Reaper Mangos Installation / Upgrade Guide

To make things easier for me to update Reaper Mangos in the future without the need to write the installation guide each time there’s a new release, i’ve decided to a separate post explaining on how to install Reaper Mangos … but please note that guide is specifically designed to those who wants to install Reaper Mangos from scratch (not upgrading) or in other words, fresh installation, because in order to upgrade you just need to execute the batch file in the upgrade folder inside reaper-eazy-mangos directory

Once again, if you’re going to upgrade your Reaper Mangos installation, make sure you’re using 1 version below the current release or you’ll lose all of your character data (unless you’ve created a backup before) and other customization made by yourself. So without further ado here goes the guide

Requirements :

1. MySQL Community Edition (Free) … as for the installation guide, you can read my previous post on how to install MySQL on Windows

Important: Grab the version 5.0 setup.exe version instead of 5.1 or 6.0 because the 5.1 series is still in Release Candidate stage while the 6.0 version is still at early alpha stage and not recommended for production use

2. World of Warcraft Client (supported version changed on each release)

3. Reaper Mangos itself

p.s the image itself might be outdated but the process is still the same :)

Fresh Installation :

Once again, please Note : Fresh installation will overwrite your database which means everything will be from fresh

1. First you’ll need to install MySQL

2. And the next step would be extracting Maps, DBC and VMaps from your World of Warcraft installation … (Maps and DBC are required in order for mangos to run, while VMaps are optional)

3. Run the reaper-x-mangos.exe inside the reaper-eazy-mangos folder, and you’ll get something like below image for an example, and then you just need to write the full path to your mysql installation directory (where mysql.exe and mysqldump.exe can be found) ;)

MySQL installation directory

If you’re didn’t write the correct path, you can be sure that you’ll get an error message at the next step

4. Now you just need to choose option number 1 to install the database as shown below, and when prompted for your mysql root password, don’t forget to write the correct password … :)

Mangos Database Installation

And one more thing, when you see something like in The Matrix movie (well … that’s how people called it) :) , you just need to wait until it finished and don’t interrupt the process

5. After finished with the database installation, now you need to choose option number 4 (required, unless you know how to edit the mangosd.conf manually) to adjust the datadir and adjust the exp rate, and drop rate (although the most important thing is your datadir path

Editing Mangosd.conf

6. After finished with all of the above process, all you have to do now is just open the file in your World of Warcraft installation directory (the default location can be found at C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft) using Notepad, Wordpad, or your favorite text editor and then …

Replace :

set realmlist
set patchlist

With :

set realmlist

and then save it and close file

7. Now you just need to run mangosd.exe and realmd.exe from your mangos directory and then the next step would be creating your own username with your desired password for your own WoW server account as shown on below image followed by typing setgm to give yourself a GM level account

Creating account in mangos

Btw if you can’t see what you should type inside the mangosd window from the above image, actually you just need to type :

create username password

to create the account, and then to allow your account to access The Burning Crusade Expansion pack (like BloodElf) you need to type :

setbc username 1

and finally :

setgm username (1–3)
for example setgm myusername 3

to give yourself GM Access at certain level (3 is the highest level and should only be used on your account while normal player is 0)

Optional :
If you want to change the server name into something else, you can use the reaper-x-mangos.exe to adjust it :)

Upgrading Reaper Mangos :

Make sure to backup your Characters data before upgrading

Upgrading Reaper Mangos can be done by simply running the reaper-x-upgrade.bat in Upgrade folder in reaper-eazy-mangos directory

But please note, that if you’re still using 2 version below the current release, the upgrade process is not going to be completed successfully (i’ve been trying to make sure that the upgrade process can be used by any version but it’s seems that there’s no easy way to accomplish this, but if you got a suggestion on how to process this, just let me know about it)

Note : You don’t need to worry about your custom stuff being overwritten by the upgrade process, because unlike before this time it’s only upgrade the necessary stuff only and not going to overwrite your custom stuff (but i assume that you’re using high id numbers for your custom stuff)

Finally i’d suggest you to check out the GM Commands List because there are some changes made at the GM Commands especially at the lookup command (and of course i’ll always update the GM Commands List whenever there are new command available for you to use, or there are previous command that is being replaced with new commands)

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242 comments on “Reaper Mangos Installation / Upgrade Guide

  1. Hi, i got everything runnig exept that i cant create users, i always get the same error message:

    sql error: unknown column ´I´ in ´field list´

    someone knows what i have to change? perhaps reinstall mysql? :)

    or email me @ [email protected]

  2. I appoligize for the typoes in my last post, lol. Long day at work.

    (I wish I could edit my post, honestly)

    ***patching disabled***
    ***2 possible (not “possible 2”)***

  3. Drizzt,

    Your Client (not your server) is reporting that its version is *not* compatible with your server’s version. For both the Client and the Server to work together, they *must* have the same game version. For instance, if your server is version 2.4.1, but your Client is 2.3.3, and you have patching disable in your file, It will produce the very same problem that you are experiencing.

    Here is the solution:

    You have *one* of possible 2 things that need to be done in this scenario.

