Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack v1 for WoW 3.0.9

As stated a few days ago on my twitter page, Darkened Linux has made a new Trinity Core repack for WoW 3.0.9 which is of course for WoW 3.0.9 only, so if you have patched your WoW installation, you need to perform a roll back in order to use this

A detailed explanation about this repack are listed below:

Trinity Core 2
Last Patch added 7777
Upgrades will be available for this pack soon, like 3.1.0.

Since there’s no upgrade function exist in order to upgrade from the last Trinity Core that was made by Oatman, by installing this you’ll lose all data on your previous Trinity Core installation, unless you choose to install it into different databases name

Darkened Linux also told me that he is currently working on making his next release to be upgradeable from Oatman’s release, so in the other words, if you choose to install this repack, make sure to install it into different databases name that the default databases name provided in the Batch Installer, while waiting for him to create an upgradeable version from the last Trinitycore repack release by Oatman



1. You need to have MySQL Installed (how to Install MySQL)
2. World of Warcraft Client version 3.0.9 as stated earlier
3. DBC’s , VMAPS and MAPS Need to be Updated for 3.0.9 (use the vmaps, and dbc extractor included in the repack)
4. .NET FrameWork 3.5 SP1

And finally if you have all of the above installed and configured here’s the download link for the repack:

– Mirror 1: Rapidshare
– Mirror 2: Megaupload
– Mirror 3: Filebeam

How to Install:

Please check the Reaper Trinity Installation

or a much simplified version:

1. Use the Extractors to extract the VMaps and DBC files from your World of Warcraft installation directory

2. Copy the extracted folders into Trinity Core’s folder

3. Use the Reaper-x installer to install the database

4. Edit TrinityCore.conf and TrinityRealm.conf to your liking (but make sure the databases name match the databases name used when installing via the batch file)

p.s. There is no need to edit Reaper-X installer as seen in the installing guide above.

All credits should be given to Darkened Linux for making this repack, and of course to everyone who are involved in Trinity Core development

Trinity Core Official Siteplease note, Trinity Core website doesn’t support any repacks, so don’t ask any questions about repacks there


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  4. Do not use this version, there is a better one! Just drop this one and use the newer one, it works a little better!

  5. When your character is mounted on a pet, isnt the action under pet suppose to change from ‘mount’ to ‘dismount’? Can not dismount unless i click ‘mount’ and then run away from that location…

  6. Действительно удивили и порадовали :) Никогда не поверил бы, что даже такое бывает :)

  7. I got the server up and running but I can’t find the realmd file within the world of warcraft folder so I can connect to it.