Oatmans’ Wrath of the Lich King Release! Revision:1

Well its finally here! Sorry that it took me about two months to finally get around to making it but our first Wrath of the Lich King Server is now here and supports Revision: 8788 of the WotLK Beta Client! This release operates on top of the MaNGOS Kernel using the UDB Database. With about 3,585 lines of code added into the MaNGOS Core Wrath of the Lich King is now officially supported into the Reaper-X Family and Discussion Board!

Download Link / Mirror:

Installation Instruction:

1. Run Oatmans’ WotLK Installer.bat from Oatman’s WotLK Database directory and continue with the installation until finished
2. Edit Mangosd.conf and Realmd.conf especially at below parts to point to the correct database name using your mysql password and username:


– Replace wotlk_usr to your mysql username
– Replace mangos to your mysql password
– Replace wotlk_realmd, wotlk_world, wotlk_characters to point to the correct database name that is used on the installation process
– Replace Datadir to the full path of your extracted DBC files and maps files from WOTLK (if you put the dbc directory and maps in the same directory of mangos, then there’s no need for you to change it)


LoginDatabaseInfo     = “;3306;wotlk_usr;mangos;wotlk_realmd”
WorldDatabaseInfo     = “;3306;wotlk_usr;mangos;wotlk_world”
CharacterDatabaseInfo = “;3306;wotlk_usr;mangos;wotlk_characters”

DataDir = “.”


LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;wotlk_usr;mangos;wotlk_realmd”

Other Notes (thanks to LoLz Guy):

#1 To run mangos.exe you have to edit mangos.conf and delete some spaces (if there are too many) or other things that dont fit there…

#2 To make your databases work you have to use a mysql gui program (like navicat or sqlyog) and execute batch files to characters and realmd tabs.

#3 To make a Death Knight you have to manually edit the database (using navicat sqlyog or sometjing like that) and in the realmd in account table change your accounts “tbc” thingie from 0 to 2 or from 1 to 2 (I couldn’t do it in mangos.exe commands, as it was blocked or something).

BTW the Death Knight class starts at the race start place, has no abilities, and there is NO WOTLK CONTENT AT ALL…

Important Note from Oatman:

Currently this repack doesn’t have any NPC’s on Northrend although he (Oatman) said that he’ll add NPC’s later on the next revision (Revision 2) and probably some other things as well :) … and as he said before on the comment area, he is currently busy with various things as well and so he sent me the download link yesterday via email

Looking for the Beta Download? Look no further!

English United States: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/downloads/clients/pc/beta/WotLK-Beta-3.0.1-enUS-downloader.exe

English Great Britain: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/downloads/clients/pc/beta/WotLK-Beta-3.0.1-enGB-downloader.exe


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1,000 comments on “Oatmans’ Wrath of the Lich King Release! Revision:1

  1. Ugh!!!! It doesn’t work on 3.0.3 for me! Mangosd says there’s been an error in the dbcs. Are you sure this is for 3.0.3? If it really is, there are some criteria that could be a problem:

    1. I don’t really complete my ad.exe downloading, I just wait until it says “done extracting 225″(or some number in the 200s) “DBC files” and then i close ad.exe

    That’s it, really. But please, HELP!

  2. Do you guys know of a Very good Private server for WoW that i can play on. Iv’e been trying the Whole day to get a server with Working DK and Northrend. But as all the times. The GM’s are stupid, lots of bugs. and the Server’s crash the whole time. So if you guys know of a Private server, just let me know plz :) xD

  3. not sure Evok3r. lich king just has alot of new features that i wanna try on my own server. cinematics are great in the real wow. you get to play as arthas and some old history times. it’s so fun

  4. Haha soz. when i posted the mesage i was a bit tired. i didnt sleep for about 34 hours. So i wasnt here on earth. you know what i mean. But how long is Oatman gonna take for Rev2?? i really wane play WoW offline.

  5. So what you guys are saying. Is that you guys never knew about torrents and utorrent. Its like a great way to download and its much faster and is more easy. :) xD

  6. and where can you get wotlk? wal-mart has it, gamestop, target, etc. there is a neat thing on the net called torrents lol. might wanna check that out

  7. brixil might i recomend btjunkie.org or thepiratebay.org you can get wow via torrent site as to cdkeys that all you mate

    (hope its ok im talking about torrent site’s)

    Oatman cant wait for your Rev2 im sure it will kick ass man


  8. Well I got novos to work but i didn’t but not many quests in northrend. went to icecrown….no baddies there. there were some in borean tundra but hardly any. cant even do the quests that are there at the alliance fort place. oh well, waiting for reaper and oatman. i know theres will be the best

  9. I didnt change any settings what so ever. I installed it. I extracted the maps and dbc. and ran the server. I started the game. took Death Knight and i began at lvl 1. Some quest npc’s are also not there.

  10. @Evok3r , what exactly did u configure in that NOVOS pack? i mean , did u changed settings? i mean the database , realmd and so one?
    if so then u modified the database what was precompiled in it … if u putted there your PC-s database databaseusername;databasepasswd;3306
    dont change them , let them be …
    in mine deathknight is functionings without any problems , starts at 55 lvl … dont know what did u do wrong ..

  11. I was using today the Novo one. The one where you install it as an app. When i started i had no clothes on me and i was lvl 1 Death Knight. But i had the lvl 55 armour in my backpack. And the first quest where you must buy 2 swords, there was no swords of that kind in the shop.

  12. Hi The Novo is good. But my game starts lagging and then i cant even play. The one before the novo was better. The new one has some items missing when you start with Death Knight. Also Death Knight start at lvl 1. :(.