No Warranty for your PS3, if there’s no Official Support in your Country

So … yesterday i just received a response from Sony regarding my enquiry about PS3 Warranty and such in Indonesia (because i have a plan on buying a brand new PS3). And as a matter of fact, this is the first time ever i asked such question before buying a game console, because i know that there’ll be no official supports for game console here because of … well you know … piracy issue here

I decided to ask this question directly because i have a XBOX 360 console that i bought April 2008 (which is still under warranty if it’s not flashed), and i have sent it for repair once because it won’t read any disc and i keep getting open tray message although there’s a disc inside, a month ago (not to Microsoft because i have a flashed 360, although i’m not the one who flashed it because it came pre-flashed from the store and beside it’s hard to get a non pre-flashed 360 console here) and the cost to repair it … is around 36.4 USD (if converted to USD) … and right now (one month after i’ve sent my 360 for repair) … my 360 console won’t read any disc again, and i’m guessing this time i need to replace the lens … which is going to cost me around 78 USD … and of course i consider that as expensive

In short, i decided to ask this question to Sony so just in case in the future i’m experiencing problem and it is still under the warranty, i can still send it to them directly to get repaired for free (in my case i always have problem with optic ever since the PSX era)

At first (before i sent them an email message) i thought that even if there is no official supports here for the Playstation products, i can still at least get a replacement / repair service for free as stated at the above paragraph but here is their response:

Dear Aditya,

Thank you for your e-mail and interest in PS products.

Regarding to your enquiry, please be advised that there is no official PS3 products and support in Indonesia.  Therefore, there will be no warranty, no repair service, no online service (Playstation Network), and no after-sales support.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Based from their response, if i decided to buy PS3 … and i get problem in the future (just like Colt), i’ll need to cover / repair it myself … and as a side note, replacing a PS3 lens cost for about 104 USD (the xbox 360 is still cheaper compared to PS3). So i think i’ll just stick with my 360 for now … and going to send it for repair once again (and i just hope there’ll be no third time for me lol)


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8 comments on “No Warranty for your PS3, if there’s no Official Support in your Country

  1. PS 3 > Xbox

    I think it isnt just bad luck that i needed switch my xbox like 7 times alredy thanks 2 tehnical problems.

    Bought PS3 also and … it works just great + Load of “exlusive” game relases.

  2. Sorry for late reply, i just recovered from flu (not fully recovered yet but well its a lot better than 3 days ago) :D

    # hcpowah

    That’s what im going to do, stick to my xbox and hope there’ll be modchip for PS3 :P

    # Pitje

    Actually the reason i want to get a console is because most (if not all) RPG can only be found in Console, especially for a J-RPG and some good games are console exclusive :(

    As for quality, since im using HDTV as my computer monitor and using a decent VGA Card, i dont see any differences when playing games that is available on all (or the Next Gen Console only) platforms like Fifa 08, NFS Pro Street, etc (with 1280×720 resolution because my vga card still not powerful enough to reach 1920×1080 res without getting an extremely low FPS)

  3. I’ve had no problems with my ps3, which you can add me if you want, psn id: Gosszilla
    I’ve had the red ring of death on my 360, which sucked because I keep perfect care and ventilation with my systems, and you can add me on that too if you want, gamertag: Gosszilla X