Reaper Mangos Installation / Upgrade Guide

To make things easier for me to update Reaper Mangos in the future without the need to write the installation guide each time there’s a new release, i’ve decided to a separate post explaining on how to install Reaper Mangos … but please note that guide is specifically designed to those who wants to install Reaper Mangos from scratch (not upgrading) or in other words, fresh installation, because in order to upgrade you just need to execute the batch file in the upgrade folder inside reaper-eazy-mangos directory

Once again, if you’re going to upgrade your Reaper Mangos installation, make sure you’re using 1 version below the current release or you’ll lose all of your character data (unless you’ve created a backup before) and other customization made by yourself. So without further ado here goes the guide


Reaper Mangos 5082 – Easy WoW Private Server for WoW 2.3.3

Here we go again, another important and vital patch. Previously we took a vote using comments on the site and asked would you prefer a update that runs 2.3.3 or wait for a more compatible version. Well after countless tests on our Test-Server we have found only 2 very small bugs while running it. I highly recommend updating to this version because it applys major updates to the database and provides 2.3.3 support!

Updated in this Revision:

  • Support for Patch 2.3.3
  • ScriptDev2 Updated to 241
  • AuctionHouse Improvements
  • More Compatible Database
  • New Quests
  • New Items
  • New Objects
  • New NPC’s
  • Stormwind has 1/10th more NPC’s
  • Bug with humans getting confused with orcs by NPC’s
  • Zones Redone:
  • Blasted Lands
  • Swamp of Sorrows
  • Deadwind Pass
  • StrangleThorn Vale
  • Duskwood
  • Westfall
  • Redridge Mountains
  • Fix one Karazhan quest by adding missing spawns

Northern Subdivision


Reaper Mangos 5054 – Easy WoW Private Server for WoW 2.3.2 -Critical Update-

ATTENTION! There is a new release so this is now outdated and unsupported!

Well its finally here! The release that answers everyones questions and fixes everyones bugs! It took me about 8 hours of consistent coding and I believe that it is perfect. The only problem and thing I could not do was get the database updated. Besides that we have updated many things and added many new things as well.

Here is the list of newly added items:
*ScriptDev2 231 Actually Works!
*Auction House Bot Added
*Optional GM Island Vendors in Batch File
*Weather System is now Fixed!
*Lan Feature in Batch Now Works
*Transports Flooding Mangos
*DBC Files Already Included
…And of Course Much More!

Mighty Guild

Reaper Mangos 5005 – Easy WoW Private Server for WoW 2.3.2

NOTE: The next version following this will be released Sunday Afternoon!

Header Notes: Since this is my first compile I left out some stuff on accident. Nothing big but still I appologize. There will be a revision following this on Sunday evening fixing all the stuff I left out.
*Transports going Crazy in mangosd.exe file
*Updated SQL Made for 2.3.2 instead of just a compatible version.
*Option in Batch file whether or not to install vendors on GM Island.
*FIXED Lan Party Option in Batch File
*AH-BOT is Now Going to be Included!!!
*Weather System Fixed!

Another Mangos release again after the last 4875 release (that is released one month ago), and this time the release uses Mangos Core 5005 which was written by Jared (Oatman). In this release we are providing support for patch 2.3.2 along with ScriptDev 218, and UDB 334. In this release all the boats are fixed and many new things have been added. Since this is my first release for you guys, I hope it is not buggy. I have tested it multiple times and everything seems to be ok. Although, I am 100% positive that the backup tool works. So before you go to the upgrade folder, go to the normal batch file and backup your database.

And yet another note, I will not be providing support for the MaNGOS Mod. Instead I am going to include the Mod’s already into the game because it is confusing to have to decide than switch back if a update is not provided for it. Oh and by the way, the only Mod in this release is the custom NPC Vendors. So here is a side note for everyone using Reaper’s Previous MaNGOS Mod.