I guess my pc isn’t fast enough to run GTA IV (PC Version)

So yesterday i just installed GTA4 (after the long installation process and that’s include updating the Gamesforwindows Runtime that is required in order for you to be able to play the game unless you decided to block gta 4 with your firewall). At first i thought that my pc would be able to run this game without any problem because so far i can play various game such as assassin creed, devil may cry 4, crysis warhead, fallout 3, and many others modern games perfectly fine on my pc (even if i couldn’t use AA / Antialiasing) on 1280×720 resolution (i’m playing on HDTV), but i guess i was wrong.

When i started GTA4 without using any additional command line, i couldn’t change any graphic settings and this game only allows me to play on 800×600 or 1024×768 resolution with low texture quality, and with 1 view distance (which is the lowest settings) because this game thinks my computer isn’t fast enough to handle higher configuration.

And so i decided to search around the net for possible options to tweak GTA4 graphic settings manually without being restricted and found one. And then i try to implement the tweak by simply doing:

1. Create a new text file called commandline.txt in your GTA 4 installation directory (where GTA4.exe can be found)
2. and put these into the commandline.txt file:

-norestrictions -nomemrestrict

3. Then launched GTA4 again, and finally i can change anything i want from the graphic settings

As i’ve stated before, i always run my games on 1280×720 resolution, so i just simply change the resolution to 1280×720, texture quality to Medium and render quality to Medium, and all others settings at half from the maximum allowed value and restarted the game again … and voila …

Note: I don’t know why the screenshot is just too dark because i can see it perfectly fine in-game

GTA IV at 1280x720 with Medium Settings

As you can see in that screenshot, all vehicle seems to be flying and not all textures has been loaded … and so i change the resolution to 1024×768 and …

GTA IV at 1024x768 with Medium Settings

Everything seems to be okay and textures can be loaded much faster (even faster on 800×600 resolution) except it looks better on higher resolution (obviously)

Btw i’ve also tried changing the texture to High … and guess what … i can’t see anything other than cars and people, everything looks blue without any textures

And the conclusion … i think i’m going to put GTA IV on hold because i’ve played it before on xbox 360 without problem and reached the last stage before my 360 broke and needs to get repaired (i haven’t repaired it till now because it’s too expensive) and beside i’m currently addicted to Football Manager 2009 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 :P

p.s if you’re currently thinking on buying GTA IV, i’d suggest you to double check your pc specs first and check on how well it’ll perform on GTA IV (well if you don’t mind playing on low resolution then there should be no problem for you) or buy the console version

p.p.s i’ve also tried installing the latest beta driver from Nvidia (because they recommended it) 180.84 … but instead of making GTA IV runs faster, it’ll keep crashing my pc. And that’s only when i tried to go to the NVidia Control Panel

Update: So i just upgraded my pc (actually i wasn’t planning on upgrading my pc but since my Abit AN9–32X dead, i feel the need to upgrade my comp)

Btw with my new spec: (i don’t think i need to list the mobo and ram because the most important thing to consider is your processor and VGA Card with at least 512 of VRAM) AMD Phenom X4 9950BE, and HIS 4830 VGA Card with 512VRAM (budget series card) i was able to run this game at the highest renderer setting with medium settings texture at 1280×720 resolution. Without the need to use any additional tweak other than fullspecaudio


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  1. Primary Hard Drive = 250 GB HDD
    Video Controller = intel GM45 Graphics
    Video Memory = 32 MB
    Processor Cache Size = 1 MB
    Memory installed = 2048 MB
    Memory Available = 2008 MB
    Memory Speed = 800 MHz
    Memory Technology = DDR2 SDRAM
    DiMM A Size = DiMM Slot Empty
    DiMM B Size = 2048 MB
    Processor Type: Pentium (R) Dual-Core CPU T4500 @ 2.30GHz 2.30GHz
    Core Count = 2
    Processor iD = 1067Ah
    Current Clock Speed = 2.300 GHz
    Minimum Clock Speed = 1.200 GHz
    Maximum Clock Speed = 2.300 GHz

    Those are my specs, So what do I need to do to get this game running smoothly?

  2. i hv dell inspiron 1564 with 4GB RAM and ati graphic card, but gta iv still moves slowly in it. i changed my pixel to 800*600 even then its not fast…..
    plz let me knw if possible.

  3. i have nvidia gt8400 , 512 mb ram !

    intel core 2 due pro.

    2gb ram , ddr2.

    have 2.53 ghz.

    can i play gta4 ! fastest mode !

    reply! please

  4. I have upgraded my PC to ASUS P5N-MX motherboard, Duo core 2.0 GHZ,2 GB RAM, 320 GB Hard disk,1 GB graphics card-ASUS EAH4350 series
    Yesterday i installed GTA 4 but it is running very slow and sometomes shows error BSOD and restarts

  5. i played in my computer gtaiv and it was very slow with the lowest graphics for game: my pc: 2gig of ram with procesor intel core 2 duo 2.66ghz. with graphics card xfx512mb 8400geforce. please some one tell me what i do and my graphics card low to play gtaiv fast or not????

