Reaper-X Wrath of the Lich King! Should Support It?

Hey Everyone,

This is Oatman here and I am wondering if the community would be interested on Wrath of the Lich King? I’ve done some research and I believe that under some work I could get a MaNGOS WotLK 3.0.1 Revision Released. So you all could try out the new Death Knight class and be able to explore the new continent of Northrend.

Yes this would take some work, but I’d be more than willing to work on a Reaper-X WotLK Beta MaNGOS Revision if enough of the community wants this to happen.

List of What Reaper-X WotLK Alpha Would Contain:

  • Full Support for Client 3.0.1 Beta.
  • Death Knight Support
  • Level to 80 with new armor.
  • 3.0.1 Map Extractor
  • Northrend Teleporting Zones.

If you guys as a community would be interested in such a release please post your comments below and if enough of the community is interested and if Reaper himself gives me the go ahead I’ll get right on it!

Welcoming Message!

Here is the Links to More Images:

Looking for the Beta Download? Look no further!

English United States:

English Great Britain:

So if you are interested in having a WoTLK Server place your comments and if the Reaper-X Community is Interested Enough then I’ll get right on this!




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230 comments on “Reaper-X Wrath of the Lich King! Should Support It?

  1. Wait , i got a question if you do release this, WHICH PLEASE DO, Would we have to wait until the WotLK is released , and we have to have it installed or is there something u release that we download!??!

  2. If it has 100% working death knights then hell yes, that means Runic Power and runes working, please do so

  3. That. . . would be awesome! Also, WotLK will be entering beta relatively soon, as they’ve opened sign-ups. Many of those “buggy” places won’t be buggy for too much longer as they’re expecting a huge client patch update. I’m not sure how easy the beta client will be to get, though. I say hell yes, and I’d be indebted (again. . . ) if you did this!

  4. why run this? unless you are gunna be building up the patchs for mangos cuz the guy who was working on it after Tom stopped at 1.9 and kept the rest private at least to my knowledge, but it is still pretty cool

  5. #Martzy

    Well… lol Its very buggy. I mean obviously the old areas will be just like the MaNGOS Releases but when you get to the new areas like Northrend and the new harbor in stormwind its buggy to the point where you can fall through the map in alot of places. Not that its a big deal because obviously its Alpha and not even beta yet. So its definately not very stable in the new areas but if you explore anything before 3.0.1 then its very stable and runs perfectly.


    If you’ve ever been on a real blizzard developement server they always have a “B” for Blizzard Icon that lets you contact them and submit feedback/errors and glitches you find in the game.

  6. Yes! Please, please, please, please! I started with ReaperX first. I’m familiar with AC Web and Silverlight. There are one click installs out there for server emus & etc but this is the one I like most. I find myself checking this page once a week at the very, very least. Sometimes its several times a day ^^.

    So please, yes! WotLK yes!
    Thank you for all your hard work. It is very much appreciated.

  7. Considering that most of the work would already be done when WotLK is officially released, I say it’s a great idea. Thumbs up from me :)

  8. Wow, very nice job, that looks bad friggen ass Oatman, you must proceed with the development of a WoTLK server! One question though, how buggy is it?

  9. Well, i guess it would be pretty cool.
    You could try it, but please keep doing the regular server updates also.
    I wouldn’t want you to stop working on the Mangos servers though.
    but ya, go ahead, it would be very nice.