How to set up public WoW Server

Please check the new version at how to create wow private server for better version. Besides the new guide list everything in a single page for easier reading

Because many people still having problem on setting up their own World of Warcraft server to be accessible by public, i’ve decided to rewrite the guide again (perhaps the previous guide on setting up wow server for lan party a little bit hard to understand for some people or probably because i didn’t write it clearly) … hopefully this new guide can help you on setting up your wow server to be accessible by public and more easier to understand despite my bad english language

So here goes the guide :

Requirements :

1. Know how to set up port forwarding (very important if you’re behind router or no one will be able to access your wow server no matter what you do) … but since every router has their own configuration page, i’d suggest you to read your router manual on how to configure it

Linksys AG241 and Aztech DSL600EU

btw i’m using Linksys AG241V2 and Aztech DSL600EU as seen on above image

2. Know how to configure firewall to allow connection on specific port, as a note Windows XP built-in Firewall is enabled by default (Windows Firewall) … btw if it’s for me i’m using Ghostwall as my personal firewall

3. DNS Name for your WoW server to make things easier and you can get it for free from,, etc

4. Your friend to test whether it works or not :P

Let’s start the guide :

PART 1. Find your public IP Address

1. First you’ll need to go into to get your public ip address (public ip address is ip address that is broadcasted while you were browsing / doing any internet activity)

What is my ip

PART 2. Get a DNS Name

2. Now you’ll need to pay a visit to various dynamic dns service to get your free name, but since it’ll be very long if i write the detailed process here, so i’ll leave that to you to decide what your dns name going to be, and in this example i’m going to call the wow server,

PART 3. Using Reaper Mangos to configure realmd

3. For the third steps you just need to run the reaper-x-mangos inside the reaper-eazy-mangos directory and choose option 5 like below for an example

Reaper Eazy Mangos

Now you can just simply ignore the message that is basically saying that you need to write your LAN IP Address (well … creating public server is against mangos terms of use) :P … and write your wowserver dns name that you get from Dynamic DNS Service (in this example i’m using which is a fake name of course) and followed by writing your desired Realm Name

Realmd ip address

(click the image to see the full size)

Now we’re done with the Mangos part but don’t start mangosd.exe and realmd.exe process yet, because we need to configure your router first

PART 4. Find your LAN IP Address and your Router IP Address

4. Now for this step, you’ll need to find what is your router ip address and your LAN IP Address that is connected to your router, this can be done by :

  1. Double clicking on your active connection status on Windows System Tray (the area near clock) or
  2. from Control Panel » Network Connection » and double clicking on your Ethernet Card listed there or
  3. Browse to any website and lookup your active connection status by typing netstat -n via the command prompt and look at the local address followed by typing netstat -rn

See example image below :

Connection status

Now based from the above image, you can get your router ip address and your lan ip address that is connected to your router. And in this case the router ip address is while the ethernet ip address is

PART 5. Set up Port Forwarding

5. After getting your router ip address now we need to open it’s configuration page by simply typing at your address bar of your internet browser

Note: Screenshot were taken from my Linksys AG241V2 router (click the image to see full size)

Portforward Linksys AG241

The default port used by Realmd is 3724 while the default port for World is 8085, now … since we have that information … we can set up port forwarding by writing that value into your router configuration page at port forwarding section … and we’re done configuring our router … but wait …

Since every router have their own configuration page, i’d suggest you to look at your router manual on how to set up port forwarding on your router or you can also visit if you need help on setting up port forwarding

PART 6. Configuring Windows Firewall

Although i’m not using Windows Firewall as stated before at the requirements section, i’ve decided to write a guide on how to configure your windows firewall to allow connection to your computer for your World of Warcraft server purpose … because … most people seems to not have installed 3rd party firewall and i’m thinking probably they still use Windows Firewall … but let’s get back to the topic shall we ? :)

Note: This is based from Windows XP SP2, and i can’t remember if there’s configuration like below on Windows XP SP1 or below because of the same reason i stated before

6. Now you need to go into Control Panel » Windows Firewall and make sure that Don’t allow exceptions is unchecked

Windows firewall general tab

Then you’ll need to open the Exceptions tab, and then click on Add Port and add value as shown below and click OK

Realmd exception on Windows Firewall

and then click on Add Port again and this time write below value

Exclude World Server from Windows Firewall

And then Click OK and then Click OK again to leave the Windows Firewall Configuration Window, and we’re done configuring Windows Firewall :)

If you’re using other Firewall, then you’ll need to configure it as shown above

PART 7. Port Scanning

Now we need to use online port scanner to test whether the port is accessible from the internet or not, and we can do this by using uTorrent Port Scanner (simple but useful) and the steps to do these are :

1. Start Realmd.exe and Mangosd.exe process (do not run WoW.exe yet, or in other words don’t run world of warcraft yet)

2. Go to below url to scan your pc :

3. See if you get message that is saying your port is open or not (you’ll get two results)


4. If you get the above message that means you’ve finished creating your own wow server to be accessible from the internet … Congrats! … but wait there’s still one more step for you to do ;)

PART 8. Editing Windows HOSTS File

Now you need to edit your Windows HOSTS file located at C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add below line after everything else (do not replace any value there)

or in this format :

lanipaddress dnsname

and that’s it you’re finished (seriously) :D

I’m still having problem even after doing all of the above steps!

