Reaper Mangos 4703 – Easy WoW Mangos Private Server

Time for another Mangos release and as the title said, this is a clean compiled version of Mangos 4703 (without any custom patches) with Scriptdev2 Revision 156 and Unified Database 0.8.1 with Changesets 326 applied. Although you can also download the small version (minus the Unified Database), that perhaps might be useful to those who prefer to update their mangos core manually :)

While Reaper Mangos Mod 4703 (the custom version) can be found at that link (Note: if you’re not familiar enough with Mangos i’d suggest you to get this one instead)

So here are the steps :

Requirements :

1. Working MySQL Installation (if you have MySQL Installed automatically from another Repack, i’d suggest you to completely remove it unless you know how to configure it)

2. World of Warcraft Client version 2.2.3 with TBC Expansion Pack installed (because that’s what i’m using right now, so if you don’t have TBC installed and not using the latest 2.2.3 version, i can’t really help you)

3. Mangos Server :

UPDATE : Reaper Mangos 4875 has been released

IMPORTANT : If you’re upgrading from my 4651, you should download this updated batch file and overwrite the reaper-x-mangos.bat inside reaper-eazy-mangos directory with this one, btw i’d suggest you to get this one even if you’re not upgrading

Update : It seems that some people love the custom GM Island Vendor made by Silvermoon Project, so i decided to convert it so you can use it on this 4703 Release, but as a side note because there is specific item that only exists on the Silvermoon Database, if you see message on the Mangosd Window saying that some item can’t be found, you don’t need to worry about it (it doesn’t affect your gameplay)

Download GM Island NPC Custom Vendor (you just need to run the batch file included)

For advanced users only :

Optional :

This section is optional to those who want to create a public server

4. You need to know how to setup port forwarding from your router first, and also configure your firewall to allow the port specified in Mangosd.conf and Realmd.conf (if you use DSL Connection, you’ll need to know how to setup port forwarding first or else your friend won’t be able to connect to your server)

Also please read the Mangos FAQ too

Fresh Installation Steps :

1. Installing MySQL on Windows XP 32 Bit (you’ll need to have mysql installed first)

2. Extract DBC, Maps and VMaps from your World of Warcraft Client

3. Run the reaper-x-mangos.bat inside the reaper-eazy-mangos directory / folder, and you’ll see something like this, and now all you have to do is just write the full path to your mysql installation directory (where mysql.exe and mysqldump.exe can be found) ;)

Reaper Eazy Mangos

4. Now you just need to choose option number 1 to install the database as shown on below image, and when prompted for your mysql root password, don’t forget to write the correct password … :)

Mangos Database Installation

5. After finished with the database installation, now you need to choose option number 4 (required, unless you know how to edit the mangosd.conf manually) to adjust the datadir and adjust the exp rate, and drop rate :)

Editing Mangosd.conf

6. Now after finished with all the above process, you’ll need to go inside your World of Warcraft installation directory (for example C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft) and then open the using notepad and …

replace :

set realmlist
set patchlist

with :

set realmlist

save it and close file

7. Now you just need to run mangosd.exe and realmd.exe from your mangos directory and then the next step would be creating username of course :D by typing create username password inside the mangosd window as shown on below image as an example … followed by typing setbc username 1 … so you can choose Blood Elv and Draenei

Creating account in mangos

finally you just need to type setgm username 3 so you’ll have the GM Power, and … done !!! congrats … now all you have to do is just login using the username you’ve created before ;)

Optional :

If you want to change the server name into something else, you can use the reaper-x-mangos.bat to adjust it :)

Upgrading from Reaper Mangos 4651 :

First of all i’m really sorry that since there are many changes made to the database structure itself in Mangos, i can’t write instruction on how to upgrade your server from any version below 4651 (or it’ll be a very long post and i know that you don’t really want to read a long post) :P

So to those who are still using Mangos revision below 4651, you can contact me directly if you need help :)

and here are the step to those who are using Reaper Mangos 4651

1. Backup any custom data you’ve created before (such as custom vendors, custom weapon, custom armor, etc) using your mysql client … (i’m sure those who are creating their own custom stuff already have their own mysql client ready to be used) … but remember though if you’ve created custom vendor just make sure that it is compatible with this mangos version ;)

