Reaper Mangos 5225 – Easy WoW 2.3.3 Private Server

Since the situation here has been resolved (Thanks God, although it’s still raining here but well at least i hope there’ll be no floods again), i’ve decided to release another update for Reaper Mangos :D so to those who are wondering whether there’ll be another Mangos update for WoW 2.3.3 here is my answer ;) … and just like before this update contains Project Silvermoon Database and Unified Database so you can switch between them freely (and choose which database suit you best) ;) … other than that i also included several other custom patches (i’m not too sure whether it’s stable or not but i guess you can check it by yourself)

Yay ... fishing

To summarize it … the custom patches that gets added into this version are:

  • Auction House BOT
  • Spell Damage Correction
  • Quality Based Variable Loot Drops
  • Multithreaded Map

And using :

  • Mangos Core 5225
  • Scriptdev2 254
  • Project Silvermoon (PSDB) X7 with changesets 223 applied
  • Unified Database (UDB) with changesets 338 applied

Also i’ve made lots of adjustments / changes / whatever you called it into the reaper-x-mangos so to those who are new into Mangos World can also setup their own WoW Private server easily like function to repair database automatically (just in case your database crashed), better checking, etc and will probably add more feature in the future … and well basically that’s all about it :)

Reaper-X Mangos

Note: I have only tested it on Windows XP SP2 only because i do not have Vista, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000, Windows 98 / ME installed

As for the instruction manual to those who are going to perform fresh installation, you can follow below link for the instruction on how to use it (the most important part is the MySQL Installation and Data Extraction)

  • Reaper Mangos Installation Guide (the instruction is a little bit outdated because i’ve made lots of changes into the reaper-x-mangos and i’ll update it later or will rewrite it) … but you do not need to worry because basically the installation instruction is just the same :)
  • Instruction on how to use Auction House BOT (look at the Using Data Restored from my normal Mangos release or other release section, step number 9, i’m sorry that is from the old release and i’ll make sure to rewrite it again later to provide better explanation)
  • as for activating other feature such as Quality Based Variable Loots and MultiThreaded Maps, you can take a look at mangosd.conf directly

And to those who wants to upgrade from Reaper Mangos 5116 into this version, all you have to do is just run the reaper-x-mangos and choose to upgrade it (i’ve decided to merge it into one file to make future changes easier) … but make sure to create backup first before doing it, and to create a backup all you have to do is just choose option number 2 and the backup file will be saved under backup folder in reaper-eazy-mangos directory :)

Important Files :

or if you prefer a smaller version (because you don’t have fast connection speed), you can also use .NET Framework 2.0 or .NET Framework 3.0


Reaper Mangos 5472 has been released. Grab the new version instead ;)

Updated Reaper-X Mangos that include new option to install / remove Custom Vendors on Stormwind and Orgrimmar

Note: To use it you just need to download the updated file and extract it into reaper-eazy-mangos directory to overwrite it, and you’re all set but please note that the custom vendors has been tested only with Reaper Mangos 5225

Mangos Custom Vendors

Optional Download:

And finally if you get a virus alert from your Antivirus saying that reaper-x-mangos.exe is a Trojan, Suspicious File, etc … you can ignore that message, i guarantee that file is clean and that is a false alert / alarm generated by your antivirus (i have Kaspersky 7, NOD32 v3 and AVG Free installed on my machine and always make sure that everything here is clean) … and as a side note, AVG previously marked that file as virus but i send them an email message saying that is a false alert and received a reply from them in just 1 day (if you want i can post their reply here) :)

p.s If you would like to share your extracted DBC Files (from WoW 2.3.3 other than enUS), VMaps and Maps (from WoW 2.3.3 Client any region because it’s impossible for me to upload it), by uploading it to your favorite file sharing website, i’d be delighted to put the link here for other to download. And all you have to do is just leave a comment on where you’ve uploaded that file ;) … or if you know some other Mangos tools that might be useful to those who use Mangos, it’d be great if you could post some more info about it and where to get it :D

Okay now time to get some rest … because i haven’t sleep since yesterday :D

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540 comments on “Reaper Mangos 5225 – Easy WoW 2.3.3 Private Server

  1. @ApbRwn: if you refer to the executable see my previous msg. If you mean the install BAT/CMD file they switched to an EXE instead. I prefer the BAt file myself because I like to edit it myself but they must have a reason for making the installer a compiled EXE (certainly somethings easier to do in an exe that may not even be possble in command batch)

  2. Awesome news Reaper. TYVM!

    I see at least two posts asking for the executables which I know for a fact existed in the last 5225 release.

    If you just want to grab a 3 meg rar with only the DLL’s and EXE’s from my mangos folder here they are.

    (rubbing hands in anticipation of next release)

    Cheers. =)

  3. For quick rep you should edit your mangosd config file its found in the root of your mangos folder.

    Rate.Mining.Next = 1
    Rate.Talent = 1
    Rate.Reputation.Gain = 1 <—- edit this
    SkillChance.Orange = 100
    SkillChance.Yellow = 75

    Change that to something bigger like 5000 then save the file

    You then get more rep for a quest and become exalted quicker .

  4. *

  5. I have been using reaper mangos since a long time and I never had any problem, but while trying to install the latest release on my laptop, I can’t find the reaper-x-mangos.exe file. I always found the needed files and I don’t know why this one can’t be found, I have searched on every place inside the ReaperMangos5225 file and I simply can’t see where It is. Does anyone have any idea? Is It possible to use the old .exe files from the old releases to replace the one I can’t find?