    1. Based from your specs, it seem your graphic card is the source of the problem, if you decided to upgrade your vga card just make sure to get at least ATI 4830 (the cheapest on the 4800 Series on ATI), or GeForce 9600GT (i’m sure Geforce 8800 can handle it without problem but well i think it’s better to get 9600 instead) ;)

      p.s after i changed my vga card into 4830 … i can play this game without problem, and oh btw i have Phenom Quadcore 9950BE

  6. ma specs are

    asus commando mainboard p965 chipset
    4 gigs of 1066 mem
    SBXFI fatality sound
    bfg 8800gts 512 mb vid
    intel quad core 2.4 @ 3.2ghz
    raptor drives through out

    And like with all games I play it runs like a hot knife thru butter

  7. I don’t understand it, some companies make their games run on many settings to maximise sales. GTA IV can obviously run on an xbox so should even run on a 6600GT and cpu of it’s time, unless they are saving dvd space, which costs nothing. Mines maxing one core out on a fresh XP (except having dow2 and steam installed), just on the menu with a 9600GT and 3800+ x2 at 2.6 ghz, which can’t make sense.
    Looks like it’s too buggy for me and I’ll take it back as not fit for purpose, wondering if it has anything to do with the millions they got from microsoft for xtra content, synical I know, but who knows.

  8. *Old* DELL XPS “GEN 5” (Huge silver tower)
    Single Core Pentium 4 @ 3.60 Ghz w/HT
    1 gig ram
    GeForce 6800 (!!!)
    (w/178.24 driver)

    Yes I can play this game, very good in fact which surprises the hell outta me, EXCEPT the “Resource Usage” meter limits me to only View Distance = 1. How can I override that damn Resource Usage limiter to get a view of at least 20?

    [email protected]

  9. now iupgrade my pc to
    8tb ram
    100tb HD
    2gb Graphics card
    and a fastest processor

    its like a super computer
    so can i run it 9GTA IV)

  10. rasmus nice rig man unfortunately i get tha problem where i get no hud or pause screne but w/e i think my gpu is too weak

    cpu:amd 4200 stock setting @2.2Ghz
    ram:2gb ddr2
    gpu: nvidia 7300 (lolz i kno)
    hdd: 250gb sata maxtor,160gb ide barracuda
    gtaIV takes crysis name of “can u run me?”

  11. Hey all i can run that game with extreme high setting this is my system

    AMD Phoenom 2.5 * 4 = 10.0 ghz

    Nvidia Geforce 280x card

    8 gb 1066 ram

    1 TB sata Hdd

  12. # amrit

    i doubt your pc can run GTA IV unless you plan on upgrading your RAM and VGA card

    # Daniel

    Can’t see the HUD and white dots? does the game plays normal if you don’t apply the tweak?

  13. duude, i did exactly what you did, i see everything good, but there is white dots, and cant see the HUD or the pause menu…any suggestions?

  14. I read alot about these problems with gta IV,
    but i dont have any problems! i can run the game very smooth with high settings

    my specs:

    geforce 8800 GT 512 mb
    2 gig ram ( ddr 2)
    dual core E8400

    running at 1680×1050 ( 22″ inch)

    no problems so far

  15. hi guyss i am going to download gta4 from net.but i confused to that IS my PC can run GTAIV.,i have
    80 gb HArd disc mostly free
    512MB RAm
    128mb graphics card
    INtel dual core processor 1.8 with 1mb cache an
    plz help and tell me my email id is [email protected]

    god bless u if u help me and give u a GF

  16. hm since you’re using a 8800GTS, try changing the base resolution (in game) into 1024×768 first for the base quality you prefer and then do the same step for the rest ;)

    p.s don’t forget to remove the height and window size from the command line first

  17. ok been playing for around an hour and it’s running fine. shadows are very grainy though but thats ok with me. thanks alot Reaper for your help

  18. Well if it’s for me i always choose to show all file extensions so there’s no need for me to worry about double file extension ;)

    just go to Tools -> Folder Option -> View tab -> and uncheck hide extensions for known file types, and if it shows you .txt.txt extension you just need to rename it into commandline.txt and done

    and yes, that is correct you just need to put that into your main GTA4 Folder (where GTA4.exe can be found)

  19. Thanks for the info Reaper. So when I make this commandline.txt do I name it commandline.txt cause then the text file would be commandline.txt.txt Just making sure on how to save this text file. And just save the file in the main gta 4 folder right?