    1. If your Client version is greater than your server version, you need to depatch your client. I can explain this process *if* it is necessary that you take this step.

    2. If your Client version is lower than your Server version, you need to upgrade to your server’s version.

    Let me know if this solves your issue.


  4. ok, now I fixed all my errors up till now. Now when I attempt to join my server on WoW it says invalid game version. any help?

  5. Phillip,

    Make certain that your MySQL service is running, for it may have crashed. This occurs sometimes after the 2.3.3 server has been running for any great length of time, that I’ve noticed anyway. You accomplish this by right-clicking on your “My Computer” icon, and selecting “Manage”. Once inside of your computer management window, locate “Services”. Within the panel to the right, scroll down until you see your “MySQL” service. If it is already started, but your server is still not connecting to the database, try restarting the service. That should get it up and running pretty fast. There are other things that may be preventing it from connecting, but this is the most common one that I’ve encountered. Write back to this forum if you are still experiencing the same issue, and I’ll help you troubleshoot it further.


  6. hi all.
    i’m kind created my own wow server by this guid, but i would like to know how to update server to version 2.4.1
    i can’t find any info about how to do that. so could someone help me with problem?

  7. Reaper,

    I upgraded my server to core 2.4.1 (running Silvermoon PSDBx11 2.4.1), The server works, loaded fine…but my characters database from 2.3.3 appears to be having some sort of version conflict, I am not sure as to how that is happening. This is a serious issue, and is setting back my server’s relaunch date a tad bit. When my players log into the world server, none of their characters are visible, and the mangos world server reports “broken data” in the characters “data” field. That is the only thing preventing them from properly loading. The characters are all there inside of the database, and I was sure to back up the characters database prior to upgrading. I am completely stumped. Any thoughts? Please respond.


  8. Sorry to bother you but when i run mangosd I get the following errors.

    Reaper Mangos 0.10.0-SVN (Revision 5472) |

    Daemon PID: 4492

    World Database:;3306;root;removed;realmd
    MySQL client library: 5.0.51a
    MySQL server ver: 5.0.51b-community-nt
    Character Database:;3306;root;removed;characters
    MySQL client library: 5.0.51a
    MySQL server ver: 5.0.51b-community-nt
    Login Database:;3306;root;removed;realmd
    MySQL client library: 5.0.51a
    MySQL server ver: 5.0.51b-community-nt
    Realm running as realm ID 1
    SQL: SELECT version FROM db_version LIMIT 1
    query ERROR: Table ‘realmd.db_version’ doesn’t exist
    Using unknown world database.
    Using DataDir c:\wow\data/
    WORLD: VMap support included. LineOfSight:0, getHeight:0
    WORLD: VMap data directory is: c:\wow\data/vmaps
    WORLD: VMap config keys are: vmap.enableLOS, vmap.enableHeight, vmap.ignoreMapId
    s, vmap.ignoreSpellIds
    SQL: SELECT MAX(guid) FROM creature
    query ERROR: Table ‘realmd.creature’ doesn’t exist
    SQL: SELECT MAX(guid) FROM gameobject
    query ERROR: Table ‘realmd.gameobject’ doesn’t exist

    Loading MaNGOS strings…
    SQL: SELECT entry,content_default FROM mangos_string
    query ERROR: Table ‘realmd.mangos_string’ doesn’t exist
    ==================================================== 100%
    >> Loaded 0 mangos strings. DB table `mangos_string` is empty. Cannot continue

  9. Hey, every time I go to make a character it never shows up after I create it. Is there any chance you can help me with that? Thanks

  10. Everything is running fine. But when WoW goes to the Suggest a Realm page, No mater what I click on, there is no suggested realm.

    My server is set up to be PvP atm.


  11. Had my Server up running 100% yesterday but now it says wen i try start mangosd
    Could not connect to MySQL database at Can’t connect to MySQL Server on ‘’

  12. ok, I keep getting a dll error, It says im missing
    MSVCR71.dll and wont allow me to open the .exe’s in the Mangos directory

  13. nvm i figured it out
    but wen i start wow and try log on it wants me to get next patch
    is there some special way i gotta start wow up or just the normal way??

  14. Hello Reaper
    Love ur guide but im going to set up server but i cant cause wen i use extract-map then it makes folder but wen i open it its completely empty

  15. looking for help. i can set the up the server fine and run all the programs and have 0 problems with it but once i run wow.exe and try to login it trys to connect and then just says “unable to connect”. what am i not doing right?

  16. Issue was resolved, after running a WoW Launcher.

    Note, I see all the commands for GM’s is there anything i need to do to make them work, i see .blah ect.. any key press needed?

  17. Welp all in all great installation, everything appears setup correctly, I go to run WoW and it brings up the patching screen, patch is data\enUS\expansion-speech-enUS.mpq about 103mb, dunno if this is normal, maybe I have overlooked something. I have patched from 2.3.0 to 2.3.2.

    Will have more details if i come across anything strange in my setup. Note the help with step #5 was great, got me fixed in about 5 mins. Thanks again.