Reaper Mangos Installation / Upgrade Guide

To make things easier for me to update Reaper Mangos in the future without the need to write the installation guide each time there’s a new release, i’ve decided to a separate post explaining on how to install Reaper Mangos … but please note that guide is specifically designed to those who wants to install Reaper Mangos from scratch (not upgrading) or in other words, fresh installation, because in order to upgrade you just need to execute the batch file in the upgrade folder inside reaper-eazy-mangos directory

Once again, if you’re going to upgrade your Reaper Mangos installation, make sure you’re using 1 version below the current release or you’ll lose all of your character data (unless you’ve created a backup before) and other customization made by yourself. So without further ado here goes the guide

Requirements :

1. MySQL Community Edition (Free) … as for the installation guide, you can read my previous post on how to install MySQL on Windows

Important: Grab the version 5.0 setup.exe version instead of 5.1 or 6.0 because the 5.1 series is still in Release Candidate stage while the 6.0 version is still at early alpha stage and not recommended for production use

2. World of Warcraft Client (supported version changed on each release)

3. Reaper Mangos itself

p.s the image itself might be outdated but the process is still the same :)

Fresh Installation :

Once again, please Note : Fresh installation will overwrite your database which means everything will be from fresh

1. First you’ll need to install MySQL

2. And the next step would be extracting Maps, DBC and VMaps from your World of Warcraft installation … (Maps and DBC are required in order for mangos to run, while VMaps are optional)

3. Run the reaper-x-mangos.exe inside the reaper-eazy-mangos folder, and you’ll get something like below image for an example, and then you just need to write the full path to your mysql installation directory (where mysql.exe and mysqldump.exe can be found) ;)

MySQL installation directory

If you’re didn’t write the correct path, you can be sure that you’ll get an error message at the next step

4. Now you just need to choose option number 1 to install the database as shown below, and when prompted for your mysql root password, don’t forget to write the correct password … :)

Mangos Database Installation

And one more thing, when you see something like in The Matrix movie (well … that’s how people called it) :) , you just need to wait until it finished and don’t interrupt the process

5. After finished with the database installation, now you need to choose option number 4 (required, unless you know how to edit the mangosd.conf manually) to adjust the datadir and adjust the exp rate, and drop rate (although the most important thing is your datadir path

Editing Mangosd.conf

6. After finished with all of the above process, all you have to do now is just open the file in your World of Warcraft installation directory (the default location can be found at C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft) using Notepad, Wordpad, or your favorite text editor and then …

Replace :

set realmlist
set patchlist

With :

set realmlist

and then save it and close file

7. Now you just need to run mangosd.exe and realmd.exe from your mangos directory and then the next step would be creating your own username with your desired password for your own WoW server account as shown on below image followed by typing setgm to give yourself a GM level account

Creating account in mangos

Btw if you can’t see what you should type inside the mangosd window from the above image, actually you just need to type :

create username password

to create the account, and then to allow your account to access The Burning Crusade Expansion pack (like BloodElf) you need to type :

setbc username 1

and finally :

setgm username (1–3)
for example setgm myusername 3

to give yourself GM Access at certain level (3 is the highest level and should only be used on your account while normal player is 0)

Optional :
If you want to change the server name into something else, you can use the reaper-x-mangos.exe to adjust it :)

Upgrading Reaper Mangos :

Make sure to backup your Characters data before upgrading

Upgrading Reaper Mangos can be done by simply running the reaper-x-upgrade.bat in Upgrade folder in reaper-eazy-mangos directory

But please note, that if you’re still using 2 version below the current release, the upgrade process is not going to be completed successfully (i’ve been trying to make sure that the upgrade process can be used by any version but it’s seems that there’s no easy way to accomplish this, but if you got a suggestion on how to process this, just let me know about it)

Note : You don’t need to worry about your custom stuff being overwritten by the upgrade process, because unlike before this time it’s only upgrade the necessary stuff only and not going to overwrite your custom stuff (but i assume that you’re using high id numbers for your custom stuff)

Finally i’d suggest you to check out the GM Commands List because there are some changes made at the GM Commands especially at the lookup command (and of course i’ll always update the GM Commands List whenever there are new command available for you to use, or there are previous command that is being replaced with new commands)

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242 comments on “Reaper Mangos Installation / Upgrade Guide

  1. @ fox

    Same exact problem here fox. To the letter. We have both obviously missed the same thing.

