I guess my pc isn’t fast enough to run GTA IV (PC Version)

So yesterday i just installed GTA4 (after the long installation process and that’s include updating the Gamesforwindows Runtime that is required in order for you to be able to play the game unless you decided to block gta 4 with your firewall). At first i thought that my pc would be able to run this game without any problem because so far i can play various game such as assassin creed, devil may cry 4, crysis warhead, fallout 3, and many others modern games perfectly fine on my pc (even if i couldn’t use AA / Antialiasing) on 1280×720 resolution (i’m playing on HDTV), but i guess i was wrong.

When i started GTA4 without using any additional command line, i couldn’t change any graphic settings and this game only allows me to play on 800×600 or 1024×768 resolution with low texture quality, and with 1 view distance (which is the lowest settings) because this game thinks my computer isn’t fast enough to handle higher configuration.

And so i decided to search around the net for possible options to tweak GTA4 graphic settings manually without being restricted and found one. And then i try to implement the tweak by simply doing:

1. Create a new text file called commandline.txt in your GTA 4 installation directory (where GTA4.exe can be found)
2. and put these into the commandline.txt file:

-norestrictions -nomemrestrict

3. Then launched GTA4 again, and finally i can change anything i want from the graphic settings

As i’ve stated before, i always run my games on 1280×720 resolution, so i just simply change the resolution to 1280×720, texture quality to Medium and render quality to Medium, and all others settings at half from the maximum allowed value and restarted the game again … and voila …

Note: I don’t know why the screenshot is just too dark because i can see it perfectly fine in-game

GTA IV at 1280x720 with Medium Settings

As you can see in that screenshot, all vehicle seems to be flying and not all textures has been loaded … and so i change the resolution to 1024×768 and …

GTA IV at 1024x768 with Medium Settings

Everything seems to be okay and textures can be loaded much faster (even faster on 800×600 resolution) except it looks better on higher resolution (obviously)

Btw i’ve also tried changing the texture to High … and guess what … i can’t see anything other than cars and people, everything looks blue without any textures

And the conclusion … i think i’m going to put GTA IV on hold because i’ve played it before on xbox 360 without problem and reached the last stage before my 360 broke and needs to get repaired (i haven’t repaired it till now because it’s too expensive) and beside i’m currently addicted to Football Manager 2009 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 :P

p.s if you’re currently thinking on buying GTA IV, i’d suggest you to double check your pc specs first and check on how well it’ll perform on GTA IV (well if you don’t mind playing on low resolution then there should be no problem for you) or buy the console version

p.p.s i’ve also tried installing the latest beta driver from Nvidia (because they recommended it) 180.84 … but instead of making GTA IV runs faster, it’ll keep crashing my pc. And that’s only when i tried to go to the NVidia Control Panel

Update: So i just upgraded my pc (actually i wasn’t planning on upgrading my pc but since my Abit AN9–32X dead, i feel the need to upgrade my comp)

Btw with my new spec: (i don’t think i need to list the mobo and ram because the most important thing to consider is your processor and VGA Card with at least 512 of VRAM) AMD Phenom X4 9950BE, and HIS 4830 VGA Card with 512VRAM (budget series card) i was able to run this game at the highest renderer setting with medium settings texture at 1280×720 resolution. Without the need to use any additional tweak other than fullspecaudio


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  1. # IntErlOpr and boondox26

    I believe you can get additional performance increase by applying tweak from


    that basically says

    1. Don’t use any override restriction command (delete it from your command line)

    2. start gta4 and go to graphics setting

    3. set resolution to 800×600 (well i set it to 800×600) and choose any desired option i want and in this case anything that adds vram memory usage like Texture, and view distance except resolution since you’ve changed it to 800×600

    4. exit gta

    5. add desired height and window size in commandline.txt (in my case im using -widht 1280 -height 720

    6. start gta 4 again and go to graphic settings and you’ll notice that despite it says 800×600, you actually run in your desired options :D (in my case 1280×720)

    and that’s without any missing textures, etc … or in the other words the game behave normally (well i never experienced any crash other than missing texture so that tweak really helps me to run gta 4 on 1280×720) :D

    note:i also perform additional step by using -availablevidmem , although i think it’s not necessary if you have more than 512MB VRAM (well i’m only using 327MB of VRAM)

    full commandline i’m using:

    -width 1280 -height 720 -availablevidmem 1.403 -fullspecaudio

    and settings displayed on GTA settings:

    res: 800×600
    view distance:20

    on GTA IV version (patch 1 applied)

    the only downside of this method is…

    you can’t go to graphics setting screen again and you’ll have to force closing gta4 process

  2. hmm installing xp just made it worse lol. on vista i can get the resolution to 1024×768 with low settings. playable but i like to play games at 1280×1024

  3. Always been stuck with underpowered PC’s in the past, so I decided to forgo a next gen console (360, PS3, Wii) and get me something that caned. Took 3 months of not spending a cent I wasn’t required to. I figure stuff it, 9 months later I can still play anything on high settings. Bitch is GTA IV doesn’t appear to use the 2nd graphics card so if anyone is thinking of going dual it won’t help. At least it only show’s the RAM from the first card on the options screen.

