How to set up public WoW Server

Please check the new version at how to create wow private server for better version. Besides the new guide list everything in a single page for easier reading

Because many people still having problem on setting up their own World of Warcraft server to be accessible by public, i’ve decided to rewrite the guide again (perhaps the previous guide on setting up wow server for lan party a little bit hard to understand for some people or probably because i didn’t write it clearly) … hopefully this new guide can help you on setting up your wow server to be accessible by public and more easier to understand despite my bad english language

So here goes the guide :

Requirements :

1. Know how to set up port forwarding (very important if you’re behind router or no one will be able to access your wow server no matter what you do) … but since every router has their own configuration page, i’d suggest you to read your router manual on how to configure it

Linksys AG241 and Aztech DSL600EU

btw i’m using Linksys AG241V2 and Aztech DSL600EU as seen on above image

2. Know how to configure firewall to allow connection on specific port, as a note Windows XP built-in Firewall is enabled by default (Windows Firewall) … btw if it’s for me i’m using Ghostwall as my personal firewall

3. DNS Name for your WoW server to make things easier and you can get it for free from,, etc

4. Your friend to test whether it works or not :P

Let’s start the guide :

PART 1. Find your public IP Address

1. First you’ll need to go into to get your public ip address (public ip address is ip address that is broadcasted while you were browsing / doing any internet activity)

What is my ip

PART 2. Get a DNS Name

2. Now you’ll need to pay a visit to various dynamic dns service to get your free name, but since it’ll be very long if i write the detailed process here, so i’ll leave that to you to decide what your dns name going to be, and in this example i’m going to call the wow server,

PART 3. Using Reaper Mangos to configure realmd

3. For the third steps you just need to run the reaper-x-mangos inside the reaper-eazy-mangos directory and choose option 5 like below for an example

Reaper Eazy Mangos

Now you can just simply ignore the message that is basically saying that you need to write your LAN IP Address (well … creating public server is against mangos terms of use) :P … and write your wowserver dns name that you get from Dynamic DNS Service (in this example i’m using which is a fake name of course) and followed by writing your desired Realm Name

Realmd ip address

(click the image to see the full size)

Now we’re done with the Mangos part but don’t start mangosd.exe and realmd.exe process yet, because we need to configure your router first

PART 4. Find your LAN IP Address and your Router IP Address

4. Now for this step, you’ll need to find what is your router ip address and your LAN IP Address that is connected to your router, this can be done by :

  1. Double clicking on your active connection status on Windows System Tray (the area near clock) or
  2. from Control Panel » Network Connection » and double clicking on your Ethernet Card listed there or
  3. Browse to any website and lookup your active connection status by typing netstat -n via the command prompt and look at the local address followed by typing netstat -rn

See example image below :

Connection status

Now based from the above image, you can get your router ip address and your lan ip address that is connected to your router. And in this case the router ip address is while the ethernet ip address is

PART 5. Set up Port Forwarding

5. After getting your router ip address now we need to open it’s configuration page by simply typing at your address bar of your internet browser

Note: Screenshot were taken from my Linksys AG241V2 router (click the image to see full size)

Portforward Linksys AG241

The default port used by Realmd is 3724 while the default port for World is 8085, now … since we have that information … we can set up port forwarding by writing that value into your router configuration page at port forwarding section … and we’re done configuring our router … but wait …

Since every router have their own configuration page, i’d suggest you to look at your router manual on how to set up port forwarding on your router or you can also visit if you need help on setting up port forwarding

PART 6. Configuring Windows Firewall

Although i’m not using Windows Firewall as stated before at the requirements section, i’ve decided to write a guide on how to configure your windows firewall to allow connection to your computer for your World of Warcraft server purpose … because … most people seems to not have installed 3rd party firewall and i’m thinking probably they still use Windows Firewall … but let’s get back to the topic shall we ? :)

Note: This is based from Windows XP SP2, and i can’t remember if there’s configuration like below on Windows XP SP1 or below because of the same reason i stated before

6. Now you need to go into Control Panel » Windows Firewall and make sure that Don’t allow exceptions is unchecked

Windows firewall general tab

Then you’ll need to open the Exceptions tab, and then click on Add Port and add value as shown below and click OK

Realmd exception on Windows Firewall

and then click on Add Port again and this time write below value

Exclude World Server from Windows Firewall

And then Click OK and then Click OK again to leave the Windows Firewall Configuration Window, and we’re done configuring Windows Firewall :)

If you’re using other Firewall, then you’ll need to configure it as shown above

PART 7. Port Scanning

Now we need to use online port scanner to test whether the port is accessible from the internet or not, and we can do this by using uTorrent Port Scanner (simple but useful) and the steps to do these are :

1. Start Realmd.exe and Mangosd.exe process (do not run WoW.exe yet, or in other words don’t run world of warcraft yet)

2. Go to below url to scan your pc :

3. See if you get message that is saying your port is open or not (you’ll get two results)


4. If you get the above message that means you’ve finished creating your own wow server to be accessible from the internet … Congrats! … but wait there’s still one more step for you to do ;)

PART 8. Editing Windows HOSTS File

Now you need to edit your Windows HOSTS file located at C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add below line after everything else (do not replace any value there)

or in this format :

lanipaddress dnsname

and that’s it you’re finished (seriously) :D

I’m still having problem even after doing all of the above steps!