    ” Loading Creature templates…
    Error in creature_template table, probably sql file format was updated (there should be 65 fields in sql). “

  2. @Prevas
    If you don’t have the config option, you’ll need to edit your config files manually, meaning that you open the .conf files with notepad, then change the password to your MySQL password.
    I hope this helps, I don’t have enough patience for listing all options in the configs. :P

  3. Item (Entry: 8498) not correct 20655 display id, must be 44666 (using it).
    Item (Entry: 10822) not correct 20655 display id, must be 51621 (using it).
    Item (Entry: 27515) not correct 38900 display id, must be 50502 (using it).
    Item (Entry: 27516) not correct 38895 display id, must be 50501 (using it).
    Item (Entry: 33808) not correct 47014 display id, must be 51920 (using it).
    Item (Entry: 33868) not correct 47131 display id, must be 51758 (using it).
    Item (Entry: 33955) not correct 47136 display id, must be 7744 (using it).
    Loading Item Texts…
    ==================================================== 100%
    >> Loaded 0 item pages

    Loading Creature Model Based Info Data…
    ==================================================== 100%
    >> Loaded 16891 creature model based info

    Loading Equipment templates…
    ==================================================== 100%
    >> Loaded 1874 equipment template

    Loading Creature templates…
    Error in creature_template table, probably sql file format was updated (there sh
    ould be 65 fields in sql).

  4. hi, I downloaded the repack but when I get to step 5 I cant find option 4 (mangos config editor), and when I try to run mangosd.exe and realmd.exe I get the same problem as jay that it cant connect to database… could you please help me?

    Keep up the good work (Y)



  5. i did everything from installing MySQL to running reaper mangos and everything goes fine until i run mangosd.exe and realmd.exe

    when i run those two i get the same error on both “cannot connect to database” plz if anyone knows how to solve this educate me.. btw i’ve already tried the solution given to /beg

  6. Tsuki, I’m havin the same issue. I recently upgraded nortin anitvirus, 2007 version let me do it just fine, but 2008 says its a trojan. I’ll check if theres something I can change in settings, but just letting everyone know.

  7. alright im having a problem with 5 once i get to the datadir path, i have DBC’s directory in my wow folder but it still cant find it. Help!

  8. @zippy
    thats cuz the custom vendors are only for the PS DB which reaper conveniently didn’t include in the release

  9. First of all thanks so much for the outstanding program and guide!!!

    I got everything to work (including playing the game) except for when I run reaper-x-mangos.bat and select option “[7] Installs the Optional GM Island Vendors!”

    When I choose this option and enter the required info I get the “Matrix” screen followed by:
    Error 1136 (21S01) at line 24: Column count doesn’t match value count at row 1

    I’m using “mangos” for the MaNGOS/World database name, which I assume is correct, but I’m not sure.

    Thanks for any help!

  10. Hi,

    i have a problem installing everything there is no reaper-easy-mangos.exe or .bat in the folder can anyone help me plz i tryd useing one out of an older version but this didnt help, simply got some errors.

    Many thnx in advance


  11. I have tried installing the mangos 4 times now and avast keeps telling me it’s a trojan virus… Little help?

  12. Please help im on the verge of giving up. I cant find the reaper-x-mangos file in the reaper-easy-mangos file.

  13. Hey Reaper- guess who! I decided to take another crack at this, and I almsot had it! Only problem is Mangosd.exe crashes when it hits exactly 86% while initalizeing Data Stores. Happens every time, not sure what to do with this one!

