Reaper-X Trinity/MaNGOS Rev: 1 (2.4.3) (World of Warcraft)

After months and months without updates I finally decided to get my lazy butt down onto the chair so that I could begin to publish you guys a really nice and well thoughtout repack. This repack, has over 13,000 new features/additions since our last Reaper-X Update.  Yes I know this is a 2.4.3 release, but its so stable I just had to release it!  We have moved from MaNGOS to Trinity. Trinity is a core that is based off of MaNGOS and still is in sync with MaNGOS. I chose Trinity because there is a little more things fixed in Trinity than in MaNGOS.  Also from the start of this revision, will be our official supported release. Meaning that we will provide updates from this revision to the future. So you guys will be able to upgrade your server without losing your character data! We will also even provide support and upgrade your characters when WotLK gets released for 3.0.8! So you can use this 2.4.3 release and whenever we update to 3.0.8 all your characters will be upgraded successfully! :D

Also, alot of the batch file was reprogrammed to make it better than ever!

Zulman Gates!


I guess my pc isn’t fast enough to run GTA IV (PC Version)

So yesterday i just installed GTA4 (after the long installation process and that’s include updating the Gamesforwindows Runtime that is required in order for you to be able to play the game unless you decided to block gta 4 with your firewall). At first i thought that my pc would be able to run this game without any problem because so far i can play various game such as assassin creed, devil may cry 4, crysis warhead, fallout 3, and many others modern games perfectly fine on my pc (even if i couldn’t use AA / Antialiasing) on 1280×720 resolution (i’m playing on HDTV), but i guess i was wrong.

When i started GTA4 without using any additional command line, i couldn’t change any graphic settings and this game only allows me to play on 800×600 or 1024×768 resolution with low texture quality, and with 1 view distance (which is the lowest settings) because this game thinks my computer isn’t fast enough to handle higher configuration.

And so i decided to search around the net for possible options to tweak GTA4 graphic settings manually without being restricted and found one. And then i try to implement the tweak by simply doing:

1. Create a new text file called commandline.txt in your GTA 4 installation directory (where GTA4.exe can be found)
2. and put these into the commandline.txt file: