Reaper Mangos 5054 – Easy WoW Private Server for WoW 2.3.2 -Critical Update-

ATTENTION! There is a new release so this is now outdated and unsupported!

Well its finally here! The release that answers everyones questions and fixes everyones bugs! It took me about 8 hours of consistent coding and I believe that it is perfect. The only problem and thing I could not do was get the database updated. Besides that we have updated many things and added many new things as well.

Here is the list of newly added items:
*ScriptDev2 231 Actually Works!
*Auction House Bot Added
*Optional GM Island Vendors in Batch File
*Weather System is now Fixed!
*Lan Feature in Batch Now Works
*Transports Flooding Mangos
*DBC Files Already Included
…And of Course Much More!

Mighty Guild


1. MySQL Database and the Guide on how to Install MySQL

2. World of Warcraft Client version 2.3.2

3. Updated DBC’s, VMAP’s, and MAPS.
DBC’s are already included as part of this release!

4. Mangos Server :

Reaper Mangos 5054 SD2 231 UDB FULL | 17.09 MB | File Beam
Reaper Mangos 5054 SD2 231 UDB FULL | 17.09 MB | Rapidshare
Reaper Mangos 5054 SD2 231 UDB FULL | 17.09 MB | Mega Upload

Instructions Coming Soon

Basically since the installation instruction is just the same as before release, and i’m currently writing on the fresh installation guide so there’s no need to write it everytime there’s a new release available for download :) 

in the meantime you can read the previous fresh installation guide :)


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432 comments on “Reaper Mangos 5054 – Easy WoW Private Server for WoW 2.3.2 -Critical Update-

  1. ah actually if you’re upgrading from 5005 you just need to run the reaper-x-upgrade.bat in the upgrade folder :)

  2. can someone plz simplify on how to upgrade from 5005 to 5054? i dont really understand it.

    Do i re-run make-vmaps simple.bat and extract-maps.bat and the DBC stuff and all that?
    Do i have to move all of my previous maps,vmpas and DBC back to where they were first? ARRGHH so many things i don know

  3. ok i know what i did wrong. i put dns-host-name in the hosts file under C:\Windows\System 32\drivers\etc file
    i changed it to my lan ip and it works now =D. It pays to read everything (i found my answer in the configure wow for lan page)

  4. Does anyone have an answer to why i get 2k+ latency when i connect to my online server? my friend gets around 70ms. I’ve tried connecting with all 3 different ip addresses, also ive made a dns address. that didnt help….. it’s not my internet either, i get from 30ms to 80ms on most servers. I don’t know why i get this extremely high latency. i’ve tried everything i know of = /
    it’s not my comp either ….when i set the mysql server to it works perfectly.

    this is all too frustrating lol if anyone has an answer or suggestion i’d greatly appreciate it thank you

  5. TThanks but i am not sure about on thing: in the reaper-x batch file at my lan ip i put my external ip. it’s that ok?

  6. Hey i got everything in mangos working but when i try to log into the server it says that it can not detect the client version. does anyone know how to fix this?

  7. #Deg31: it tells me can’t connect to mysql server on ‘localhost’ (10061) is there a way to do this without losing account and DB info?

    Well your localhost should never change. If you overlay the files in your mysql\data folder they may overwrite your MySQL defaults and password. Check the CONF that comes with the files you downloaded. I usually wind up having to run the MYSQL configuration-meister named like “MySQL Server Instance Config Wizard” and within there you will know if you have the proper password for ROOT because it will fail to readjust the security option at the end when you click execute if your password is wrong.

    I sure wish someone would bridge this thing over to work on Microsloth SQL server. =)

  8. @boldspud

    .gm on
    No one will fight back, and you can hack away all you want.

    if you want them to fight back,
    .modify hp 10000000000000
    You’ll never have to worry about healing.

  9. I have ran the reaper-x-mangos, pressed 1 and installed everythin but when i click on 5 to configure it, it will not recognize where my data files are and i know i am typin it in correctly.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  10. That was regarding nathans question:
    So what is the difference between what is happening here w/ Mangos and what is happening over at SilvermoonProject?

  11. NathanRedd sed <>

    The last three times I tried to download an 160 meg mangos SQL file from them it was corrupted and a waste of my time for one. I’m thinking if you can’t create upload a rar thats not fubar at least include a par file with it. The difference between greatness and mediocrity is in the little details.

  12. If someone could help me please…

    When I got in today and booted my PC, my IP address changes, no mysql won’t load and I can’t connect to it, is there a way to change the mysql ip to my new one, or what. I changed the mangosd and realmd files to reflect my new IP, that didn’t work. Then I changed them all to the default and then it tells me i can’t connect to mysql server…and when i try to access mysql via cmd prompt i type: mysql -u root -p enter password when asked and it tells me can’t connect to mysql server on ‘localhost’ (10061)…

    is there a way to do this without losing account and DB info??

    email me if it would be easier…

    [email protected]

  13. Hey, love the core. Works brilliantly on the first attempt to install. One thing I’m really missing, however, is the ability to become invincible as a GM. I want to play the game somewhat normally, but I also want to go through some of the instances at the normal levels (to get the normal loot), but obviously that’s not really possible to do solo.

    I can think of a couple of quick fixes (ex. setting HP ridiculously high), but is there any conceivable way to just turn off getting damage, but have everything else work the same?

