Sourceforge SVN don’t like slow connection?

I’m not sure whether anyone else who are currently stuck with a slow connection speed also get An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host message whenever you tried to retrieve a big file (svn update / checkout) from Sourceforge SVN Repository over the last few weeks or is it just me who get that message?

So far:

– I’ve tried updating the subversion client on my machine to 1.5.3 (command line version) and still i get the same message
– Change the svn address to http instead of https to get more speed and still nothing
– Doing a fresh checkout instead of upgrade just in case that’s the source of the problem and the result is still same

And finally ….

I have tried searching around the web for the solution but still haven’t found anything useful (i thought that perhaps i need to tweak something on the client side despite the error message says the connection was forcibly closed by the remote host simply because i can fetch the file to my server without problem … but well this server connection speed can’t be compared to my connection speed)


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  1. No, you know what it is? It’s Comcast, they limited how much bandwith you can use, I’ll get 2mb/s from (and affiliates) but then it slides down to ~700 Kb/s (due to the “distribution of bandwith” policy) so…

    Cuck Fomcast! haha!

  2. Ah lol, since i dont have any problem at all with git i guess that is okay with me :)

    the only thing that confused me is, what’s this trinitycore and udb and sd2 not supporting mangos anymore (based from what i’ve read on udbforums)?

    By ScriptingNewbie

    So SD2 and ACID devs join Trinity? Am I right?

    By nodiaque

    ok, so now, mangos is no more for udb, sd2 and acid…. I wonder why the move

    although i havent tested it yet

    and here’s the link to the dramas

    and oh btw .. how about you (Oatman) register with to make your avatar looks better instead of a randomly generated image :P

  3. # Pitje

    Perhaps :P

    # Stormy

    Ah .. actually the steps basically still the same especially if you already familiar with using Command line version of Subversion client (not the GUI version) :)

    btw if you just planning on retrieving mangos from it’s GIT repository on Windows all you have to do:

    1. Download MSYSGIT from (grab the latest preview version):

    2. Run the GIT Bash from startmenu (i haven’t tried the GUI version yet because i feel comfortable with the command line version) and you’ll start from your user profile directory

    Then type below command:

    cd /c/ && mkdir git-repo && cd mangos-git && git clone git://

    and done …

    btw what the above command do:

    – change directory to C:
    – create directory / folder called git-repo and go inside that directory
    – and doing checkout on mangos git repo

    4. when you’ve finished checking out mangos, then you just need to perform the compilation process like before ;)


    When you want to update mangos source in the future, you just need to type:

    git pull

    from the mangos git directory

    p.s type pwd to find out where your location from the GIT BASH

    and thanks for the reminder, i’ll update my previous post later to reflect the new change :)

  4. Hi Reaper!

    I would ask something.
    Mangos now use “git” ,not svn. :(
    Can you please write a new tutorial,how to use this “git” for compiling mangos?

  5. just tried to update the udb svn and currently still downloading

    so far only received the connection forcibly closed message 1 time (hopefully i can download it without problem today) :D

  6. I haven’t had any issues with them at all… Was a happy 250Kb download speed.

    On another note, it seems that v3.0.2 isnt compatible with the current mangos build.. The Ad.exe doesn’t seem to extract the maps properly, and when running mangos.exe it says that there are missing maps. I’ve tried it on Vista and XP and same thing.

    Anyone know anything about that?

  7. I guess your still lucky lol

    so far i’ve tried to download UDB for more than 20 times so far and still nothing

    Scriptdev can be downloaded after 6 – 8 retries

    as for other projects with many large file … no thanks i think i’ve had enough of retrying :P …

  8. Well, when I downloaded something from sourceforge yesterday or something it DLed with a whopping 4KB/s -.-‘; rather then the 100 my ISP should provide, SVN is just screwing up afaik