Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Problem with XBOX 360 Wireless Receiver?

So a few months ago i bought myself an xbox 360 wireless adapter because i got tired of playing various games using standard wired keyboard (although i don’t play a lot so i often not plugged in the receiver into the usb port). And of course it works fine until today when i tried to plug it again into the usb port because recently i just changed my keyboard and mouse into using a wireless keyboard and mouse (Logitech MX5000 Keyboard and Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse) that is using Bluetooth technology just like the xbox wireless receiver adapter. And the problem is the Xbox 360 wireless controller can’t be detected by the xbox wireless adapter although the xbox wireless adapter already listed on device manager

At first i thought probably there’s a frequency / signal interference somewhere because both of them are using bluetooth. But after a little bit searching around the net and found this topic at avsforum.com, one of the poster there says:


Nope! I use a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. No interference problems.

So that means the problem lies elsewhere, although other posters there says:


I was one of the people that had issues with this.

I had a bluetooth dongle for mouse and keyboard, usb hard drive and a wireless receiver for 2 wireless ms 360 pads.

I used to get intermittent problems, so I borrowed a pci usb adapter (as they’re not all that easy to find nowadays) and plugged the wireless receiver into that and everything was ok.

It could just have been my motherboard or 2 ms wireless pads is just pushing it?

I’d advice using the pads without a pci or powered usb hub just to test and if you get problems like dropouts then consider a pci card or powered usb hub.

BTW – The 360 pads are great, i’d recommend getting a couple with some rechargeable batteries.

And in my case since my motherboard only have 1 pci slot (i don’t know whether USB PCI Express card exist or not) and currently i don’t have any external powered usb hub and i’m a little bit desperate on playing my new Need for Speed Pro Street on pc using the 360 controller … i decided to look into my system a little bit further

1. The first test is … by restarting the computer with only the Logitech bluetooth receiver plugged and then plug the xbox 360 wireless adapter after getting into windows and the result is although the xbox receiver is listed on device manager, the xbox 360 controller isn’t detected

Device Manager

Logitech bluetooth receiver plugged first then the xbox wireless receiver

Bluetooth status

Bluetooth status

2. The second test is … by plugging the Xbox 360 wireless controller and the logitech bluetooth receiver at the same time and then restart the computer with both of them plugged. And the result is the xbox 360 controller can be detected but both mouse and keyboard isn’t functioning, but since i’m always have my wired p/s 2 keyboard and mouse attached (because i still don’t trust wireless keyboard yet thanks to my previous experience with 2 logitech wireless product) i don’t need to use the restart button on the cpu … and surprisingly if both of them are plugged at the same time the device manager doesn’t detect the logitech bluetooth receiver

Device Manager

Logitech receiver and xbox 360 wireless receiver plugged at the same time and restart

Game Controller Status

Game Controller Status

Since i’m not sure on whether there’s a hardware / software conflict somewhere i can’t blame Microsoft or Logitech …  so i try to unplug the logitech bluetooth receiver and then plug it again … and the wireless keyboard and mouse worked again … but with the only exception it isn’t listed on the Bluetooth status (so i’m not sure on whether the keyboard use the passkey or not)

So if you currently experiecing the same problem like me (and currently desperate on playing game using your 360 controller), perhaps you should try the above … as for the future … i think i’m going to try getting myself an external powered usb hub as stated by pastishe over at avsforum and also because there’s also someone that is experiencing this issues and also receive the same answer from logitech staff directly (link)

Quoted from the link above:

I sent off a support request to Logitech that stated:

Everything is detailed in our post on your forum that has been unresolved for 8+ months:
Summary: SetPoint thinks the Xbox 360 controller is a mouse and resultantly the real mouse stops functioning and in the process, disables the Xbox 360 controller.
Please read forum for all the details, otherwise, I will just copy/paste the entire thread into my next message.
In summary, I need a resolution for the problem so that I can once again use my Logitech Mouse, SetPoint and the Xbox controller.

This is the response Logitech sent:

From your e-mail, I understand that you having an enquire with your XBox 360. I understand how inconvenient this issue is for you and I will do my best to assist you.
Please check either you have any USB hub or USB PCI card available. If yes, please try connect the Xbox 360 receiver to the hub or PCI card and please connect the mouse directly to the motherboard.


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  2. The Xbox360 wireless receiver is a power hog, people have similar issues using USB headphones and the receiver. The only real solution is a powered USB or to buy one of the Plug and Play kits and connect the controller directly via USB.

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  7. I have the same problem with my xbox 360 wireless controller and microsoft wireless desktop 3000(keyboard and mouse). the only way i able to use both is by resetting the usb device history. (make sure you HAVE ps2 keyboard connected. ps2 mouse would be nice but not required.) do this by going to the safe mode(only worked in safe mode), go to device manager, delete hid device using bluetooth, delete all usb host controller, delete all usb root. unplug all usb device. reboot. plug in wireless keyboard and mouse device first. then xbox 360 controller. both should have worked. problem is when the xbox controller is off, you have to do this all over again. thanks microsuck.

  8. I got a wired microsoft mouse, and wireless xbox controler.
    If my mouse is plugged in my controler is dead, and viceversa, my mouse is dead when controler is not.Both are microsoft.
    Now I have connected non microsoft mouse not logitech either(don’t know just generic), then everything works.
    If there is a digital heaven MICROSUCK goes to hell.

  9. Most people don’t realise until it’s too late that 7 out of 10 Xboxes develop serious faults including the 3 light ‘red ring of death’, E74, freezing and much more. We offer a 1 hour fix alternative as opposed to a 6 – 12 week wait if you use a reair center

  10. Iv found that if i boot up with just the Xbox360 Receiver plugged in then when its light is on plug in the logitech mouse then it all works fine…
    just remember to unplug the mouse if you reboot…… it sux but it works