Reaper Trinity Core Installation Guide

Special Thanks to Wrath for creating this Reaper-X TrinityCore Installation Instruction, and that means full credits should be given to him ;)

First  Things first!!! Pay attention to the instuctions directly do not vear off and think you know what your doing because you wouldnt be reading this if you knew what you was doing…jking but still stay to the instructions.

1. Install wow 2.4.3 and make sure you have the correct version I repeat 2.4.3. ok now off to the good stuff.

2. Download and install MYSQL follow the instructions that are provided for you on the page. Even if you have installed mysql before reread the instuctions and follow to a T.

3. After you have finished installing mysql download and install .net framework 3.5 SP1. This is also provided for you on the web page. If you have previous installations of MYSQL uninstall it and delete any sql folders left over and then reinstall.

4. Now download the Trinity Core 595 SD2 809 (Trinity/UDB ONLY) FULL | 18.0 MB | Rapidshare (or from any mirror you choose) and then extract it. I usually extract it to the desktop. you can extract it by double clicking on the file.

5.After you get the mysql loaded and configured there are some changes that you have to make. go to your desktop folder called Reaper-X Trinity Rev 1 and then open it. then open the folder labeled install database.Now right click on the Install Reaper-X Trinity.bat file and edit it in notepad. you must add qotes as seen below.. Also you must make sure that the correct path is typed for where the bin file is located.What you see below is my path make sure you type your path.After your done editing this file save and close it.

REM ####################################################
  REM # MySQL HOST PATH - MySQL Server Path
  REM # EXAMPLE: C:\Program Files\MySQL Community 5.0\bin
  REM ####################################################
  set mysqlpath="c:\Program Files\mysql\MySQLServer5.0\bin" <--notice the qoutes in the path.

6. Now open the Reaper-X Trinity Rev 1 folder that is located on your desktop. Hang in there were getting to the good parts.

7. You should see a bunch of files and 4 folders when you open it up.

8. The first thing we want to do when we get this folder open is fill the folder that says data with the correct stuff. If you open the data folder up you will see three folders. DBC ,maps and Vmaps. DBC is already filled with the correct stuff, dont touch, delete or anything right now. If you open maps and Vmaps the folders are empty and that is ok. We are going to fill them with the correct data.

9. Close out of the Data windows that you have open so that you are back at your desktop and reopen the Reaper-X Trinity Rev 1 folder.Now open the extractors folder. You should see a folder and a file. Folder named vmap extractor and assembler. and a file named map and DBC extractor.exe.

10. Open the vmap extractor and assembler folder and you should see 4 files in there. Copy all 4 files and then paste them into your c:\program files\world of warcraft\data\enus directory and then run the RUN ME FOR VMAPS!.bat file. This will create the VMAPS folder. this may take a while so just wait till it tells you it is done.

11. Ok after Vmaps are created copy the folder name vmaps that has now been created, into the Reaper-X Trinity Rev 1 folder under the data folder. This is where the three folders are that I talked about earlier (maps,vmaps,dbc). copy all the contents from vmaps into the folder named vmaps in there. So now you should have a filled dbc folder and a filled vmaps folder in there. the maps folder is empty still but we are going to add data in a minute in there also.

12. Ok now we need to put data into the map folder so the way to do that is go to Reaper-X Trinity Rev 1 (on your dekstop) folder again and go to extractors. copy the map and dbc extractor.exe file to the c:\program files\world of warcraft folder and paste it there. now run the maps and dbc extractor.exe file. This will start to install the maps to a folder called maps. see how easy that is. Once it is done you now need to open the maps folder it created and copy the contents or data, and then paste it into the folder called maps located in the Reaper-X Trinity Rev 1\data\maps folder (you know the folder on your dekstop). now the DBC, VMAPS and MAPS folder all have data in them. YAY!!!

13. Now you need to move those folders to the correct location. Go to your c:\drive and make a folder there on the root called WOW. now open the wow folder you just created and make another folder in there called DATA. Now open the DATA folder you just created. Now go to your desktop and inside your Reaper-X Trinity Rev 1 folder open the data folder. You should see the three folders in there (maps,vmaps and DBC) copy all three folders into the DATA folder we just created previously. so when done you should have 3 folders in you c:\wow\data path. maps,vmaps and DBC should be in there.

14. Now you need to run the Install Reaper-X Trinity.bat file(located in the Reaper-X Trinity Rev 1 folder on your desktop under the install database folder. Run this file and it will take a while for this too run.

15. once it is done it should close on its own if not hit any key and it should close.

16. Now you need to download Navicat program. this will allow you to edit the sql files. after downloading Navicat make a new connection and name it whatever you want.username should be root or whatever you made it when you set SQl up. Put your password in whatever you made the password.Click test and it should be sucessful. Now open the realmd tables and then go to realmlist. once you open realmlist you will see a table probably empty and this is where you need to add your realm name. Put your realm name where it says realm name and then put your IP address where it says ip address( The ID should be 1. close Navicat out.

