Reaper Mangos 5005 – Easy WoW Private Server for WoW 2.3.2

NOTE: The next version following this will be released Sunday Afternoon!

Header Notes: Since this is my first compile I left out some stuff on accident. Nothing big but still I appologize. There will be a revision following this on Sunday evening fixing all the stuff I left out.
*Transports going Crazy in mangosd.exe file
*Updated SQL Made for 2.3.2 instead of just a compatible version.
*Option in Batch file whether or not to install vendors on GM Island.
*FIXED Lan Party Option in Batch File
*AH-BOT is Now Going to be Included!!!
*Weather System Fixed!

Another Mangos release again after the last 4875 release (that is released one month ago), and this time the release uses Mangos Core 5005 which was written by Jared (Oatman). In this release we are providing support for patch 2.3.2 along with ScriptDev 218, and UDB 334. In this release all the boats are fixed and many new things have been added. Since this is my first release for you guys, I hope it is not buggy. I have tested it multiple times and everything seems to be ok. Although, I am 100% positive that the backup tool works. So before you go to the upgrade folder, go to the normal batch file and backup your database.

And yet another note, I will not be providing support for the MaNGOS Mod. Instead I am going to include the Mod’s already into the game because it is confusing to have to decide than switch back if a update is not provided for it. Oh and by the way, the only Mod in this release is the custom NPC Vendors. So here is a side note for everyone using Reaper’s Previous MaNGOS Mod.

If your using MaNGOSMod
Go into your database and change mangosmod to mangos, and realmdmod to realmd and charactersmod to characters. From this point you may run the upgrade wizard and update and get back on track with updates. Since I have re-written the batch files, they are alot more customizeable so you may not have to change your database name. (This has not been tested, so backup before you do so.)

Group Together


1. MySQL Database and the Guide on how to Install MySQL

2. World of Warcraft Client version 2.3.0 or 2.3.2

3. Updated DBC’s, VMAP’s, and MAPS.—Extraction Tools Included in Release Under Tools.

-Already Extracted 2.3.2 DBC Files

4. Mangos Server :

Reaper Mangos 5005 SD2 218 UDB FULL | 14.3 MB | File Beam
Reaper Mangos 5005 SD2 218 UDB FULL | 14.3 MB | Rapidshare
Reaper Mangos 5005 SD2 218 UDB FULL | 14.3 MB | Mega Upload

Updated Batch file to fix lan party configurator : Updated 5005 Batch File .. To use it just overwrite the reaper-x-mangos.bat with this one ;)

Fresh Install:
Important Note : Fresh installation will overwrite your database

1. First you’ll need to install MySQL

2. Extracting Maps, DBC and VMaps from your World of Warcraft installation
(You can safely ignore the Patch-2, or any not found xxx-2 message)–This only happens if your extracting from patch 2.3.0

3. Run the reaper-x-mangos.bat inside the reaper-eazy-mangos folder, and you’ll see something like below image for an example, and then you just need to write the full path to your mysql installation directory (where mysql.exe and mysqldump.exe can be found) ;)

MySQL Input Directory

4. Selection Option 1 by pressing “1” on the keyboard and pressing enter.
Note: This will wipe out any previous versions of WoW you have in your database.

Jared ReaperMangos Version of Menu

6. After finished with all of the above process, all you have to do now is just open the file in your World of Warcraft installation directory (the default location can be found at C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft) using Notepad, Wordpad, or your favorite text editor and then …

Replace :

set realmlist
set patchlist

With :

set realmlist

and then save it and close File.

7. Now you just need to run mangosd.exe and realmd.exe from your mangos directory and then the next step would be creating your own username with your desired password for your own WoW server account as shown on below image followed by typing setgm to give yourself a GM level account

By the way, if you can’t see what you should type inside the mangosd window from the above image, actually you just need to type :

create username password

to create the account

setgm username 1-3

to give yourself GM Access at certain level (3 is the highest level and should only be used on your account while normal player is 0)

8. Finally if you have Burning Crusade client installed and want to be able to create Burning Crusade specific character, all you have to do is just type :

setbc username 1

to enable burning crusade expansion for your account :)

Optional :
If you want to change the server name into something else, you can use the reaper-x-mangos.bat to adjust it :)

Upgrading from 4875 Release:

1. Re-extract vmaps, maps and dbc because this version no longer supports the old World of Warcraft 2.3.0 installation and only supports the new 2.3.2

2. Go into your WoW Reaper Server Directory, and open reaper-eazy-mangos. Next I recommend opening the batch file and backing up your character data. This is optional though.

