Testing Desktop Search Tools

Yesterday I just tested 3 free Desktop Search Tools (freeware not free trial) in order to make things easier for me to search for specific words located on many text files on my hard drive. But just in case you didn’t know what Desktop Search means, here are some descriptions about it taken from Wikipedia

Desktop search is the name for the field of search tools which search the contents of a user’s own computer files, rather than searching the Internet. These tools are designed to find information on the user’s PC, including web browser histories, e-mail archives, text documents, sound files, images and video.

Desktop search engines build and maintain an index database to achieve reasonable performance when searching several gigabytes of data. Indexing usually takes place when the computer is idle and most search applications can be set to suspend it if a portable computer is running on batteries, in order to save power.

Reaper Mangos 5225 – Easy WoW 2.3.3 Private Server

Since the situation here has been resolved (Thanks God, although it’s still raining here but well at least i hope there’ll be no floods again), i’ve decided to release another update for Reaper Mangos :D so to those who are wondering whether there’ll be another Mangos update for WoW 2.3.3 here is my answer ;) … and just like before this update contains Project Silvermoon Database and Unified Database so you can switch between them freely (and choose which database suit you best) ;) … other than that i also included several other custom patches (i’m not too sure whether it’s stable or not but i guess you can check it by yourself)

Yay ... fishing


How to set up public WoW Server

Please check the new version at how to create wow private server for better version. Besides the new guide list everything in a single page for easier reading

Because many people still having problem on setting up their own World of Warcraft server to be accessible by public, i’ve decided to rewrite the guide again (perhaps the previous guide on setting up wow server for lan party a little bit hard to understand for some people or probably because i didn’t write it clearly) … hopefully this new guide can help you on setting up your wow server to be accessible by public and more easier to understand despite my bad english language

So here goes the guide :


Defensio Spam Filtering Solution

Looking for a replacement to your current spam filtering system ? then i’d suggest you to try Defensio Spam Filtering Solution (free of course unless you get more than 50K comments per month)

Okay … i assume that you’ve installed another spam filtering system like Akismet, or Akismet in conjunction with Spam Karma that behave exactly like Defensio (a centralized spam filtering solution except for Spam Karma of course), so what’s the point to switch into another spam filtering solution if you ask me ?


Reaper Mangos 5116 with Scriptdev2 247 – Easy WoW Private Server compatible with WoW 2.3.3

This is the old version, get the new Reaper Mangos 5225 instead

Another update for Reaper Mangos, because mangos has officially support the 2.3.3 client of WoW … which means in order to use this, you’ll need to update your old 2.3.2 version into 2.3.3 because the previous (2.3.2) version is no longer supported … and if you still use the old client you’ll be unable to login :)

Also because it seems that some people want to switch database just like the old release of Reaper Mangos, i’ve decided to include the Silvermoon Database once again, which means you can switch between UDB and PSDB to test which one fit best for you ;)

And without further ado, here’s how to use it :