Usually if you still having problem probably that’s because :

  1. You didn’t set up port forwarding properly
  2. You didn’t configure your firewall properly
  3. The default realmd port (3724) conflict with Blizzard Updater (Blizzard Updater use P2P to transfer update data by default unless you disable it to let it only update from HTTP Protocol on Blizzard server) or conflict with other program

For most people it seems number 3 is the source of their problem, so try doing these :

1. Open Realmd.conf and search for 3724 and then replace it with another value (above 10000 to be safe) and then continue setting up port forwarding, etc (from Step number 5 in this guide until finish) for the new port value

2. Then open file on your World of Warcraft Directory and change the realmlist to use the new port (if you’re not using default port then you’ll need to write the port used by your realmd process too or else your friend or you won’t be able to connect to your own server)

here’s an example of what the file should look like if you changed your realmd port from it’s default value :

set realmlist mycoolwowserver:9999

at the above example the realmd port is set to 9999, if you use another value then make sure to use that value instead

That’s it hopefully this new guide can help you on setting up your own World of Warcraft Server for … erm LAN Party :P and i didn’t miss anything


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  1. LOL…. i followed the instructions here and just set one up and running in about 3 hours time…. thx for all the easy to follow info

  2. ok our server works and u can play on it on the computer that it is set up on but on my computer and anyone else that tries to log onit goes as fars as the chose a realm then it picks the one and says logging into character list and it never logs it just brings up the realm list again and want log past that i mean it says how many characters i have on that account and averything it just want let us log on and we have done everything suggested and some of the changes made it to where the main computer couldnt even log on. were stumped our port is open and the formward and all that worked we have the server going through hamachi and stuff but still no one can connect anyone have a suggestion.

  3. I know I’ve asked this before, but does anyone have the source code for mangos v5116 for Linux? If so, can they upload it to my ftp server? Thanks.

    host =
    user name = wow
    password = 976431

    I can get version 0.5, but I don’t know if 0.5 is the same as 5116, (ie 0.5 = 0.5.116), but 0.5 doesn’t have the configure file that’s needed to compile it using Linux, and the current Linux version of mangos v0.9 doesn’t detect that mysql is present, when it is. That’s why I would like the source code for the Linux version of mangos v5116

  4. Ok, it works for my bro, but REALLY slow take 30 min just to get to the character menu, 10 min to log in, and yet, he cant do anything, not talk, not walk or anything :S

  5. Hey Steveya, I saw that you solve that problem “logging into game server”. How do I fix it?! I can’t get it to work!! Thanks

  6. OK, last post corrected.
    Can the server be online, and the people in my network play at the same, and what should I do to get it working for me?

  7. Thanks Steveya :D the server is online, and it works.
    BUT now I got a problem/question…
    Can my brother (in same network) play to?
    It works for everyone, everywhere, but when he tryes, it…wahh….doesn’t work, it always end up at handshaking or something…is there any configuration needed for people in same network AND from other places to be able to join? Please help :S

  8. If anyone is interested, I have uploaded the new minimanager v0.1.6d masngos front end, with a little editing of the scripts/config.php file, it will work great with mangos v5116 under windows and will work also using linux, but to work properly the source code for mangos v5116 will need to be compiled for linux, then everything will fall into place.

    I have imported all the needed sql files into my linux mysql database, and added the front end php files to the web server, tested it and the work perfect together, but all I need now is the linux source code for mangos v5116.

  9. #Ted

    replace localhost


    and it should work if everything else goes fine :)

    (If you dont do that youll get the Logging into gameserver problem like loads of other people do)


  10. I have also uploaded a mangos front end, but it needs some modification to work with mangos v5116, the db connection setup in the config.php file does connect, but when an account is created and the user logs in to his/her account, an error page gets displayed with no error description.

    If someone can have a look at either the WoWemu www files or the mangos front end, it would be much appreciated, also, if anyone has the linux compilable source for mangos v5116, could it be uploaded to my server?

  11. Hello!
    I got the same problem as Thomas had, except that I already changed realmd (to 13337 xD), I also followed the potfoward site.
    Please help :S

  12. I already have a web server installed (Abyss) with php5, the test registration page works fine, but I’m looking for something similar to the registration page that WoWemu 1.11 uses, but as I’m not an html or scripting programmer, I wouldn’t know how to edit the files for mangos registration, but if anyone wants a challenge, I have uploaded the www folder from WoWemu to my ftp server for ayone that wants a go at editing the files to work with mangos, the size of the www folder is about 875k, I have also zipped the www folder and uploaded that too, just incase someone would prefer to download a zipped file instead of the folder.

    host =
    user name = wow
    password = 976431

  13. #Frank J

    see, some do work :) for the web thingy, go to reaper-x’s old guide (link at top of page) and look for something in italics saying:

    The Fourth part is all about Installing and Setting up Apache Webserver with PHP

    and click on the link. follow that guide.


  14. For the record, most of us have had problems in setting up our servers. In fact, Reaper-X’s MaNGOS guide was the fifth one I tried, and up until then, none of them would work. (It works great now.) And we get frustrated. But c’mon…

  15. Frank J, you are really an idiot.. told repeatedly that you had an older version of WoW, didn’t BELIEVE that 2.3.3 existed when you could go to Blizzard’s official site and get it yourself, and that STUPID idiotic speech you had about how it’s impossible to set up a WoW server, just because YOU couldn’t do it. Lots of people have one. You’re just an idiot, and a complainer. I’ve known people like you before, and I *HATE* them. Jeez.. Idiot kept talking about 2.3.0 even after several people told you about and showed you definitive proof that you were operating under the wrong version…

    And to top it all off, you never admitted that you were wrong, you just let it slide, I’m guessing, because you were embarrassed yet still wanted help. Which you don’t deserve.

    Rick M.