  14. Am I the only one who isn’t seeing the “Funserver” faster XP rates with 5054 or did anyone else observe that also. I’d just like to confirm that it’s not my setup or something I’ve done that’s causing that.

  15. I have a working public setup right now and made the following edits myself. I stopped the trial and error process once it started working.

    1. My mangosd.conf has this

    LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;mypassword;realmd”
    WorldDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;mypassword;mangos”
    CharacterDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;mypassword;characters”

    Obviously the root mypasswords are what I configured MySQL to use as the master ROOT admin password.

    The folder where my dbc, maps and vmaps folder is located is also in this conf file as such

    DataDir = “c:\mangos\data”

    ok saved that one and note that my local internal IP is found by running IPCONFIG from a CMD prompt. First number listed. In many cases can be subsituted for this value.

    In the database itself realmd database realmlist table the address is set to match the IP address of what the web site WHATISMYIP.COM reports my identity to be.

    My router has ports 3724 and 8085 forwarded to the above address

    The other conf files like realmd.conf also have this same value “;3306;root;mypassword;realmd” wherever the database wants to identify and read to itself.

    If you have these similar settings and still cannot connect you may have a local firewall turned on and need to ALSO open the ports on the server (similar to forwarding the ports) to allow people to use those ports. At one point doing trial and error I think I also opened port 3306 and while reading the firewall IPSEC logs I asw a bunch of other ports seemingly being hit so I opened a whole range from like 180 to 8100 but that turned out to be more than was needed and I’ve since secured it back to just the two above ports.

    During your debug process if it helps get it working you can briefly turn off router firewall entirely and pc firewall entirely to ensure they are not the blockage. Once you get it working and turn them back on you can much more easily isolate the cause of your obstructions. I know it sounds silly, but if you print this out and just keep notes as you go at it systematically it makes it a LOT easier to debug.

  16. # Jeremy
    Thank you for your help, I apreciate it, and I’m sure others do as well. I did everything like you said above previously, and I still have the same problem. I can connect localy just fine, but when other’s try to connect from another machine it log’s in, and stops at this message ‘loging into game server’.

    I used my LAN ip in the batch configuration folder, I’m using a DNS from no-ip for the file. I seem to be able to connect fine, but they just can’t. I also tried to use my WAN ip for the configuration in the batch file, then even I could not connect, and neither could they, I even tried to turn the DNS off and conect with the direct ip’s. Sadly all of this fails. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. But I do thank you for your time and effort for trying to help everyone with this problem, it is greatly apreciated :)

    -Death Scythe


    This new version 5054 once you have completed all the steps to extract,

    first off make sure that you have your MySQL running before doing anything.

    You need to go back into the reaper folder (C:\Reaper-X-Easy-MaNGOS\reaper-eazy-mangos)
    And run the batch file called reaper-x-mangos, there is an option there to setup your LAN or IP for use, This new batch file does correctly setup your DB to the IP you enter in this batch file. Once you’ve done that, if you haven’t gone back in to edit the config files in your reaper folder mentioned above, you need to do that, there is a section in there with this.

    # Data directory setting.
    # Important: DataDir needs to be quoted, as it is a string which may
    # contain space characters.
    DataDir = “C:\World of Warcraft\data”

    Above you’ll see “C:\World of Warcraft\data”

    It won’t automatically say that, it starts out as a default non usable setting, change it to where your data folder is.

    Second, …

    # Database connection settings for the world server.
    # Default: hostname;port;username;password;database
    # .;somenumber;username;password;database – use named pipes at Windows
    # Named pipes: mySQL required adding “enable-named-pipe” to [mysqld] section my.ini
    # .;/path/to/unix_socket;username;password;database – use Unix sockets at Unix/Linux
    # Unix sockets: experimental, not tested
    LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;ROOT;PASSWORD;realmd”
    WorldDatabaseInfo = “;3306;ROOT;PASSWORD;mangos”
    CharacterDatabaseInfo = “;3306;ROOT;PASSWORD;characters”

    Above, you need to change the MANGO;MANGOS to your root DB name, likey it’s just root, and YOUR batabase (DB) password (you should know this)

    YOU DO NOT CHANGE THE IP’S here or in the realmd file, ONLY THROUGH THAT BATCH FILE, i mentioned above. (that file does it for you)

  18. Ok this weekend or tonight I will try to get a compatible version working. Because this weekened is when most of the moderator work is being done. Expect the public test server on Monday or Tuesday!

  19. Hellloooo!! Can someone answer to my question? And all of you please understand that this version works only for 2.3.2 (&2.3.0) and not for 2.3.3!!
    Ok here’s my Question: I would like to make my server PUBLIC. I opened the ports and set my external IP as the server’s address.
    I use wamp and a simple registration page for mangos.
    But at the previous server (2.3.0) when other friends made an account on my server and tried to log in it stopped at LOGGING IN TO GAME SERVER.

  20. aww man thanx alot set it up in two hours only came across 2 problems one was not having .net 2 installed and the other a missing dll file which i jst googled and it works awesome :)

  21. So what is the difference between what is happening here w/ Mangos and what is happening over at SilvermoonProject?


    Something is better than nothing but you can’t work on a more stable complete release if you are fielding a million questions.

    My $0.02