Reaper Mangos Mod 4703 – Easy Custom WoW Mangos Private Server

This update is to those who are using my custom mangos release (or called Reaper Mangos Mod) and just like the previous 4651 Mod Version this Reaper Mangos Mod use the Jail Patch and Command patch so you can adjust your reputation easily, and also include Auction House Bot so there’ll always be auction on your server. Other than that two patch, in this release i’ve also include Custom Vendors created by D-Treize from Project Silvermoon forum (see screenshot below), that perhaps might be useful to those who want replacement for the custom vendor at GM Island (because this release use Unified Database and that GM Island vendor only available in Silvermoon DB only)

Mangos Custom Vendor

But first as a note, this release is geared towards to a more experienced mangos users, so if you’re still new to Mangos, i’d suggest you to grab the normal version instead (current normal version is at 4703 too)

Download Link :

IMPORTANT : If you’re upgrading from my 4651 MOD, you should download this updated batch file and overwrite the reaper-x-mangos.bat inside reaper-eazy-mangos directory with this one, btw i’d suggest you to get this one even if you’re not upgrading

1. Reaper Mangos Mod 4703 SD2 156, Jailpatch, AHBOT, Custom Vendor | 9.42MB | Rapidshare

2. Reaper Mangos Mod 4703 SD2 156, Jailpatch, AHBOT, Custom Vendor | 9.42MB | Megaupload

3. Reaper Mangos Mod 4703 SD2 156, Jailpatch, AHBOT, Custom Vendor | 9.42MB | Mediafire

Fresh Installation :

1. Extract DBC, VMaps and Maps (and oh i assume you’ve installed mysql and it’s working as it should)

2. Run the reaper-x-mangos.bat and write your mysql bin directory when prompted and then choose to install the database first

Mangos DB Installation

3. Choose option number 4 to configure the datadir and rate

adjusting mangos data directory

4. Edit and replace :

set realmlist
set patchlist

into :

set realmlist

5. Start mangosd.exe and realmd.exe

6. Create new account using these commands :

  • create myusername mypassword
  • setbc myusername 1
  • setgm myusername 3

Creating account

and login :)

Upgrading from Reaper Mangos Mod 4651 :

1. Run reaper-x-mangos.bat

2. Choose option number 99 and wait until it finished (do not interrupt it or there’s a high chance you’ll lose your character data) .. or to be safe, create backup using the reaper-x-mangos.bat in this release and choose the appropiate option when prompted :)

3. Now choose option number 4 to reconfigure mangosd.conf … and don’t use the previous mangosd.conf because it has been changed, and then open the mangosd.conf manually and adjust your Auctionbot GUID and Character ID accordingly

4. Done :)

And as a side note, if you need help on moving your character data into this release from older Mangos revision (below and not equal to 4651) or worry about losing your character data … you can always email me directly and i’ll convert it for you :)

And here’s some new additional commands for you (GM Only) to use which is available in this release :

1. jail – Syntax: .jail character hours [reason]

To jail character of course :P

2. jailinfo – Syntax: .jailinfo

Shows your jail status

3. unjail – Syntax: .unjail character

Releases character out of the jail

4. pinfo rep | jail – Syntax: .pinfo [$player_name] [rep] | [jail]

Output account information for selected player or player find by player_name. If rep parameter provided show reputation information for player. If jail parameter provided show jail information for player

5. setrep (reputation) – Syntax: .setrep REPID REPVALUE

Sets the REPVALUE of the reputation with the REPID to the REPVALUE. You can use .pinfo rep to get known reputation ids

6. setap – Syntax: .setap VALUE

Sets the arena points to the VALUE (0-999999)

7. sethonor – Syntax: .sethonor VALUE

Sets the honor to the VALUE (0-999999)

8. ahexpire – Syntax: .ahexpire <house id> <player GUID>

ahexpire will expire all the auctions in the requested auction house with the player GUID as the owner

9. ahdelete – Syntax: .ahdelete <house id> <player GUID>

ahdelete will delete all the auctions in the requested auction house with the player GUID as the owner

Auction House Bot Screenshot :

Auction House Mangos

Adjusting your Reputation :