Usually if you still having problem probably that’s because :

  1. You didn’t set up port forwarding properly
  2. You didn’t configure your firewall properly
  3. The default realmd port (3724) conflict with Blizzard Updater (Blizzard Updater use P2P to transfer update data by default unless you disable it to let it only update from HTTP Protocol on Blizzard server) or conflict with other program

For most people it seems number 3 is the source of their problem, so try doing these :

1. Open Realmd.conf and search for 3724 and then replace it with another value (above 10000 to be safe) and then continue setting up port forwarding, etc (from Step number 5 in this guide until finish) for the new port value

2. Then open file on your World of Warcraft Directory and change the realmlist to use the new port (if you’re not using default port then you’ll need to write the port used by your realmd process too or else your friend or you won’t be able to connect to your own server)

here’s an example of what the file should look like if you changed your realmd port from it’s default value :

set realmlist mycoolwowserver:9999

at the above example the realmd port is set to 9999, if you use another value then make sure to use that value instead

That’s it hopefully this new guide can help you on setting up your own World of Warcraft Server for … erm LAN Party :P and i didn’t miss anything


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273 comments on “How to set up public WoW Server

  1. Hey, I keep getting this error:

    Database:;3306;root;xxxx;realmd could not connect to MySQL database at Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (10060)

    Cannot connect to database

    I have tried using just for me to connect and it works till I get to the character selection screen then it kicks me out back to the realm list.

    If anyone can help me with this please do, been having a time getting this going.

  2. Got it working.


    The problem I had if you can read my above post was not setting the HOST file on each computer on the LAN.

    What you need to do is on each LAN computer inside the WOW directory, setup the REALMLIST.WTF file to your DNS host name.

    Example, Set Realmlist

    Then setup the HOST file on each individual LAN PC as follows:

    Mangos server IP (The hosting LAN PC)


    Now I can log in locally on any computer on my LAN and my friends can play over the internet at the same time.

  3. I have read through all these posts but I still have not seen a fix for a number of people who have asked this question.

    Public server over the internet working fine. Friends can log in outside the network. I can log in using the host PC on my internal network, BUT no one else in my internal network can connect. It just gets stuck at the realm screen.

    All outside computers are using the DNS I setup at and work fine.

    My Realmlist on the host computer setup as working fine and I can play with my friends.

    All other computers on my internal network, no matter what I set the file to on the computers (the internal hosts ip address or the DNS address) it will let them log in but it won’t get past the real selection screen. Stays in a loop.

    How to fix this????

  4. @amethyst

    if you dont have a router then u’ll have no problem with the ports.

    port forwarding is only to allow specific ports through the firewall.

  5. Hey I have been trying this and it all goes fine except I get
    ERROR 1049 t line 1: Unknown database ‘realmdmod’
    I have it as realmd and tbh no idea where this mod came in on the end. Any ideas?

  6. Ok guys lets see if you can help me

    i just made my server public but now i cant connect, im just wondering what do i set the realmlist to on the host PC.

    also i have it sort of working as a public server, i test it on my laptop over the internet and i can connect but it then comes up with “Unable to connect to realm list server”

    any ideas why this is and how i could fix it would be much helpfull

  7. my public server is up and running, and my friend was able to join successfully, but there’s one problem: he can use all the gm commands i can, with the exception of the .additem. I gave him gm level 5, same as me, but he can’t add anything to his inventory with that command. It’s giving him the invalid id error message. Any ideas why?

  8. @ coppermoe

    yea, it’s isp provided..verizon fios.
    i’ve hosted other games before, like warcraft 3 customs, halo: ce, and rise of nations, but when trying to port forward realmd and mangosd, i suddenly hit a wall of problems..figures.
    i’m still tryin though, kinda, so haven’t completely given up..yet

  9. Dan, don’t give up, you’re allmost there. I can’t say much good for the router situation except maybe buy a newer one. I know, easier said than done. I do not know if the router you use is supplied by your ISP or not, but if it’s not, then purchasing a newer one, even a cheap Lynksys or Netopia would work great. If it IS supplied by your ISP, surely other routers would be compatable. (although they probably won’t admit it or suggest that if you change it they cannot support your problems, which is understandable since they are all reading from ‘scripts’ and screenshots.) Mine, for example, is a cable-modem attached to a wireless router. The modem itself just gets the broadband signal and all that fancy stuff. The router grabs the IP and assigns ip’s to all machines on the network…unless you specify them as I have, then this whole port-forwarding thing works like a charm.

  10. ok, this is getting annoying. my router, actiontec m1424wr is the retarded kind where i have to set a static ip address in order to port forward custom programs…what a pain..i’m almost ready to give up

  11. bah, having a new problem now. i’ve port forwarded 10001 for realmd and 8085 for world, and using the utorrent tests, i get the message saying those ports aren’t open, even though i followed my routers instructions to the letter. do i need to modify my realm and mangos conf files?
    i’ve read above at other peoples problems and their solutions didn’t work for me, so, i’m stuck

  12. i’m having a hard time getting my dns server public. when i choose option 5 to set up lan, and go through the steps, i don’t see my ip address and realm name that i chose. i used to create a free dns name, but still isn’t working..i just get error 1045: access denied, blah blah blah
    i’ll check back here for answers soon, but if you know the solution, you have my permission to e-mail me directly at [email protected]
    hope to hear from one of you soon, either reaper himself, or somebody reading this

  13. Hey, I’m gunna be setting up a server but I plan on paying to have it hosted, rather then running it from my own computer. Would the set up to make it public be the same?

  14. wow… my friend can get on my wow server ( i used this guide) but i cant.. and im on the comp running the script? i get frozen at char screen.. and im using a diff port to 3724 and i have 8085 and my port forwarded properly

  15. i got my server up and everyone else can connect to it but when i try it tries to connect, lets me choose my realm then after loading for a while at the character screen it goes back to the realm select screen, other people are logging in with no problems

  16. I followed every step. My ports a forwarded. When I try to connect to my server. It says sucess but then I get an error. It says “Unable to connect to realm list server”.

    Anybody know why this problem is happening?