one if comes with.”

    Does this mean everything in buildings was converted and placed in vmaps?

  5. Thanks for your quick response.

    I’ve changed the addons to 2 and made sure that the username and password are for mysql database are correct.

    I’m assuming that “root” is the default username. I never changed it from the default. It works when I open my database tables in Navicat. is the correct IP address to run locally, right? The 3 lines in Trinitycore.conf and 1 in TrinityRealm.conf are all set to that. I also made sure to change The realmlist table in Navicat as well.

    One more thing, are these all configured correctly?
    WorldServerPort = 8085
    Ra.Port = 3443
    RealmServerPort = 3724
    BindIP = “”

  6. Hello all,

    Can anyone tell me what this error means? I did A complete new install and now core gives this error message.

    MySQL client library: 5.0.56
    MySQL server ver: 5.0.81-community-nt
    MySQL client library: 5.0.56
    MySQL server ver: 5.0.81-community-nt
    MySQL client library: 5.0.56
    MySQL server ver: 5.0.81-community-nt
    Realm running as realm ID 1
    Using World DB: Unknown world database.
    Using creature EventAI: Unknown creature EventAI.
    Will clear `logs` table of entries older than 1209600 seconds every 10 minutes.
    Using DataDir c:\wow\data
    WORLD: VMap support included. LineOfSight:0, getHeight:0
    WORLD: VMap data directory is: c:\wow\data/vmaps
    WORLD: VMap config keys are: vmap.enableLOS, vmap.enableHeight, vmap.ignoreMapIds, vmap.ignoreSpellIds
    ERROR: SQL: UPDATE characters SET bgid = 0 WHERE bgid0
    ERROR: SQL ERROR: Unknown column ‘bgid’ in ‘where clause’
    Loading Trinity strings…
    ERROR: >> Loaded 0 trinity strings. DB table `trinity_string` is empty. Cannot continue

    If anyone could tell me thanks, I did reinstall mysql and deleted the 2 folders don’t know what else it could be.



  7. @Me&Myself
    make sure that after you create ur account to “account set addon (username) 2 for full expantion setup. also change that part “root;mypassword” to the user name and password for your SQL database.

  8. I’m having a problem connecting to my server.

    I can login and see my server. However when I get to the character screen, a loading dialog box displays for a few seconds and then throws me back to the login screen.

    If I try it again I can’t get the the character screen unless I close and reopen wow. It just says “Loading” and then disconnects.

    I’m almost positive I have all the maps, dbc files and vmaps in order. The only thing I wasn’t sure where to put is the “buildings” folder. After I extracted it I put the entire folder in the vmaps folder.

    I’ve set the IP address to in the 2 .conf files and realmlist.wtf. They also are setup with the correct username and password.


    RealmID = 1
    DataDir = “.”
    LogsDir = “”
    LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;mypassword;realmd”
    WorldDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;mypassword;world”
    CharacterDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;mypassword;characters”
    MaxPingTime = 30
    WorldServerPort = 8085
    BindIP = “”


    LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;mypassword;realmd”

    Is there anything I’m forgetting?

  9. Also, the more feed back we give Reaper and Darkened the higher the odds of the release new repacks! So thanks Reaper and Darkened Good work! Crazzy that this repack was downloaded over 1000 times! :()

  10. There is only one error! When creating a character for the 1st time in game it does not work. Then for the 2nd time it does not work. but the 3rd time it works and every time after. I would ask how to fix this but no one has it! lol :)

  11. Yhaa! I just tried out Reapers UDB repack and it rocks! I ask Darkened and he is going to release it by this Friday! He let me test it out! so kool NO ERRORS!! and Custom pack from Xion! yah!!! Reaper really puled threw this time! :)

  12. @Danhasaquestion

    i got it fixed actually not public jjust lan lined with friends my problem was in the database had to go in to the reamd and alter it from to the address of the computer i’m running it on.

  13. Reaper-x and Darkened Linux can you give us your new repack!! I would like it even if there is no UDB update.