  6. Hey there,

    I’ve downloaded the 5225 Repack on here, and when i go into the reaper-eazy-mangos folder, the executable/batch file is missing!

    Anyone know why?

  7. ummm im trying again but ive been getting an error w/ custom vendors it says “mangos.creature does not exist” any one got any ideas,

    Thanks, Kyle

  8. i have downloaded the custume venders did what u had to me to do and overwrite the file but it says “system can not find path specified” do u know how i can fix that?

  9. To everyone that is asking about Reputation. I found this

    You have to directly edit the database but the values and the faction id’s are in this post. There is a full list. I have not been able to find a way to do it through the console or in game. If you find a way to do it either of the later ways let me know at [email protected]

  10. Ok so when I go to launch an installation from the Reaper-X Quick Dirty Mangos Helper Main Menu, It runs through the process of installion and I see the “Matrix” I get an

    rxfind.exe – Application Error
    the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.

    I press ok and it pops back up 10-15 times before it will reaquire the cmd prmt

    then it asks me if

    “If you see any error message just let me know”

    “Press any key to continue . . .”

    And it sends me back to the Main Menu, I’m in need of help can anyone provide some insight I can’t seem to find anyone that is having this same issue.

    Thank you,

  11. hi all again where do i find navicat so i could open the area triggers folder what im trying to do is setup a custom portal for my vendor area please or is navicat is differnt from mangos

  12. reaper hi i have been trying to setup the web page down load so i could have people register automatic thru the sql im at the last part help me out please this is where im at i know im almost done
    For a Full Installation from scratch use the full__installation.sql.

    1. In MySQL select the realmd database. Everything in this section is done
    using the realmd database. I assume that you are using the default MaNGOS
    database setup. If you’ve named your realmd database something else
    then select it.

    2. Depending on what interface you’re using for MySQL, you will need to
    restore from sql dump. I used the Community version of SQLyog because
    it’s free and the import from text in phpMyAdmin doesn’t support large
    file sizes.

    3. Go to SQL > Extra_Install ad restore the account_pass.sql.

    4. Select the account_extend table and look-up your account in the “account_id”
    column. Your account ID is cross-referenced in the from the corresponding
    account table. Looking for it in the account table first maybe easier since
    you can see the user names associated with the account ID.

    5. Locate the g_id column for your account_id in the account_extend table. Modify
    this to a 3 or a 4 to give yourself admin(3) or root admin(4) access to the

    !!!!! IMPORTANT STEPS !!!!!

    6. Select the realmlist table and locate the dbinfo column. This is the key
    to nearly all the functionality of the website and provides MaNGOSWeb’s
    connection to the world database – mangos. The format for this column is:
    please help pleaseeeeeeeeee

  13. REAPER, can you please add in the install guide that you must also install and use SQLYOG????? It is missing from your guide and that is probably the reason why everyone is following the steps but cannot run the server…. I just got mine running….great guide!

  14. @ dtlogg

    The IP addy you are using is A router IP all router IP addy’s start with 192.x.x.x . You need to look in your router frimware and find your correct IP addy given to you by your internet provider should start with like 72.x.x.x or whatever number not 192.x.x.x You should be able to get to your router firmware by typing into your address bar in internet explorer most routers like linksys and d-link’s default user name and passwords are admin if that don’t work then call your router manufacturer they dont charge for tech support. Once you get that addy use it and not the 192.x.x.x

    Good Luck dtlogg,


  15. Ok so i had this problem i little bit ago and some how it fixed itself. I’ve had a server crash and reinstalled everything. Now i get to the realm select page, i see my server, but when i click into it, it flashes “logging into server” and then goes back to the realm list…i have swapped the realm.WTF to and thats not working ether. Any help would be great..

  16. There is a problem upgrading. I upgraded from 5116 with the Silvermoon database. After upgrade, creating new characters fails. Mangosd gives error that field taxi_list is not found on table character when a new character is created. I fixed this by manually adding the field with type longtext to the character table. Anyone else get this?

  17. Hello,

    Server is working great on my own pc.

    I wanted to play with my brother so
    I changed using the easy-reaper mangos thingie,
    the settings to Lan. Using my pc-ip instant of in my case
    My brother can connect, but when he clicks the realm it opens and then it goes back to the choose realmlist window.

    Also using reaper-eazy-mangos (using step 5)
    the name of the realm also doesn’t change.

    Thanks in Advance

  18. type in the mangosd cmd line

    setbc youraccountname 1

    eg for me it would be

    Setbc pandem 1


    To change your relm name , I use navicat as my sql and its under the table realmd then relmlist , dont change your relmlist in wow that should allways be

    set realmlist then your ip or

  19. I have a problem I can’t make a character that is Dranie or Blood Elf. They are in the select screen but I can not select them. I am using a TBC client and did the map extraction from a TBC client. What do I need to do? Yes, it is set to allow TBC content.

  20. Hello All,

    Wasnted to know if anyone knows how to change the server name yet. I tried to change it in the wow config file @ c:\wow\world of warcraft\wtf\config. It did work sort of changed the name but then wanted me to connect to A server. Was wondering if anyone knew how. Cannot find it when I run reaper-easy-mangos don’t see any option to do so. Just the following by editing c:\wow\world of warcraft\wtf\config

    SET realmName “Reaper-X”

    When I change it it does change the name after logging into wow, but then wants me to choose A server.



  21. To Reaper-X:

    Thanks for your diligence and support in helping out the common man set up private servers. You asked for input regarding custom patches. I think they’re a great addition, especially for servers that are set up to cater to a small group of people, in particular the AH bot and the custom vendors that were included in this past release.