Defensio Spam Filtering Solution

Looking for a replacement to your current spam filtering system ? then i’d suggest you to try Defensio Spam Filtering Solution (free of course unless you get more than 50K comments per month)

Okay … i assume that you’ve installed another spam filtering system like Akismet, or Akismet in conjunction with Spam Karma that behave exactly like Defensio (a centralized spam filtering solution except for Spam Karma of course), so what’s the point to switch into another spam filtering solution if you ask me ?

The answer is easy, Defensio has better management interface so you can easily distinguish spam comments and innocent comments that is caught by your spam filtering solution, so you can restore those comment easily if there are innocent comments get caught by Defensio. And like most (if not everyone) knows that there are no spam filtering solution that gives you 100% accurate result (heck even GMail spam filtering mark message sent from WP mailing list as spam) so in the end it’s up to the users itself to mark the message manually, and in this case Defensio gives you a good user interface so you can manage your spam list

Defensio User Interface

(you can sort by spaminess, post date or comment date)

But what if i already use another spam filtering solution that has good management interface (Spam Karma for example) ? well than the answer is depend on your decision, but if it’s for me … i prefer a centralized solution / remotely hosted solution that doesn’t take up any unnecessary server resources especially in this case

Defensio Statistics

Defensio total spam since installed

Defensio Total Innocent

Other than that, Defensio also gives you two rss feeds (one for spam comment that get caught by Defensio, and the other one is for innocent comment) that you can check via your favorite rss reader … but since that is private, i can’t show you on how it look like

That’s all about their positive points, and now here comes their negative point :

  • I sometime get a small number (usually between 1 – 6) of comments in my moderation area that Defensio can’t process (most of them were spam), although i’m not sure on why this is happening but after reading their post i can assume that probably their server was down or something. But thanks God because of the process button … i can process all of them easily …
  • You’ll need to train it first (which is true especially on your very first day of using Defensio) in order to get optimal result … or at least that is based on my experience

And that’s it basically about their negative point, but as a side note, when i first activated their plugin i get an error message saying that Defensio can’t be activated because they use short open tags at one of the file, although this can be fixed easily but i’m not sure if casual users who use shared hosting and using strict php configuration (that is defined by their host) can fixed this (for most people first impression does matter) ;)


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5 comments on “Defensio Spam Filtering Solution

  1. # Sue Massey

    Thank you very much Sue Massey :)

    # Carl Mercier

    Thanks for dropping by Carl

    and yes, actually i’m the one who reported it because well i have strict php configuration :D

    but since the positive points of defensio far outweight the negative points (which is almost next to nothing other than the dns as you said. But that is also happen on akismet too), i’ll stick to defensio ;)

  2. Wow! That’s a great review! Thanks!

    I’d like to put my grain of salt about the “negative points”.

    1. the “unprocessed” comment problem is a tricky one and there’s multiple possible causes. We’ve seen users having DNS problems (ie: our host name didn’t resolve to our server) so comments couldn’t reach Defensio. Obviously, there’s not much we can do about those.

    We also had some “growing pain” recently and some short periods downtime. Those scaling problems should now be fixed, so better uptime is to be expected.

    2. It’s true that Defensio needs to be “trained”. However, new users start with a “basic” knowledge base they’re not training Defensio from scratch. New users should get decent performance out of the box, but accuracy will only improve over time as we learn from their comments.

    3. The PHP issue has been reported to us already (was it you?). It has been fixed but we didn’t release the update yet since it only affects a very little number of users (only 1 report so far). We should release a minor revision of our WordPress plugin sometime this week.

    We’re glad to be saving you from all this spam. Keep us posted!

  3. I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Sue.