Reaper Mangos 5116 with Scriptdev2 247 – Easy WoW Private Server compatible with WoW 2.3.3

This is the old version, get the new Reaper Mangos 5225 instead

Another update for Reaper Mangos, because mangos has officially support the 2.3.3 client of WoW … which means in order to use this, you’ll need to update your old 2.3.2 version into 2.3.3 because the previous (2.3.2) version is no longer supported … and if you still use the old client you’ll be unable to login :)

Also because it seems that some people want to switch database just like the old release of Reaper Mangos, i’ve decided to include the Silvermoon Database once again, which means you can switch between UDB and PSDB to test which one fit best for you ;)

And without further ado, here’s how to use it :

Download Reaper Mangos :

Optional :

WoW 2.3.3 enUS DBC

Fresh Installation :

1. Read my post on how to install Reaper Mangos from scratch (fresh installation) (i’m sorry the screenshots a little bit old, i’ll update it later) :)

2. If you plan on activating / enabling the Auction House Bot, you can use the Reaper-X-Mangos to get your character GUID and ID, read below for more info on how to activate auction house bot :)

Note: Vmaps isn’t enabled by default even if you’re using the Reaper-X-Mangos.exe to edit your configuration files because some people have problem with VMaps and in order to enable it you need to open mangosd.conf and replace :

vmap.enableLOS = 0
vmap.enableHeight = 0


vmap.enableLOS = 1
vmap.enableHeight = 1

To those who are upgrading from the 5082 version here are the steps :

1. Create a backup just in case something goes wrong and copy / move the backup file somewhere

2. Run the reaper-x-upgrade in Upgrade directory to upgrade your character table with the new SQL for GuildBank

3. Now create a backup again so your character backup is using the new char table and don’t run the upgrader again

4. And finally you can choose between Silvermoon database and UDB ;)

Note : If you have already extracted DBC, VMaps, and maps from wow 2.3.3 you don’t need to re-extract it again, but if you’re still using the old DBC from WoW 2.3.2 then you’ll need to re-extract the DBC Files only because the only changed is in the DBC files

Also finally, currently i’m having a big problem and that’s because … the area where i lived got flooded once again (i just hope this time the waters doesn’t get inside my house though like what is happening on February last year / 2007) or else i’d have to evacuate somewhere

So if you have posted comment / have sent me an email message and i didn’t respond, i’d like to apologize because of the current situation i’m facing now … for more info about this, you can try searching for Jakarta Floods 2008 using Google or your favorite search engine


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434 comments on “Reaper Mangos 5116 with Scriptdev2 247 – Easy WoW Private Server compatible with WoW 2.3.3

  1. Hey. I have followed the instructions on the website and have created a GM account.

    When I login to this account WoW takes me to a “Suggest a Server Page”. Now I’m certain that I selected my server to be a PvP server but when I tell WoW that I would like to play on a PvP server, it has nothing to suggest.


  2. Hi All,
    I have an issue that nobody else seems to have. I get mobs that can walk into hills etc, mobs that attack you when you are flying 20ft above them. I have had other problems but I am hoping that if I fix the big one all the others will go away too. I have tried reinstalling my client and rebuilding the maps, dbc and vmaps folders. Enabled vmaps, disabled vmaps, tried both databases, tried running with a fresh client. I have tried completely blowing everything away and starting again more than once, and still no luck. Any ideas would be appreciated.
    Version 2.3.3 enUS

  3. Thanks Reaper for an excellent job. But I have the same problem. I have tested it with other races too and so far the undead has a similar issue. There is an imp next to Sarvis when you have just started and it will just attack and kill you just as you enter the deathknell.

  4. im actually having the same problem as lemon above, creating a character after logging in, and getting nothing to show up in the selection screen. my mangos cmd line says cannot connect to characters.characters. im sure this seems infantile, and the workaround is simple, but im not the best at programming and dont know what im missing. all the .conf files seem fine. HELP would be awesome.

  5. Just curious…What exactly gets updated when you upgrade the Mangos for the server? I’m curious to see the error I get when I try to run it with this version. What does Reaper do to make him god?

  6. Hey all just downloaded 2.4.0 patch. (Almost a Gig) Gonna extract all my maps and get everything all set. And just for the heck of it im going to try to get it going ^ ^ Wish me luck..

    And Nathan…double check see if if Mysql is running. Try to login with you SQLyog to test it or ctrl+alt+del and look for the process

  7. I have a question, I went to shut down my server by typing the exit command so i could update all my modifications, then when i went to try get back into there it said on the Realmd.exe and Mangosd.exe….. Cannot connect to world database;3306;Natedogga2;password;Realm-x