Oatmans’ Wrath of the Lich King Release! Revision:1

Well its finally here! Sorry that it took me about two months to finally get around to making it but our first Wrath of the Lich King Server is now here and supports Revision: 8788 of the WotLK Beta Client! This release operates on top of the MaNGOS Kernel using the UDB Database. With about 3,585 lines of code added into the MaNGOS Core Wrath of the Lich King is now officially supported into the Reaper-X Family and Discussion Board!

Download Link / Mirror:

Installation Instruction:

1. Run Oatmans’ WotLK Installer.bat from Oatman’s WotLK Database directory and continue with the installation until finished
2. Edit Mangosd.conf and Realmd.conf especially at below parts to point to the correct database name using your mysql password and username:


– Replace wotlk_usr to your mysql username
– Replace mangos to your mysql password
– Replace wotlk_realmd, wotlk_world, wotlk_characters to point to the correct database name that is used on the installation process
– Replace Datadir to the full path of your extracted DBC files and maps files from WOTLK (if you put the dbc directory and maps in the same directory of mangos, then there’s no need for you to change it)


LoginDatabaseInfo     = “;3306;wotlk_usr;mangos;wotlk_realmd”
WorldDatabaseInfo     = “;3306;wotlk_usr;mangos;wotlk_world”
CharacterDatabaseInfo = “;3306;wotlk_usr;mangos;wotlk_characters”

DataDir = “.”


LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;wotlk_usr;mangos;wotlk_realmd”

Other Notes (thanks to LoLz Guy):

#1 To run mangos.exe you have to edit mangos.conf and delete some spaces (if there are too many) or other things that dont fit there…

#2 To make your databases work you have to use a mysql gui program (like navicat or sqlyog) and execute batch files to characters and realmd tabs.

#3 To make a Death Knight you have to manually edit the database (using navicat sqlyog or sometjing like that) and in the realmd in account table change your accounts “tbc” thingie from 0 to 2 or from 1 to 2 (I couldn’t do it in mangos.exe commands, as it was blocked or something).

BTW the Death Knight class starts at the race start place, has no abilities, and there is NO WOTLK CONTENT AT ALL…

Important Note from Oatman:

Currently this repack doesn’t have any NPC’s on Northrend although he (Oatman) said that he’ll add NPC’s later on the next revision (Revision 2) and probably some other things as well :) … and as he said before on the comment area, he is currently busy with various things as well and so he sent me the download link yesterday via email

Looking for the Beta Download? Look no further!

English United States: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/downloads/clients/pc/beta/WotLK-Beta-3.0.1-enUS-downloader.exe

English Great Britain: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/downloads/clients/pc/beta/WotLK-Beta-3.0.1-enGB-downloader.exe


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1,000 comments on “Oatmans’ Wrath of the Lich King Release! Revision:1

  1. Also i cant start mangosd and realmd because of numerous errors which have many possible reasons:
    1. I dont have vmaps
    2. I am using the latest form of WoW
    3. I am using the latest form of maps and the dbc’s which ar eincluded in the download.\

    Get back to me as soon as possible please. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the update Oatman. And yea, i heard Blizzard is making more expansions. One of them is going to be about the Emerald Dream. Just heard it around before so don’t take my word on it. I don’t know much about the Warcraft story so I guess from here on out it’s all new to me.

  3. Awesome Oatman!
    Truthfully, I was going to rejoin real wow to enjoy lich without bugs, but as soon as I read that the CEO of blizz announced work being done on ANOTHER expansion, I said screw it! I’m never rejoining! No point PAYING for a full year just to have my gear outdated, AGAIN.
    Keep up the great work Oatman, Reaper, and team. Us faithful are waiting patiently on you! :D

  4. Thats kick ass to hear oatman and i hope me posting that emulator was ok with the reaper-x team i mean im sure if it wasn’t the post be gone but still i was only trying to help releas the waiting pain…

    Thanx for all the hard work oatman and reaper-x\Team you all PWN

    Signed (ScrappyBallz)

  5. Actually, I am doing alot of testing at the moment and am doing a run through of testing and if it works Rev 2 with scripts and everything will be out

  6. i know reapers is the best. i was just saying if anyone really wants wotlk server now that there are other emu’s. i play the real wow from time to time so i already have played wotlk. i just want my own server of it lol

  7. I think I stand for many of us when I say I’d rather wait for reapers release than try a different server pack. Reapers has always been my favorite due to the fact that setting it up is easy, and it’s the most stable server I’ve ever run…yes, I have tried others, and none meet the quality that reaper has been able to deliver.
    Reaper, I’ll wait for you man, I’m not willing to compromise for another server that I don’t know how to already work. Best of luck as you fix the problems you’ve come across!

  8. boondox26 you might be right but i had to reason for posting this emu one in hopes the reaper-x team would be able to use it to help make a new repack and so all the people here could finaly play Wotlk and enjoy it like i am.
    Tho i will always look for emu’s to run wow i will never forget about Mango’s repack’s so easy to use and user friendly in my eye’s.
    so in the end i will always look on this site first.

    Thank’s Reaper-x Team (keep up the great work)

    Signed (ScrappyBallz)

  9. i think its still going to be a while. there are other emu’s out there just like Linux told about. maybe its time to look for others

  10. So, is it really going to happen or what?
    It’s been a long time since we heard from you guys.
    Tell us what is going on.
    We are really looking forward to the next revision!

  11. Download links:
    Go to this thread and download the Arcemu Download from there its verson 9
    its pre set up very easy to use
    Maps : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ECCAZG95
    vmaps :http://files.filefront.com/vmapsrar/;12498795;/fileinfo.html
    Wrath of the Lich King
    download :

    i found this and wanted to share with you guys
    for the ones that want to play WOTLK 1/3 instance’s work in this repack deathnights are
    playable its about 97% of what the live server
    is. as for gm commands this link is all i found.


    as you can see this post has links for maps and
    vmaps to make it work.

    Go into arcemu blizzlike then arcemu
    then the config folder
    open up arcemu logonserver.conf
    and on the bottom it says
    logonserver remote password
    change the “change_me_logon”
    to “ascent”

    one more very importaint thing the Arcemu v9
    must go stright on the C drive if you want it to

    here is a youtube link if you need video aid


    Thank you all at Reaper-x.com for your hard
    work this is my way of saying thanx Enjoy…..


  12. Hey Greg where did you get the source to compile the server or can you send me a copy of your compile? I’m updating my client to 3.0.3 but need the server compile. also which Vmaps did you use? Did you use Beta or CR?

  13. Hello!

    I would just like to enquire about when the reaper-x mangos server for WotLK patch 3.0.3 be coming ??

    Sorry if im posting in the wrong place … but im just so eager!! :P

  14. Gazoreth: you agree with “Brilix”, but i agree with “LoLz Guy”. Get over it. you made such a big deal about it that using your name is a joke now. even i was going to use it! i think we all know you are the original though because of your icon… so you can stop repeating that rant over and over.

    accept it or stop posting for a few weeks and people will forget.