Reaper Mangos 5225 – Easy WoW 2.3.3 Private Server

Since the situation here has been resolved (Thanks God, although it’s still raining here but well at least i hope there’ll be no floods again), i’ve decided to release another update for Reaper Mangos :D so to those who are wondering whether there’ll be another Mangos update for WoW 2.3.3 here is my answer ;) … and just like before this update contains Project Silvermoon Database and Unified Database so you can switch between them freely (and choose which database suit you best) ;) … other than that i also included several other custom patches (i’m not too sure whether it’s stable or not but i guess you can check it by yourself)

Yay ... fishing

To summarize it … the custom patches that gets added into this version are:

  • Auction House BOT
  • Spell Damage Correction
  • Quality Based Variable Loot Drops
  • Multithreaded Map

And using :

  • Mangos Core 5225
  • Scriptdev2 254
  • Project Silvermoon (PSDB) X7 with changesets 223 applied
  • Unified Database (UDB) with changesets 338 applied

Also i’ve made lots of adjustments / changes / whatever you called it into the reaper-x-mangos so to those who are new into Mangos World can also setup their own WoW Private server easily like function to repair database automatically (just in case your database crashed), better checking, etc and will probably add more feature in the future … and well basically that’s all about it :)

Reaper-X Mangos

Note: I have only tested it on Windows XP SP2 only because i do not have Vista, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000, Windows 98 / ME installed

As for the instruction manual to those who are going to perform fresh installation, you can follow below link for the instruction on how to use it (the most important part is the MySQL Installation and Data Extraction)

  • Reaper Mangos Installation Guide (the instruction is a little bit outdated because i’ve made lots of changes into the reaper-x-mangos and i’ll update it later or will rewrite it) … but you do not need to worry because basically the installation instruction is just the same :)
  • Instruction on how to use Auction House BOT (look at the Using Data Restored from my normal Mangos release or other release section, step number 9, i’m sorry that is from the old release and i’ll make sure to rewrite it again later to provide better explanation)
  • as for activating other feature such as Quality Based Variable Loots and MultiThreaded Maps, you can take a look at mangosd.conf directly

And to those who wants to upgrade from Reaper Mangos 5116 into this version, all you have to do is just run the reaper-x-mangos and choose to upgrade it (i’ve decided to merge it into one file to make future changes easier) … but make sure to create backup first before doing it, and to create a backup all you have to do is just choose option number 2 and the backup file will be saved under backup folder in reaper-eazy-mangos directory :)

Important Files :

or if you prefer a smaller version (because you don’t have fast connection speed), you can also use .NET Framework 2.0 or .NET Framework 3.0


Reaper Mangos 5472 has been released. Grab the new version instead ;)

Updated Reaper-X Mangos that include new option to install / remove Custom Vendors on Stormwind and Orgrimmar

Note: To use it you just need to download the updated file and extract it into reaper-eazy-mangos directory to overwrite it, and you’re all set but please note that the custom vendors has been tested only with Reaper Mangos 5225

Mangos Custom Vendors

Optional Download:

And finally if you get a virus alert from your Antivirus saying that reaper-x-mangos.exe is a Trojan, Suspicious File, etc … you can ignore that message, i guarantee that file is clean and that is a false alert / alarm generated by your antivirus (i have Kaspersky 7, NOD32 v3 and AVG Free installed on my machine and always make sure that everything here is clean) … and as a side note, AVG previously marked that file as virus but i send them an email message saying that is a false alert and received a reply from them in just 1 day (if you want i can post their reply here) :)

p.s If you would like to share your extracted DBC Files (from WoW 2.3.3 other than enUS), VMaps and Maps (from WoW 2.3.3 Client any region because it’s impossible for me to upload it), by uploading it to your favorite file sharing website, i’d be delighted to put the link here for other to download. And all you have to do is just leave a comment on where you’ve uploaded that file ;) … or if you know some other Mangos tools that might be useful to those who use Mangos, it’d be great if you could post some more info about it and where to get it :D

Okay now time to get some rest … because i haven’t sleep since yesterday :D

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540 comments on “Reaper Mangos 5225 – Easy WoW 2.3.3 Private Server

  1. So, on the mangosd cmd prompt window where you makes accounts and all. I type in info and it says
    Online Users:1 (if someone is on) Max:1
    Online Users:0 (If no one is one) Max:1

