Reaper Mangos Mod 4703 – Easy Custom WoW Mangos Private Server

This update is to those who are using my custom mangos release (or called Reaper Mangos Mod) and just like the previous 4651 Mod Version this Reaper Mangos Mod use the Jail Patch and Command patch so you can adjust your reputation easily, and also include Auction House Bot so there’ll always be auction on your server. Other than that two patch, in this release i’ve also include Custom Vendors created by D-Treize from Project Silvermoon forum (see screenshot below), that perhaps might be useful to those who want replacement for the custom vendor at GM Island (because this release use Unified Database and that GM Island vendor only available in Silvermoon DB only)

Mangos Custom Vendor

But first as a note, this release is geared towards to a more experienced mangos users, so if you’re still new to Mangos, i’d suggest you to grab the normal version instead (current normal version is at 4703 too)

Download Link :

IMPORTANT : If you’re upgrading from my 4651 MOD, you should download this updated batch file and overwrite the reaper-x-mangos.bat inside reaper-eazy-mangos directory with this one, btw i’d suggest you to get this one even if you’re not upgrading

1. Reaper Mangos Mod 4703 SD2 156, Jailpatch, AHBOT, Custom Vendor | 9.42MB | Rapidshare

2. Reaper Mangos Mod 4703 SD2 156, Jailpatch, AHBOT, Custom Vendor | 9.42MB | Megaupload

3. Reaper Mangos Mod 4703 SD2 156, Jailpatch, AHBOT, Custom Vendor | 9.42MB | Mediafire

Fresh Installation :

1. Extract DBC, VMaps and Maps (and oh i assume you’ve installed mysql and it’s working as it should)

2. Run the reaper-x-mangos.bat and write your mysql bin directory when prompted and then choose to install the database first

Mangos DB Installation

3. Choose option number 4 to configure the datadir and rate

adjusting mangos data directory

4. Edit and replace :

set realmlist
set patchlist

into :

set realmlist

5. Start mangosd.exe and realmd.exe

6. Create new account using these commands :

  • create myusername mypassword
  • setbc myusername 1
  • setgm myusername 3

Creating account

and login :)

Upgrading from Reaper Mangos Mod 4651 :

1. Run reaper-x-mangos.bat

2. Choose option number 99 and wait until it finished (do not interrupt it or there’s a high chance you’ll lose your character data) .. or to be safe, create backup using the reaper-x-mangos.bat in this release and choose the appropiate option when prompted :)

3. Now choose option number 4 to reconfigure mangosd.conf … and don’t use the previous mangosd.conf because it has been changed, and then open the mangosd.conf manually and adjust your Auctionbot GUID and Character ID accordingly

4. Done :)

And as a side note, if you need help on moving your character data into this release from older Mangos revision (below and not equal to 4651) or worry about losing your character data … you can always email me directly and i’ll convert it for you :)

And here’s some new additional commands for you (GM Only) to use which is available in this release :

1. jail – Syntax: .jail character hours [reason]

To jail character of course :P

2. jailinfo – Syntax: .jailinfo

Shows your jail status

3. unjail – Syntax: .unjail character

Releases character out of the jail

4. pinfo rep | jail – Syntax: .pinfo [$player_name] [rep] | [jail]

Output account information for selected player or player find by player_name. If rep parameter provided show reputation information for player. If jail parameter provided show jail information for player

5. setrep (reputation) – Syntax: .setrep REPID REPVALUE

Sets the REPVALUE of the reputation with the REPID to the REPVALUE. You can use .pinfo rep to get known reputation ids

6. setap – Syntax: .setap VALUE

Sets the arena points to the VALUE (0-999999)

7. sethonor – Syntax: .sethonor VALUE

Sets the honor to the VALUE (0-999999)

8. ahexpire – Syntax: .ahexpire <house id> <player GUID>

ahexpire will expire all the auctions in the requested auction house with the player GUID as the owner

9. ahdelete – Syntax: .ahdelete <house id> <player GUID>

ahdelete will delete all the auctions in the requested auction house with the player GUID as the owner

Auction House Bot Screenshot :

Auction House Mangos

Adjusting your Reputation :

Set reputation in mangos

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364 comments on “Reaper Mangos Mod 4703 – Easy Custom WoW Mangos Private Server

  1. Hi reaper,
    i’m new to this but i’ve been reading and there doesn’t seem to be what i’m searching for.

    (Sorry if this question have already been asked)
    I want to create my own WoW server just for me.
    And I’m not going to update my WoW patch, just the original patch that came with the WoW discs (No Burning Crusade and WoLTK). How i’m I going to do that?