3. Open the Folder called “Upgrade” and run reaper-x-upgrade.bat.

4. Next type in the directory to the Bin Folder where your mysql.exe and mysqldump.exe files are located.

5. Then make sure that you are upgrading from the latest previous version or else you WILL corrupt your database and possibly lose your character data.
Upgrade Warning

If you have any questions or concerns, please post them below and Reaper, The Community, and I will be glad to assist you. :)


Note: Comment may not appear right away.

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  1. Oky… My problem is that, when i try to install the mysql to my mangos that has the patch version of 2.3.2 it wants me to type my root password then i type it.. but after it it say that i need to type my database password but i dont know what is that… I cant see where did i get wrong b’coz i type my root password correctly. But that message always appers. I have also tried to uninstall and install my MySQL and Mangos but its still thesame. Can anyone help me?

  2. okay sorry last post, i got everything working but now im getting an error when i try to log in, i think this is because i have wow version 2.4.2 and the server i have created is 2.3.2, if there is an updated mangos or if there is a way to simply change my wow back and forth between versions, that would be great, any pointers?

  3. I looked at the extraction thread and have successfuly followed all the steps, including moving the extracted files to C:/WoW/data, even doing all of this i am still getting this error when i try to start the mangosd

    Cheak existing of map file ‘@[email protected]/share/mangos/map/’: not exist! Correct *.map files not found in path ‘@[email protected]/share mangos/map’ or *.vmap*vmdir files in ‘@[email protected]/share/mangos/vmaps’. Please place the *.map/*.vmap/*.vmdir files in appropriate directories or correct the DataDir value in the mangosd.conf file.

    help would be much appreciated

  4. I seem to be very confused on where/how to extract the Vmaps, maps, and DBC. My magnos folder is on my desktop for easy accesablility, so i open that then open the tools, i need to know the path’s to put the extracted DBC files and im pretty sure when i execute the maps tool nothing happens, i have extracted the Vmaps but i am unsure of where to put the buildings/vmaps folder. If someone could point me down the right “path” to where to put all this that would be nice :D

  5. ok im stuck i installed my sql 2. Extracting Maps, DBC and VMaps from your World of Warcraft installation
    (You can safely ignore the Patch-2, or any not found xxx-2 message)–This only happens if your extracting from patch 2.3.0 where do we extract them ??????

  6. oh man this is so annoying place the database files into the \data\enus directory ok i do that when i click on extract-enus.bat

    Output directory.
    extracting from loacal patch-enUs.mpq

    output directory.
    extractomng from patch-enus.mpq

    output directory. extracting from patch-enus-2.mpq
    a Duplicate file name exists, or the file cant be found.

    WTF also this has been a pain in the but sence the last emu that just worked for me but no mobs uses magic spells is this the same if so ill quit now cause im thinking this is designed for more pvp then solo stuff with eyecandy ie mobs using spells and swords. meaning i been looking at forms for the entire night and this version wont work. where am i going wrong besides spending 9 hours trying to make this work i know its a maps thing cause i get the unable to connect to the mysql error and i did read the posts when i try to re fix the maps right then i get that stupit duplication errors BUT great work guys hell of alot more patent then i could ever be thanks hope this is just me just being stupit

  7. Could someone give me a link with the latest wow server patches? i wanna update my new private server to 2.4. thankyou

  8. Hi , Well My Server Runs Perfectly . Now ive helped a m8 . All is installed perfectly there just like with me . But When The MangosD.Exe Starts loading He Can See The Commands But There Are Some Other Things Popping Up . Moving ( Location ) To And Then A Random Number xxxx.xxxx.xxxx this keeps on going . I Would like an explanation for this as soon as possible so i can help my m8 get ridd of this problem . Grtz

  9. Does it exist any Mangos + The rest of the programs that actually work?? Because ive Tryed The program and done the right thing Ten Thousand of times now.!! and it still doesnt Work as it should do… realy Crappy..

  10. Whenever i launch mangosd.exe it says “You have outdated DBC files. Please extract correct versions from current using client” i have WoW version 2.3.0.
    I was reading the previous posts and it seems other people have had the same problem, but it doesnt say how to fix it anyware.

    Could someone please help me with this? Thanks

  11. I’ve been running Mangosd.exe for FOUR DAYS now and its still not done loading and what not… i can change account, make accounts, etc. but its going through tons of code unlike it did before…

    Also, I got my server up but its not letting me change the values in reaper-x-mangos.bat…. it asks for my data path (which is C:\WoW\Data) but when I enter it then I get the ‘System cannot find the file specified’ message.


  12. This is such a great guide! I was wondering if it’s possible to change the user interface. That’s actually my fav part of wow, and i cant seem to figure it out.

  13. Hello again:P i have now exhausted every possible action except one, and i need your help:) Could somebody post the link to a site where i can download MySQL Community Edition for Vista?:)

    I REALLY need the help, i haven managed to find the site by myself=(