GM Commands List for Trinity Core

List of GM Commands for Trinity Core WoW Emulator, extracted directly from the database

Page last update: 2 January 2013

account create4Syntax: .account create $account $password

Create account and set password to it.

account delete4Syntax: .account delete $account

Reaper Trinity Core Installation Guide

Special Thanks to Wrath for creating this Reaper-X TrinityCore Installation Instruction, and that means full credits should be given to him ;)

First  Things first!!! Pay attention to the instuctions directly do not vear off and think you know what your doing because you wouldnt be reading this if you knew what you was doing…jking but still stay to the instructions.

1. Install wow 2.4.3 and make sure you have the correct version I repeat 2.4.3. ok now off to the good stuff.

2. Download and install MYSQL follow the instructions that are provided for you on the page. Even if you have installed mysql before reread the instuctions and follow to a T.