    Thanks in advance

  2. I am sure this thread is dead or something… but I have been at this for about 17 hours now and I am stuck at step 5…

    I have extracted the maps
    I have extracted the vmaps
    I have extracted the dbc files

    I ran step 1 with no problems although it asked me a ton of questions that the guide doesn’t talk about:

    username? (suggest the default of root)
    password? (this one is mentioned)
    database name? (suggests mangos)
    characters database name? (suggests characters may be the default)
    Realm database name? (suggests realmd may be the default)

    So I just accepted the default even though I never created these, nor did I choose a username during setup.

    I placed all the map\vmap\dbc files in WoW\data originally like the guide suggests, but that is not my WoW install path, and I read above that they should be placed in the WoW installation directory even though the picture provided does not show the other files in the WoW data directory, nor does the guide tell you it should be your actual install directory, So I moved them into my World of Warcraft\Data folder. And I edited the .conf file to match.

    Then I used the file format slash separators “\” instead of the “/” listed in the help… so I changed that.

    Then I changed the mangos.mangos section of the conf files to match my username and password (assuming root is the username… as I say, I never chose a username)

    And it still tells me:

    The system could not find the file specified
    The system could not find the file specified
    The system could not find the file specified

    If you see any errors let me know.

    So here I am… after 17 hours and 2 days of headaches… letting you know. I appreciate all of the effort Reaper has gone to as nobody is pointing a gun at his head demanding he do this, so I will patiently await his reply.


  3. hay probally already asked a million time but do mobs use and attack with hands or is there a way to turn on npc wepons and magic skils
    also burning cursades gate dont exist in the undercity, npc are sometimes invisable till you walk over em then appere Incorect version mangos

  4. Reaper-x i have an error when im opening the reaper-x-mangos or it work when im opening it but when im doing from 1-6 it just says: mysql is not an commando

    please help my

    and btw when im opening the realmd and mangosd
    it says:

    could not connect to MySQL database at unknown database ‘realmd’

    Cannot connest to database

    please help

  5. i used opiton 5 (the LAN settings one) and i managed to stop the default user(‘mangosmod’@’localhost’) from having access. is there any way to reverse this? many thanks.

  6. I have one issue, “Some required *.dbc files (1 from 39) not found or not compatible: C:\WoW\data/dbc/ItemEdtnededCost.dbv (exists, but have 14 fields instead of 13) Wrong client version DBC file?”


    Any way to fix this?

  7. @steve

    I am not Oatman but i know what is wronge.
    go into you Mangoss.confg and change then lines:

    Logindatabaseinfo “;3306;mangos;mangos;realmd”

    and there should be a TOTAl 3 of these lins in mangosd.confg.

    right, CHANGE the first mangos to your SQL username, and the second to your SQL PASSWORD

    For example;
    Logindatabaseinfo “;3306;root;root;realmd”

    There is one more of these lines in the REALMD.confg
    should be
    logindatabaseinfo = “;3306;mangos;mangos;realmd

    change the first mangos to your SQl login and your second to your SQL pass (same deal as mangosd)
    for example,;3306;root;root;realmd

  8. WORLD: VMap support included. LineOfSight:0, getHeight:0
    WORLD: VMap data directory is: C:\Freze\Wow private server/vmaps
    WORLD: VMap config keys are: vmap.enableLOS, vmap.enableHeight, vmap.ignoreMapId
    s, vmap.ignoreSpellIds
    Initialize data stores…
    ================================================= = 96%
    Some required *.dbc files (1 from 39) not found or not compatible:
    C:\Freze\Wow private server/dbc/ItemExtendedCost.dbc (exist, but have 14 fields
    instead 13) Wrong client version DBC file?

    That’s the Error Message i getting i got this in the Config-file:
    # Enable/Disable VMmap support for line of sight and height calculation
    # Default: 1 (true)
    # : 0 (false)
    vmap.enableLOS = 0
    vmap.enableHeight = 0


  9. Guys, do you know where can I find any offline server emulator. Any emulator that works like old Xilence emulator.
    THX in advance.

  10. Hi it’s me again…i have another problem, when i try creating an npc/mob with navicut or minimanager it say “Unknown column ‘modelid_m’ in ‘field list'” what do i do? can you help me please? email-> [email protected]