Reaper Mangos 5116 with Scriptdev2 247 – Easy WoW Private Server compatible with WoW 2.3.3

This is the old version, get the new Reaper Mangos 5225 instead

Another update for Reaper Mangos, because mangos has officially support the 2.3.3 client of WoW … which means in order to use this, you’ll need to update your old 2.3.2 version into 2.3.3 because the previous (2.3.2) version is no longer supported … and if you still use the old client you’ll be unable to login :)

Also because it seems that some people want to switch database just like the old release of Reaper Mangos, i’ve decided to include the Silvermoon Database once again, which means you can switch between UDB and PSDB to test which one fit best for you ;)

And without further ado, here’s how to use it :

Download Reaper Mangos :

Optional :

WoW 2.3.3 enUS DBC

Fresh Installation :

1. Read my post on how to install Reaper Mangos from scratch (fresh installation) (i’m sorry the screenshots a little bit old, i’ll update it later) :)

2. If you plan on activating / enabling the Auction House Bot, you can use the Reaper-X-Mangos to get your character GUID and ID, read below for more info on how to activate auction house bot :)

Note: Vmaps isn’t enabled by default even if you’re using the Reaper-X-Mangos.exe to edit your configuration files because some people have problem with VMaps and in order to enable it you need to open mangosd.conf and replace :

vmap.enableLOS = 0
vmap.enableHeight = 0


vmap.enableLOS = 1
vmap.enableHeight = 1

To those who are upgrading from the 5082 version here are the steps :

1. Create a backup just in case something goes wrong and copy / move the backup file somewhere

2. Run the reaper-x-upgrade in Upgrade directory to upgrade your character table with the new SQL for GuildBank

3. Now create a backup again so your character backup is using the new char table and don’t run the upgrader again

4. And finally you can choose between Silvermoon database and UDB ;)

Note : If you have already extracted DBC, VMaps, and maps from wow 2.3.3 you don’t need to re-extract it again, but if you’re still using the old DBC from WoW 2.3.2 then you’ll need to re-extract the DBC Files only because the only changed is in the DBC files

Also finally, currently i’m having a big problem and that’s because … the area where i lived got flooded once again (i just hope this time the waters doesn’t get inside my house though like what is happening on February last year / 2007) or else i’d have to evacuate somewhere

So if you have posted comment / have sent me an email message and i didn’t respond, i’d like to apologize because of the current situation i’m facing now … for more info about this, you can try searching for Jakarta Floods 2008 using Google or your favorite search engine


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434 comments on “Reaper Mangos 5116 with Scriptdev2 247 – Easy WoW Private Server compatible with WoW 2.3.3

  1. @Osmenthe
    Oh and the scripting has nothing to do with Sql. Its all done in C++, so i hope your good at programming. There is patches out there that others have done. But read the guides on how to install. it takes some time to do. alot of trial and error.

  2. @Osmenthe

    Ascent and mangos both have the problems with the escort quests. You will have to download the Core via svn, then the patch and then recompile. You will need to install quite a few more prorams to do this. If you want to do this for mangos go here for the info.
    Theres alot more to it than the repacks.

  3. @AlexT

    Its core related to be level 70. I believe you will need to get a patch so it will calculate past 70. Both Ascent and Mangos developers want to keep it as much like the real blizz as possible. They make the patches and stuff like that. Matter of fact they made the auction house bot. But you have to download via svn and recompile the core to utilize this. I know this doesnt help you much but you can research it at

  4. Ok guys I set up a lvl 88 server extended the db of player stats and pet stats to 88 I allso extended the base xp db table to 88. Now when I rich lvl 70 in game the xp bar is gone and I do get xp for kills but the lvl dose not go up it stays at 70 what am i doing wrong or what do I need to do? In mangoes.config it is set to lvl 88 by the way im using silvermoon db. thank you.

  5. #Lemon: Wow Lemon that’s a new one. Obviously the place I would start would be looking at the Characters database. Since it switches from REALMD to the CHARACTERS database you should verify connectivity to the database characters table using your login passwords from the Mangosd.conf file and Realmd.conf file.

    Try taking what you have listed in those files and create a new connection with an enterprise manager type tool like SQLYog. Type in what you put in the conf files and make SURE you can actually manually connect with those logins and passwords you listed in the CONF’s files. One time I figured I’d make it more secure and go with 3307 instead of 3306 for the MySQL port for example. It’s REALLY easy to miss a little setting somewhere when you do that sort of stuff; happens to all of us.