17. Now go back to your desktop and open the trinityrealm.exe file and you should see your realm listed in there.

18. Now open click on the trinitycore.exe file and it should start scripting, let it run.

19. Once it is finished you now need to create an account so you can play. Hit enter to get a command prompt. Type account create (login name anything you want) (your password). Hit enter it should say account created.

20. Now if you want Gm power in which im sure you do type account set gm (username) 3 and hit enter. should have a GM account now.

21. Now you need to create the TBC (The burning  Crusade) addon so you can play in the Burning Crusade area. Type account set addon (Your username) 1.

22. Navigate to c:\program files\world of warcraft. Look for the file. right click on it and click on edit. Should open a notepad. Now take everything out of there and type “set realmlist” without the quotes. Save and close.

22. You can now open Wow and type your username and Password and login to your realm and play as a GM.


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340 comments on “Reaper Trinity Core Installation Guide

  1. Okay… so everything seems fine untill I start running trinitycore and then it stops at:
    SQL: SELECT MAX9’id’) FROM ‘waypoint
    query ERROR: You have an error in your SQL syntax: check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘ ‘waypoint_data’ at line 1
    Any ideas?

  2. Hey, i put the ‘RUN ME FOR VMAPS’ into the enus/gb folder and i run it but when i do this it starts mot responding? any help or tips?

  3. Everything is working!
    Now im building a website for it, but i cant fins characters level in db! wierd thing is that it works in-game.. i’ve checked in Characters (db) -> Characters (table), but there is no level column :S

  4. Was config this and when i tried to start TrinityRealm.exe it gave me an error. Something about side-by-side configuration..? im on 64-bit os if that matters.

  5. Worked great for me. I already had your classic 1.12 mangos going. Wiped it out and started over with this Trinity build. Now I have a nice 2.4.3 server since BC was one of the best releases. Can not get .debug bg to work though.

  6. Probably on the wrong page but Idgaf, I have the Trinity core Server, the one with everything…. hard as hell to set up but can someone help me find a update or SOMETHING for it… its patch 4.0.6 I think … anyway, just wanted to say. Everything on it is broken, quests dont work, some spells dont work, some classes cant talk when started, and most race quests are broken. Can someone help?

  7. Ok when i type C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin in .batch file it doesnt do anything ,………. EXPLAIN IT MORE DETAILED ….

  8. Its all working but i cant loggin at World of Warcraft it allways sais inncorrect loggin… but i have created allready an account

  9. Hello all, I’ve been following all the steps, until step 18 where modifying the :
    “LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;pass;realmd”
    WorldDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;pass;world”
    CharacterDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;pass;characters”

    doesn’t work, I think because I don’t have a “world” or a “characters” database.
    How can I fix it?

  10. I can’t get this thing working..

    What do I need to change on part 4.?

    “4. Now download the Trinity Core 595 SD2 809 ….”

    And please tell me where can I download Navicat, the version you used.

    Thanks so much in advance :))

  11. Everything is fine until i get to Map & DBC Extractor its starts fine but stops at 41% and doesn’t want to go further????? whats the cause and how can i fix it???

  12. Every time I try to run the install database batch file I go through the steps but when it tries to install it says “mysql command is not recognised”, I’ve followed every other step correctly and install MySql but I always get this error. Please help.

  13. I found another problem. I made this server under WinXP x32 and everything works. Now I’m on WinXP x64 and I can’t run TrinityCore.exe and TrinityRealm.exe – Windows show error: “This applicatin has failed to start beacouse the application configuration is incorrecct. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem” But how to install yours Trinity, when it is a kind of portable? What should I do?

    1. ps2. Ive killed my problem – .NET Framework 3.5 must be installed before running Trinity

      Localhost error fixing:
      1. Find and open trinitycore.conf file (near trinitycore.exe) by notepad
      2. Find LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;trinity;trinity;realmd”
      WorldDatabaseInfo = “;3306;trinity;trinity;world”
      CharacterDatabaseInfo = “;3306;trinity;trinity;characters”
      3. Change it to: LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;”your root password”;realmd”
      WorldDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;”your root password”;world”
      CharacterDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;”your root password”;characters”
      MaxPingTime = 30

      write password without ” ”
      4. Do exactly the same steps with trinityrealm.conf :
      find LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;trinity;trinity;realmd”
      and change it to
      LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;”your root password”;realmd”

      0004331 map error fixing:
      1. Find and open trinitycore.conf by notepad
      2. Find DataDir = “.”
      3. Change it to DataDir = “C:WOWDATAmaps”

    2. ps3. I find another problem… TrinityCore offs after scripting, so I cant create accounts. What is the cause?

    3. I found the cause – Nvidia Network Manager was blocking the program :D
      It is a pity that nobody has answered yet, but everything works now. TBC4Ever!

  14. When I get to navicat there is only 3 databases,
    test, and test is empty. I really wanna get this working, please help :(

    1. I’m fairly sure I did… I’ll try again. Will it matter if i install .net framework 4 instead of 3.5?

    2. Ps: searched around and the earliest version i can find is 5.0.27, I used 5.0.45 and it didn’t work….