  2. Hey question, i am having some issues finding how to set up a wesbite so it auto makes account for my server, Mind telling me where to look.(This is to anyone who knows don’t want to bother reaper)

  3. Hi i got a question why dont i get the bat then i install the exe ? i get the folder i go into “reaper-eazy-mangos” and all i see is “upgrade” folder and all the sql files :/ plz help me here

  4. Hey, I have a problem with this version of mangos. I have recently upgraded to windows xp pro 64 bit. I have installed MySQL 5.0 and have it running, but when I go to run reaper-x-mangos from the reaper-eazy-mangos folder and input the bin directory and hit enter it shuts down.. (the bin directory for xp64 is this: “C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\bin” because mysql is still running in x86 can someoen help me please!

  5. I have an interesting problem. Certain items will randomly dissapear from my inventory. There are several other characters that have had this happen. Any ideas?

  6. Hey there. Looking forward to the next release. My suggestion would be to have a simple release with necessary patches, and then have option installation of custom content… sort of like your last release and the custom vendors.

  7. Yeah! Finally got it to work. Seems if you just -read- you can figure it out relatively easy.

    I do have one question. Is there some add-on that will give you a way to enchant things. Like some NPC that will do it if you have the mats or the gold?


  8. Awesome work…been running stable for weeks through multiple builds….until some sort of disaster struck two nights ago.

    This is the shortest description I can give for something that took 5+ hours of troubleshooting:

    1. Realm server responds fine on 3724, but world server on 8085 ONLY lets local computers connect. I can see port 3724 accepting external traffic using netstat, users see the single realm listed, select it, and it kicks them back out. This symptom is exactly the same as if the IP isn’t set in mysql from the reaper batch tool.

    2. Both necessary ports are open and responding externally using utorrent or other scanners. My router can forward just fine to any port, and I tested by using ventrilo.

    3. I installed a fresh copy of MySQL and fresh install of mangos on a different system, then restored the characters….same issue.

    What in the flying hell is going on??
    Is my router somehow not forwarding 8085 anymore? Is my ISP blocking the port (seriously doubt it)?

    What is the SQL command to change the World Port 8085 to something else, like 10001?

  9. Love the work you did on this Reaper-X.

    Im a fan of custom and additional patches. Include all you can in the next release.

  10. ok every thing works but when i try to log in it gos connecting but then says cant connect to server.i did change the realm list so i know its no that if some one can help me let me know thanks.

  11. Hey, Can I ask someone a favor?

    I am trying to download the 2.3.3 enUS maps package, but do not have a premium “MegaUpload” account.. Can someone upload the files to rapidshare or someplace else?

    Thanks so much
    PS: Reaper, shoot me a email

  12. Ok so i had this problem i little bit ago and some how it fixed itself. I’ve had a server crash and reinstalled everything. Now i get to the realm select page, i see my server, but when i click into it, it flashes “logging into server” and then goes back to the realm list…i have swapped the realm.WTF to and thats not working ether. Any help would be great..

  13. i think you should always include custom patcher atleast include them as an option. i like the auction house bot and the custom vendors

  14. #Reaper-X

    I’d say more robust and bug free would be the best. It would be great to have an option to install the custom patches if one so desires. I like how you can upgrade easily from one version to the next. There are quite a few bugs with quests, and some spells, but i’d expect that over time, all will be as it should. Thanks for the hard work!

  15. Quote “@dt just delete everything from the corpse table in chars DB and u should be fine:)

    @mangos great work and w8ing for next release where triggers are invisible at last (as i saw in UDB site xD)”

    Yeah found it downloaded dreamcoder for mysql
    nice free mysql manager.

    Thanks for the reply ;)

  16. # Everyone

    I’m really sorry for late reply and for delay on the next release because i’ve been away for a while (taking a break) in order to help reduce / cure migraine headache (previously vertigo because i didn’t get enough sleep or didn’t get enough rest) :(

    and btw … actually i’m preparing for the next release, but i’m still confused on should i include additional patches / custom patches or just leave it as it is …

    so any input would be valuable of course :)

  17. @dt just delete everything from the corpse table in chars DB and u should be fine:)

    @mangos great work and w8ing for next release where triggers are invisible at last (as i saw in UDB site xD)