  6. I have 5116 running very well and have only one concern. I know this has been mentioned, but I’m not sure it has been addressed. NPC scripting for the follow/escort quests.

    I have found that many of the quests that require an NPC to interact with the environment are currently broken. Shadowfang Keep, where the prisoner must pick the door lock for you does not work. The Defias Traitor in Westfall does not move (though that one IS completed by entering the instance in the Deadmines itself). There are a couple more that have been confirmed above.

    Where would one start to dig into the scripting aspect. I am good with SQL so if it is a DB issue I can start there. If it’s in the .exe I can look there as well. My problem is basically not knowing where to start looking. Once I understand the basics of the scripting, It wouldn’t be too hard for me to debug the issue.


  7. martian …. repair u`r wow .. and fresh install the 5116 release it doesen`t have any problem and it works very smoothly ….

    and damn guys u`r bitching here about some issues that normaly if u folow the guide step by step they don`t appear

  8. Hello again,

    well fixed my problem before then stared getting validation errors. So decided to upgrade to mangos 5116 to support installed udb files and upgraded. Now I am back to the same old error that I was having issues with before. I did try the / and \ marks for the datadir= but the thing is it says logs= and there is no datadir= under mangosd.config with this new upgrade. getting that error does not exists please put .map .vmap and bla bla bla in correct path file. tried the expansion=0 that worked with 5089 and it ignored the error. I do have the map that it says I am missing so it isnt that.

    can anyone help me? or can i use the mangos.config files from 5082 and if i did would it work? without validation errors.
    and no I am not running launcher just wow.exe and that is were i get validation errors with 5082 so i figured maybe it was time to upgrade to 5116.

  9. well reaper if u see this …. either email me or put a post here on how to make that tool u`r ussing for the installing or i`l just name the new db`s and slq`s as the one`s u`r ussing :P

  10. Well i’ve got the server running now and all that stuff. But now i have a new problem, when i make a char it doesnt show up in the char page

  11. k ty gta i have two servers made only for it i thought there was a place like some of the other servers they put them in like top 100 game servers with the way my servers are setup i should be able to handle at lease 1800 per server or more with both runing will be good now i have another question that new silvermoon you posted i have not tryed it but doe’s it work and if it doe’s there are some files missing are we to take from the reaper mangos file and copy the missing files and add them inside with silvermoons file or what please let me know and ty for your help i will be finishing up my web and get this going for both servers

  12. @Dex

    Im sure you got a dynamic dns from On your router port forward di you also add port 80? That is for the web page. You will also have to edit your windows host file. did you edit that as well with your dyndns info? With out that it will not work.

    hope this helps

  13. @AlexT

    Im glad you got it working:) If you need help just let me know and i will do my best to help you out. I have Alot of differant kind of Guids, i also have ascent guides if you ever descide to run ascent.

  14. @ Lemon

    This is done in the database itself. go to your database and under Realmd you will see realmlist. you edit it there, dont forget to click the little disk above the area to save. Just reload your server and you ready to go.

    You edit the data base with Sqlyo or navicat. they both have free versions

  15. I’ve done the installation and all that stuff but how can i change the realmlist to something else than – i tried to just configure the realmlist in mangosd.conf and realmd.conf but it said i wasnt allowed to do that when i started the server

  16. Im still pretty knew at this stuff.. anyways Im just curious about the server itself. I have it running and well sometimes when I start it up I notice that some of the things that load change often it seems like less are loading each time. Maybe its just me but atleast it seemed that way. I most likely just save the character data then redo the whole thing.

  17. Also in his guide on ”How to install Apache2.2 and PHP” in the final step he says ”to remove the ; from the extensions” what does that mean and where do i have to search for them and remove them?

  18. Guys i have installed both Apache – PHP and they work fine.
    I have forwarded the port but people can’t connect to the webpage and register. (i used the RoSpora one).
    The webpage is working fine by me as i can open it and make an account.

    Any help is appreciated,


  19. I hope you enjoy and let me know if you like them. I didnt make them but im all over the net and have tons of addons for mangos and ascent both.

  20. Yes most if not all of the escort quests are indeed bugged. Oh well. I can live with it.

    Does anyone have a better launcher than mine? Here is mine. It is in EXCEL format. Just select the server name on the left and make a mental note of the login and password and then click Launch. It also has a column for the launch folder for Warcraft so you can store older version like 230 and 233 etc. Since not all servers use the same. This is handy for keeping your Production Wow (now at 240) separate and still being able to launch it conveniently. Also helps me keep my passwords straight.

    Thanks in advance for sharing.