  4. just make sure to backup your xlive account and your gta iv save game first (unless you want to play from scratch) :P

    C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Rockstar Games


    C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\XLive

    because one thing that pissed me off is i have to play everything from start again (unless someone want to share their savegame and including their xlive data lol)

    and btw to those who love to hack game you can try the xlive wrapper made by Rick at (well at least i can be invincible on the pc version unlike on xbox 360 so no problem at restarting from scratch again) lol


    note: you need to know how to hack game first otherwise that wrapper is useless

  5. lol nice post reaper. that is pretty funny. i decided to re-install windows xp. maybe it will run better now. will see though.

  6. # Bunie

    Have tried the beta driver but instead of making gta 4 fast it keeps crashing my pc (whenever i try to go to nvidia control panel) so i revert to the 178.24 driver and works just fine ;)

    so for now i just use 1024×768 with 16:9 aspect ratio (thanks God rockstar allow you to override aspect ratio lol)

    and btw … it seems NASA sues rockstar games :P


  7. Dude, get the Beta drivers! I was too lazy to read wjhat video card u have, if u posted it at all, but Nvidia has released beta forceware specificly for GTA4, and ATI is releasing some soon!

  8. My pc specs are :
    AMD Athlone 64×2 5200 2.7Ghz
    3GB DDR2 800Mhz ram
    9600GT 512 MB DDR3
    160GB HDD
    19″ LCD screen(BenQ)
    Winfast Motherbord.

  9. If I had killed that f**ker Roman would be alive!!!!

    (Sorry for that, I couldn’t help myself :) )

    Thx for the info, that’s maybe the thing that causes that I have to press some buttons more than once and harder to make them work :D

  10. Yeah the patch didn’t help my PC one bit. Oh well, I will just scrap this game from my list. I love GTA games too lol

  11. WOW!!!

    You guys seems have powerful pc compared to me especially IntErlOpr lol. Guess i need to work even harder to at least upgrade my graphic card

    my current pc spec:

    Corsair 2x 2GB PC5300 DDR2
    Zotac 8600GT 256MB VRAM DDR3
    Athlon64 X2 5200+ (Windsor)
    WD SATA II for the HDD

    And with that specs i can only choose 1024×768 resolution

    # Nathar

    Be careful GTA IV Patch 1 add another bug


  12. Yeah, the problem is that its stand-alone release was released by microsoft, not rockstar :D (Guess I read this on the page where I got the link for download)

  13. You really need to update your graphics card drivers and apply the latest patch for this to work well. Although the patch is apparently causing trouble for some people.

    On my rig:

    C2Quad 9550 Oc’d @ 3.3Ghz
    4Gb Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066Mhz
    Gigabyte GeForce 9800 GX2 1Gb
    Vista Ultimate x64
    1440 x 900 Res
    Texture – Medium, Render – High

    I was originally getting 40 fps, the drivers and patch gave me +5fps a piece so I’m sitting on around 50 now. If only the goddam game would stop crashing, sometimes it happens after 5 mins, sometimes an hour but it bugs the heck out of me.

  14. I didn’t buy this game yet due to some bugs it has. I know there will be a patch soon that is supposed to solve alot of issues.

    My PC specs:

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.0Ghz overclocked to 2.2Ghz
    2.5GB RAM
    eVGA nVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS
    Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit

    My friend did let me borrow his game for a day lol. Of course the video settings were only 800×600, everything on low. So I might try this method to change stuff around and see how it works.

    Also I have received a pre-beta of Windows 7 from Microsoft. I am in the tech membership with them. Must say it does run better so far. Basically it’s just Vista #2. Some things look different but thats it. Also, when it is released it will have DirectX 11. The first actual beta comes out on January 13. So when i receive it i will post more about it if you guys want me to.

  15. i put a cheap used system together a few months ago:
    e4300 @ 3ghz (orig = 1.8ghz)
    2gb ddr2 adata ddr800mhz
    gf 9600gt
    1280×1024 resolution

    gta4 runs fine for me.
    textures medium
    render quality high
    settings as seen in the vide menu:
    resource 437/482
    average fps 31.89

  16. Oh, I’m sorry for that novel, but I even forgot something :D . I’m running it on Intel Core2 Duo @ 2.2 GHz and Ati Radeon HD2600 XT (512 MB RAM -the graphics card’s one, pc’s is 2 GB :D ) and untill now, no game has been laggy :D (on not-the-highest-one settings :D ).

  17. I had problem like this one, but, well, i could see textures, but my fps was too low for my pc (with medium settings). So I did the same as you, search the net, and found a patch and new driver for my graphics card :) . So I installed the patch, tried the game and it was about 5fps faster. Then I installed the graphics driver, restarted computer and… everything crashed :D I had 8bit graphics with 640×480 resolution and a message saying something like that the driver is not supported by my card appeared. I thought I installed wrong driver, so I carefully downloaded and installed new one, restarted pc and the same thing happened again, even driver roll-back did not help, it was worse, I just saw black screen after booting, well, I thought that my graphics card is gone, but then I remembered about the system restore point :D , so I restored my system and everything is ok, and gta works by 5fps better :D (that means about 24 :D :D )

  18. i ran the game on Medium im runing intel pentinum d 915 dual core 2.8gig sata1 500gig drive x1650 ati 512mb card game ran great at 1024×768

  19. Hi

    The Game underperforms. In your options by you detail setting, you will see at the bottom there are like 250MB/449MB. That is how much you can take on graphix. My brother has an 8800GTS and he cant even play it full detail.

  20. to be honest, i’m extremely disappointed too :( because i thought that at least with just a single Geforce 8600 GT i would be able to play this game normally just like many other modern games

    i’m thinking that at least i’ll need a VGA Card with 768MB VRAM to be able to play this game in high resolution