Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack v1 for WoW 3.0.9

As stated a few days ago on my twitter page, Darkened Linux has made a new Trinity Core repack for WoW 3.0.9 which is of course for WoW 3.0.9 only, so if you have patched your WoW installation, you need to perform a roll back in order to use this

A detailed explanation about this repack are listed below:

Trinity Core 2
Last Patch added 7777
Upgrades will be available for this pack soon, like 3.1.0.

Since there’s no upgrade function exist in order to upgrade from the last Trinity Core that was made by Oatman, by installing this you’ll lose all data on your previous Trinity Core installation, unless you choose to install it into different databases name

Darkened Linux also told me that he is currently working on making his next release to be upgradeable from Oatman’s release, so in the other words, if you choose to install this repack, make sure to install it into different databases name that the default databases name provided in the Batch Installer, while waiting for him to create an upgradeable version from the last Trinitycore repack release by Oatman



1. You need to have MySQL Installed (how to Install MySQL)
2. World of Warcraft Client version 3.0.9 as stated earlier
3. DBC’s , VMAPS and MAPS Need to be Updated for 3.0.9 (use the vmaps, and dbc extractor included in the repack)
4. .NET FrameWork 3.5 SP1

And finally if you have all of the above installed and configured here’s the download link for the repack:

– Mirror 1: Rapidshare
– Mirror 2: Megaupload
– Mirror 3: Filebeam

How to Install:

Please check the Reaper Trinity Installation

or a much simplified version:

1. Use the Extractors to extract the VMaps and DBC files from your World of Warcraft installation directory

2. Copy the extracted folders into Trinity Core’s folder

3. Use the Reaper-x installer to install the database

4. Edit TrinityCore.conf and TrinityRealm.conf to your liking (but make sure the databases name match the databases name used when installing via the batch file)

p.s. There is no need to edit Reaper-X installer as seen in the installing guide above.

All credits should be given to Darkened Linux for making this repack, and of course to everyone who are involved in Trinity Core development

Trinity Core Official Siteplease note, Trinity Core website doesn’t support any repacks, so don’t ask any questions about repacks there


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286 comments on “Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack v1 for WoW 3.0.9

  1. The Darkened Linux has a crazzy new release! But he is not going to relase it beacuse he would like for a better converter for UDB. If 10 or more people ask he might release the the crazzy repack “DK Stuff!!”, but not the UDB updated one. Just add a comment asking for the new relase!

  2. @ someone makes sense.
    still would appreciate if someone could put up their EnGb dbc files for me on mediafire or something like that.

    As seriously i am not going to download a few gB of patches to update a clean install to 3.0.9 just to get dbc files.

  3. @Phox

    Sounds like you made your server public. If I’m correct the way to fix this is enable port forwarding for “Realmd” (custom port number 10001 so it doesn’t conflict with the bliz downloader(you must modify this port number in your realm.conf file)), and for “World” (port number 8085) which is already the port number assigned in your core file. The reason it’s looping back and not letting you log in is because you didn’t forward your ports correctly.
    Ok, so if your server is NOT public, then the problem exists in your (windows?) firewall, so just add exceptions for realmd and world, same port numbers as mentioned above, and make exceptions for those 2 files both tcp and udp.
    Hope this info helps you in some way.

    Has anybody else also noticed that the warlock demon book vendors are missing in elwynn forest at the starting zone, goldshire, and in sw? I’d appreciate somebody’s response to this. Thanx

  4. @phox – look in your realmd.reamlist (database) – i think there is a wrong ip-address. Maybe you changed the id of the realm?

  5. Darksun no client the you will never be able to log onto the server and u will prolly never find dbc files to download thats how people stay out of hot water u need to generate them yourself

  6. yo havin a problem server built and everything files are set correctly as well as expantion type allowed on the server from the client mk still at login after loggingin it sticks to the realm list with “reaper-X” selected ok i press ok to join it appears agen i click ok it appears i click ok it appears mk what am i doing wrong?

  7. Still looking for help with DBC Files.
    I do not have 3.0.9 CLient and i do not have the patches to create a new 3.0.9 CLient.
    Can someone please give me a link to a working 3.0.9 DBC Download.

  8. Everyone Darkened is still looking for new members for his team! Email him fast I did! But I dont know If I got the job :(

  9. Has anybody else noticed that warlock demon book vendors aren’t spawned in elwynn forest for alliance in v1 of the 3.0.9 repack?
    Please let me know so I know it’s not just me. Thanx

  10. @ Erytheia

    Yes I am using your repack and it is very nice not having AHbot crash issues anymore. Have noticed a few of the quests not working. Have A Dwarf hunter and the quest for Rumbleshot’s ammo. I know where that ammo is exactly and it will not allow you to get (it will not allow you to open nor shows that it can be opened). There is another one with night-elf’s and that red flower quest (cant remember the quest name) where you have to pick 3 of those red flowers at the beginning of game. But .additem helps with that just thought I would let you know.

