Reaper-X UR1 Arcane-Fire for WoW Client (2.4.3)

Here it is! The Reaper-X customized MaNGOS release UR1 "Arcane-Fire" is now available. UR1 is also a raw copy and if you look below you will find that we will be adding updates as we go (make sure that when you apply updates, you apply them in order as listed)! A changelog and what revs Arcane-Fire are also below uses!

NOTE: Arcane-Fire no longer supports PSDB!!!


  • MaNGOS Rev. 6399
  • UDB Rev. 358
  • ScriptDev2 Rev. 525
  • ACID Rev. 18


  • Empty cave in Silithus spawned
  • Added missing rares in map1 (Kalimdor)
  • Various improvements in Outland spawns
  • LOTS of waypoints
  • Minions that are summoned by ACID r18 deleted
  • Random changes everywhere
  • More 2.4.x items. again…
  • Arena Season 4 vendors populated
  • Template scripts for SD2 up to 502 and ACID up to 0.0.2 r18

    Plus lots more fixes!


    Navicat Guide Download (These are not updated! You must update them yourself!):

    Full Arcane-Fire Download (These are not updated! You must update them yourself!):



    Apply Bug Fix 1 if you are having problems with creature templates, etc.

    • None
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    We Currently DO NOT have a guide for this release so please either use the guide located here:

    Reaper-X MaNGOS Installation Guide  (Writen by Reaper-X Himself)

    Let me know if there are any bugs!!!

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    2. User revs:
      -MaNGOS 6399
      -SD2 525
      -UDB 358
      -ACID 18
      -AH Bot 79

      Arcane-Fire Continue…
      World Database:;3306;root;mangos;mangos
      Could not connect to MySQL database at Acess denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’

      Cannot connect to world database;3306;root:mangos;mangos

      Help please?

    3. Firstly, Id like to thank the team for the work they have done so far, you guys are great!

      Secondly, when will there be a new x-pack available?

      Thirdly, some/small advice, for those who travel alot or move the thier servers allot, useing microsoft virtual pc(or any other) is verry usefull for the mangos server, especially when going to lans

      ERROR IS:
      Error in creature_template table, probably sql file format was updated (there should be 63 fields in sql).
      FTW !

    5. Any idea when a new, updated x-pack will be prepared? Also, would it be possible to teach us how to set up our server with the single player game mode that has been created on the Mangos website?

    6. why do i keep getting dc when i logg in? it worked before for me to play but now it doesnt after i tried to make public but took it away.. help?

    7. Reaper, is there a command to lengthen spawntime for the entire game or a given area? I am tired of battling to the objective only to have to battle the entire way back to town. Is there a spawntime column in the data model somewhere that I can just modify to suit my purpose? Thanks in advance, Mac

    8. i’m still getting the error, out of date
      modified the .conf files

      could it be something to do with the version of wow
      i have 2.4.3 (8606) installed ….?

      and i’ve installed UR1 Arcane fire…

      any help would be good

    9. Everything loaded ok…and i used the Arcane Fix program….but when i loaded everything up….i have no creatures or NPC’s in most Area’s….any idea’s why?

    10. Ok,

      It works about… 30% of the time, I just finished turning on lvl 3 logging of EVERYTHING so maybe i can find some more detail as to why. But what’s happening is that after you log in, it takes you to the character screen. There’s a 75% chance, it just sits at “retrieving character list”. If you make that 25% and get in, you’re good.

      If you’re making a character, it works first time every shot. You make the character, and hit OK. It says it saves, it even shows in my MANGOSD screen:

      Character : soandsoname stats at time of save:


      blah blah blah and so on. But it refreshes the wow screen and takes you to retrieving character list again. Sometimes it works, sometimes it sticks you there. If you get stuck, it will not even show your character in the CHARACTERS database CHARACTERS table.

      2 things:

      A) The RealmD database, Realmlist table, the last option is Population. When you get stuck, it saves that entry as 0.1 : Sometimes, it may or may not be connected, but closing the mangosd and realmd applications and manually setting that back to 0 and restarting the two applications has granted atleast good luck at getting it to work right.

      B) If that doesn’t work, its restart RealmD and MangosD again, and again, until I am able to connect.

      Mind you from my above 2 posts, this is a clean install (3x). Im using SQL 5.0 community edition. XP Pro SP3. 2Gigs of DDR2 PC4200, 2.28Ghz Proc. I don’t recall the MB and such from here, I’m at work.

      I’m going to host the log’s here soon through a text file hosting provider, and after a couple days of the error logs building up, maybe there will be some usefull information.

    11. Well, Its running now. Slightly shakey. The first character I made on it, now can not do anything clickable. I can run and jump but spells and items, it just says “Interrupted” on the screen.

      I made a second character, and it is working fine. Im just going to leave the dummy character there (was for AHBOT) and see how this rolls. When the next release comes out, I’ll just likely backup characters and do fresh install again.

      Thanks Oatman, Reaper, Colt45 for the hard work!

    12. page failed to load when i posted this the first time, so this one is shorter in detail:

      running 6245 – everythign ran fine, but no ahbot.

      upgraded to ArcaneFireReaper, added fix – everything broke

      backed up characters (using reaper.bat) and uninstalled everything, reinstalled, added fix, restored characters, everything still broke.

      uninstalled everything, backed up nothing, done completely clean install, added fix, everything still broke.

      Mangosd.exe is crashing now. Before it was just errors in mangos, now it’s completely crashing:

      Revision: 6407
      Date 27:10:2008. Time 22:46
      *** Hardware ***
      Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) Processor LE-1100
      Number Of Processors: 1
      Physical Memory: 2063536 KB (Available: 1488588 KB)
      Commit Charge Limit: 4002316 KB

      *** Operation System ***
      Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (Version 5.1, Build 2600)

      Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
      Fault address: 0047B4AC 01:0007A4AC C:\mangos\MaNGOSD.exe

      SS:ESP:0023:0B08CAF0 EBP:0B08CB08
      DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:003B GS:0000

    13. hey reaper do u kno if there will b a release for 3.0.2 since thay did sumthing to make it where u cant change the realm list

      Have you tried editing the file in Your_WOW_Directory\data\enUS (or replace enUS with your WoW version) because the got moved there :)

      as for 3.0.2 mangos tecms25 (from forums) have released it (although there’s no automatic method to import it, and he said that it’s unstable *i haven’t tested it yet) :)