  14. any info on how to upgrade the server from 2.3.3 would be greatly appreciated. I have all the files necessary to make the server 2.4.2 but I’m not sure what to do with them as they came with no read me or instructions of any kind. FTL

  15. Isaa , From what I can see your DBC files arent the correct ones? Did you get your DBC files from the game after you updated? If not you should extract them from your updated WoW and then retry. If that doesnt work idk what will

  16. Chris: I think that your MySQL isn’t operational, have you tried restarting your computer? I was having that error for a bit. Other than that, maybe try reinstalling MySQL. Maybe you didnt set it up properly, set up your MySQL exactly as Reaper Says. I tried differently and it messed up like yours. Try reinstalling

  17. Greetings,

    Spent about 2 hours setting up SQL and going through the walkthrough on how to set this up, extracted all maps, vmaps and DBC put them in a folder, ran the reaper easy mangos program setup all databases. Ran mongosd.exe as it said to and get this

    2008-05-13 20:40:09 Using configuration file mangosd.conf.
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 MaNGOS daemon /0.10.0-SVN (Revision 5472) (Win32)
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 to stop.

    MM MMM

    2008-05-13 20:40:09 Daemon PID: 3668

    2008-05-13 20:40:09 World Database:;3306;mangos;john2005;mangos
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 MySQL client library: 5.0.51a
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 MySQL server ver: 5.0.51b-community-nt
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 Character Database:;3306;mangos;john2005;characters
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 MySQL client library: 5.0.51a
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 MySQL server ver: 5.0.51b-community-nt
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 Login Database:;3306;mangos;john2005;realmd
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 MySQL client library: 5.0.51a
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 MySQL server ver: 5.0.51b-community-nt
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 Realm running as realm ID 1
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 Using PSDB X9 SD2 297
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 Using DataDir D:\WOW/
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 WORLD: VMap support included. LineOfSight:0, getHeight:0
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 WORLD: VMap data directory is: D:\WOW/vmaps
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 WORLD: VMap config keys are: vmap.enableLOS, vmap.enableHeight, vmap.ignoreMapIds, vmap.ignoreSpellIds
    2008-05-13 20:40:09
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 Loading MaNGOS strings…
    2008-05-13 20:40:09
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 >> Loaded 460 MaNGOS strings
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 Initialize data stores…
    2008-05-13 20:40:09 ERROR:
    Some required *.dbc files (6 from 51) not found or not compatible:
    D:\WOW/dbc/BattlemasterList.dbc (exist, but have 33 fields instead 32) Wrong client version DBC file?
    D:\WOW/dbc/ChrClasses.dbc (exist, but have 58 fields instead 24) Wrong client version DBC file?
    D:\WOW/dbc/ChrRaces.dbc (exist, but have 69 fields instead 35) Wrong client version DBC file?
    D:\WOW/dbc/CreatureDisplayInfo.dbc (exist, but have 14 fields instead 21) Wrong client version DBC file?
    D:\WOW/dbc/Map.dbc (exist, but have 125 fields instead 123) Wrong client version DBC file?
    D:\WOW/dbc/Spell.dbc (exist, but have 213 fields instead 211) Wrong client version DBC file?

    Any help?

    Kind Regards


  18. you use winrar to extract those files… but where did you get yours? cause one of us got the wrong file then… cause mine came as a .exe

  19. hwo do you install mangos itself… when i got it fromt he website provided it dl as a .rar file and you cant open it… plz help.

  20. I tried to install this last night, and I got a few error messages, and some things didn’t look even remotely like this guide, so I winged it in a few parts, and that didn’t work, so I’m asking for help now… First problem is on step 4, my menu does not look anything like that, but I push 1 anyways, and then I get 2 options, Unified Database and Project Silvermoon, which should I choose, and after that(I picked UD), I get 5 error messages saying Unhandled Exception:
    Cannot Print Exception string because Exception.ToString failed.

    and a popup saying RXFind has encountered and error and must close for each one.

  21. The problem I’m having goes sort of along the lines as what I think Philip (in his comment on 4/25/08 at 14:40) had (with the exception that my server hasn’t been functional yet). When I run mangosd.exe here is the problem that occurs, fairly early on:

    Could not connect to MySQL database at Access denied for user ‘xxxx’ @ ‘localhost’ to database ‘xxxx’

    Taking Seige’s advice I went into Computer Management and restarted MySQL, but this hasn’t resolved anything for me.
    I’d greatly appreciate help with this :)

  22. Another Question. How would I make this play over my LAN? and also.. Why the hell is there a lvl ?? imp at the blood elf starting area which kills me instantly?