    But for all of the trinity repacks that I have tried I can never get LoS to work. Keeps crashing at the point LoS maps load for some reason. If I disable it works fine no problems. Cannot get screen flash to stop either keeps making light flashing around the screen during battle have it disabled in settings.

    @ Spike

    Just get the new repack I did and do not have any AHbot problems anymore. Nor do I get those crash alert errors that I was getting starting trinity core.


    remember it is fresh install and all you have to do is click one file it installs it all. That is A very good thing makes all this installation thing easier for others
    way to go!!!!!

    @ My name is noob

    Go into mangos.config or trinitycore.config which ever you have and look for the following near the bottom of the page:

    AuctionHouseBot.EnableSeller = 1
    AuctionHouseBot.EnableBuyer = 1
    AuctionHouseBot.Account = 1 <-account id #
    AuctionHouseBot.GUID = 1 <- in game id #

    The ahbot is a seperate account from your play account. So that means dont try to play a character on the same account or your character will not be able to buy anthing off the AH.

    Later all,


  11. @Jakalth

    I did all that since I really didn’t mention what I did, and I’m more than certain that the AHbot character was not the first one created on the server, but yet it still crashes and I’m not sure what to do, I think I’m just going to redo the database and forget about the AHbot unless I can find a solution to the problem because I’ve done everything you’ve outlined.

  12. Well Reaper’s new Repack is really good. I have tryed it out and everything works. No crashes! But they are not going to release it untill he has a good team, so they can add new stuff. It look really kool!! Trinity it like 80% Mangos. Trinity is so much better.

  13. @ My name is Noob

    Yea. True. But now Mangos is much more stable than trinity. More things work. And Doesn’t crash that much if u use AHBot.

  14. Hi to all.

    Sory but form what i’ve seen now from Trinity and Mangos. i Know that Mangos is the Much better one now…..

    With Trinity the DK starting quests : most of them doesn’t Work. Most of the starting quests for all other races doesnt work.

    With Mangos almost everything works…. i can loot everything. i can use everything.

    Sory but if Trinity wants to stay in the with Mangos then u guys shud make a more stable emu or somthing.

    Dont be offended. im just telling u whats most of the Problems. :P


  15. thanks for the quick reply about the bot thing!

    found a bug that results into a server crash…
    (at least for me)

    if you duel with someone (both non-gm) and you use the spell MIND VISION (priest) on a player.. the priest is then able to controll the mind visioned player for a short period of time…

    what eventualy will result in a server crash…

    i found this by accident.. so i made the spell temporarily unavailable for my players…

    – ZeroMinded

  16. I am looking for some skilled testers for my new team. I do not want to disappoint anyone this time around with a new release. So I am creating a new to team just for this repack. Team members will be testing for errors and creating new in game modification. I am looking for 5 to 10 members. If you would like to join Reaper and me, email me @ [email protected] I can only take so many, so apply soon.

    Darkened Linux

  17. @ Anyone having trouble with the ahbot.

    I had the same problem with the ahbot. but fixed it on my end by doing the following.

    1: made a separate account for the ahbot, one I did not play on. Gave it gm lvl and all addons and didn’t create this account until I already had made my play account. So the ahbot account was the second account created on the server, not the first.

    2: Started playing a character on my play account before making a new character for the ahbot, on the ahbot account, so that the ahbot was not the first character created on the server. The server has a hard time recognizing the first character created, which might be what causes it too crash.

    3: logged into wow with the ahbot account and with my play account so that I could select the ahbot in game, while on my play account character, and use the “.npc info” gm command too find the correct guid for the ahbot character.

    That is all I did and now the server does not crash with the ahbot running.

  18. @My Name Is Noob
    Dude, chillpill please, no need to get all uptight and angry, geez.

    @Anyone else
    Yeah I noticed a problem, the server would run fine for the most part until I got the AHbot working, then after that I can get on for about a minute and a half before the server goes caput, any help/suggestions?

  19. npc bot allows you to summon a minion like a warrior or mage or priest etc playerbot lets say i make a account generate 5 toons on that account log in with one of them… then I can add the other four I created into my party and each player bot can have 1 npc bot so then party of 10

  20. @ Someone (post 225)

    i know what the AH bot does…

    but what is the NPCbot and PLAYbot you are talking about?

  21. Can anyone please provide a link to the 3.0.9 dbc files please. I do not have the patches tp update another copy of wow to 3.0.9 just to get dbc files. and the ones i have downloaded off the net do not work.