Suzumiya Haruhi – Lost my music Guitar Solo by Ginjineko

So i just found this nice clip from Youtube yesterday while i was looking for Animetal Clip but later i ended up to Suzumiya Haruhi because there’s no new animetal clip over at youtube website (i guess i’ve downloaded almost every animetal video clip from youtube). Anyway here’s what the video looks like (seriously, this guy named Ginjineko is just amazing)

though i like this one too

But since i know that most video uploaded to video sharing site (and in this case Youtube) doesn’t offer the full quality, i take a look at his youtube page to see whether he had his own webpage or not and also offer a download link to all of his collection … and luckily he have his own webpage that can be found here or here :D


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5 comments on “Suzumiya Haruhi – Lost my music Guitar Solo by Ginjineko

  1. Your welcome Ginjineko .. btw keep up the great job ;)

    p.s i’m really sorry for late reply because i’ve been away for a while

  2. canon rock is awesome, go to wikipedia and look at it, he has a google video of it… awesome, i can play the intro to canon rock!