Set reputation in mangos

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364 comments on “Reaper Mangos Mod 4703 – Easy Custom WoW Mangos Private Server

  1. # [email protected]

    1. Unfortunately there’s no skill exp rate config in mangosd.conf :(

    2. Ah first thing is you need to install apache (look at the related links on this page), and then you can choose to create your own registration page or use a premade template

    btw if you’re looking for a premade, you can try using this one :)

    3. Sure beside if you look at the first image here on this page, it shows you that i’m using 3 weapon (all edited weapons but leave the original intact) :)

    as for the steps, that’s depend because mangos often changes it’s database structure so if you’re using an automatic custom item generator, there’s a high chance it’ll fail unless that automatic generator tool has been updated to work with the mangos revision you’re going to use :(

    but of course if you edit the database manually, you don’t need to worry about that

    4. Ah actually that’s a custom made by silvermoon project and since this one use unified database (because there hasn’t been any update on silvermoon database) though it can also be ported into this one, btw if you want to restore them then you’ll need to retrieve all the creature, creature_template, and npc_vendor for that vendor (it is using id 100000 and above)

    # feng

    1. Check the link to the jailpatch on this post :) (im sure i’ve put that one)

    2. It automatically fills your auction house with random items (which is quite good especially if you’re planning on running public server and don’t plan to give GM status to everyone)

    3. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is by reducing the PlayerSaveInterval value into lower value

    NOTE: don’t put it to low

    # h4x

    Ah it seems to me you’re not using the default username for this mod release ;)

    So to fix it you’ll need to edit the reaper-x-mangos.bat and change the username and password specified in upgrade process :)

    # RA

    Your welcome :)

  2. Once I type 99-upgrade I get.

    ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘mangosmod’@’localhost’ (using passwo
    rd: YES)

    >So :) how do I enter any password parameters?

  3. hello

    sorry for my bad english,i am chinese

    please help me

    1 where to get the patch of the jail system ?

    2 the Auction House can do what ?

    3 how to save to DB before the mangos.exe crash ?

    my e_mail [email protected]


  4. Hey,
    Got this up and running great, thanks.

    Just a few of questions:
    1) In the config is there a way to increase the skill exp rate? I have no idea what the command is and couldn’t find a commented one.

    2) Can you explain to me how to make an online registration site, so my friends can make an account on the net from their homes, instead of me entering them manually.

    3) Is there a way to enter custom items into the games (e.g. “The Sword of A Thousand Truths”), I have seen another server where a GM had that item.

    4) I see the NCPs that were on GM Island are gone now, is their anyway to restore them?


  5. # janiks

    hehehe no worry beside i never actually play on official too :P

    # h4x

    sure, going to upload it into (it’ll take 30 minutes if im on my full connection speed) lol

    EDIT: Done uploading to mediafire … check the third mirror ;)

  6. ahahaha yeah i never played official on hunter i only played mage.. ei.. are those custom vendor only on stormwind and orgrimmar cause..??

  7. ah actually to tame pet you’ll need to do some quests first :P

    if you never played wow on official server, i’d suggest you to lookup guide on how to learn tame pet :D

  8. actually i dont experience any crash when taming pet (as you can see on the screenshot on my normal release *blackfang tarantula* lol)

  9. Thank you for another great realise. I have one question about this version of server.

    Can hunters tame pet without game crash ???

    I asked this because i used one mangos server (not reaper-x)and when i go tame pet game crashes.

  10. it looks to me you’re using your public ip address instead of the default value ( .. could you change the realm address into first and then let me know if you can connect to your server or not :)

  11. Hi Man…i have a Problem
    PS: Sry for my bad english im Brazilian ^^

    So…..I have all steps….but….when i try to connect…i havent….if trying trying….and no stabelish connection….
    what i can resolve this problem??? ='(

  12. sure :) but i don’t know if it’s necessary to do that actually, because the steps is pretty straight forward lol

    but the question is … do you have visual studio installed ? and which version ? (if you plan to compile in Windows)

    basically if you already have visual studio then the rest would be easy :)

  13. Hi reaper, excellent guide, I will install this right now !

    I have a question… Do you planned to release a guide to compile our own build? I have read the one on mangos forum, but I find it quite confusing…

    Thanks a lot, you do a great job!