Reaper-X Wrath of the Lich King! Should Support It?

Hey Everyone,

This is Oatman here and I am wondering if the community would be interested on Wrath of the Lich King? I’ve done some research and I believe that under some work I could get a MaNGOS WotLK 3.0.1 Revision Released. So you all could try out the new Death Knight class and be able to explore the new continent of Northrend.

Yes this would take some work, but I’d be more than willing to work on a Reaper-X WotLK Beta MaNGOS Revision if enough of the community wants this to happen.

List of What Reaper-X WotLK Alpha Would Contain:

  • Full Support for Client 3.0.1 Beta.
  • Death Knight Support
  • Level to 80 with new armor.
  • 3.0.1 Map Extractor
  • Northrend Teleporting Zones.

If you guys as a community would be interested in such a release please post your comments below and if enough of the community is interested and if Reaper himself gives me the go ahead I’ll get right on it!

Welcoming Message!

Here is the Links to More Images:

Looking for the Beta Download? Look no further!

English United States:

English Great Britain:

So if you are interested in having a WoTLK Server place your comments and if the Reaper-X Community is Interested Enough then I’ll get right on this!




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230 comments on “Reaper-X Wrath of the Lich King! Should Support It?

  1. Any idea about when the support will come out for the commercial WoLK? Or is the Beta one compatible w/ it?

    I have several users who are asking me to support it.


  2. Yes, please support it, I know you may think that we won’t use it while we level or whatever, but testing gear would be so awsome, if it’s not super hard, my vote is yes please!

  3. That would be awesome!!!! I run a 2.4.3 server for the military would be greate if this goes on well. all the glory goes to you Oatman.

  4. Ofcourse, more the merrier, i think it would be a great improvement…

    also, off-topic, but if some one were to build a gui-interface using C++ or Vb, i think this would be VERY welcomed by the community. as it would make it much easier for launching and you the user could manage things a little bit easier.

  5. Ok guys I think I know what I am going to do. Release the first one without spawns tonight then my next one will be full of spawns and such. :)