2. run reaper-x-mangos.bat inside the reaper-eazy-mangos directory and then choose option 99 to begin the upgrade process … and wait until it finished

3. Choose option 4 to reconfigure your mangosd.conf and no, don’t use the previous mangosd.conf because it has been changed

4. Done :)

Here’s some screenshot :

Riding Chocobo or Pecopeco perhaps :P


Blackfang Tarantula


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410 comments on “Reaper Mangos 4703 – Easy WoW Mangos Private Server

  1. RE: btw i think for the next release i’m going to use update method so it doesn’t overwrite anything you’ve created before ;)

    ooh – great news.

  2. # Colin

    Now that’s the first time ever i saw someone misstype Reaper to Reader rofl :P

    As for your question, yes .. all you have to do is just choose option 1 and do the rest of fresh installation steps :D

    # simon

    sure you can always get the update from here

    as for listing each value, you can see the sql file directly :)

    btw i think for the next release i’m going to use update method so it doesn’t overwrite anything you’ve created before ;)

    # Taellon

    Have you installed Mysql first ? and make sure that it’s already running ?

    as for mangos close itself automatically, try running option #4 in reaper-x-mangos.bat to create the mangosd.conf

    # Death Scythe

    No worries beside there’s no such thing as extremely unintelligent question ;) .. btw actually stealthed or not accessible might be good if you’ve configured your firewall to block access to that port (which mean your firewall works)

    but if you’re going to run mangosd in default port (3724) and you see it’s stealthed, of course your friends won’t be able to connect to your server

    as a side note, actually if you allow WoW Client to download update in the background, it’s using the same port too (blizzard update is using Peer to peer network like Torrent) and it use 3724 as it’s port which cause conflict with your realmd port configuration

    to fix it :

    1. open realmd.conf and change port 3724 into another value

    2. ask your players, to change their file to :


    that’s it :)

    # vcain

    You’ll need to edit the database directly :)

    # Jared, William, or other who just updated to Patch 2.3.0

    Unfortunately, this time you’ll need to wait for mangos to fully support it because some of the client files are changed and in this case it’s the dbc file (ItemExtendedCost.dbc from 13 Column to 14 Column)

    As a side note, actually i have tried to made some changes so i can bypass that error message when reading the dbc file … and although it works and i was able to login and select my character, but right after i choose my character the WoW process crash to desktop and ask me to send the error report (obviously i’m not going to send it) :P .. and this happen even with just a newly created character

    So i guess the only solution for now are :

    If you’re playing on official server too :

    – Create a duplicate copy of your entire WoW game installation directory

    – Set the in one of the new directory you’ve created to the official server address

    – And revert the copy on another directory to WoW 2.2.3

    for more info on how to roll back wow patch :

    # ChrisM

    Unfortunately even if i was able to allow you to login to 2.3.0 server, it’s still need some database update too :)

  3. Sorry – I am sure this gets asked a lot – But is there a webpage that lists the changes made to the database? Like which tables are altered etc?

    I ask because I have been looking to change a lot of the specific data in some of the table (such as drop rates for quest items, as well as adding descriptions for many of the items.

    However if each update would require that much of the database if wiped I would obviously be wasting my time doing so.

    Thanks folks.

  4. Ok forget the first comment, I found my windows disk and installed .net 1.1, now when I start mangosd.exe it appears and dissappears right away, and realmd.exe says

    Using configuration file realmd.conf.
    MaNGOS realm daemon / Reaper Mangos 4703 SD2 156 0.9.0-SVN http://www.reaper-x.c
    to stop.

    MySQL client library: 5.0.45

    Could not connect to MySQL Database at Can’t connect to MySQL server
    on ‘’

    Cannot connect to database

  5. Thanks for the tip, this might sound extremely unintelligent, but what would I do if it is stealth ed? is that good or bad? how would I be able to change it?

    Thank you
    -Death Scythe

  6. When I try to run both realmd.exe and mangosd.exe they both say This application has failed to start because MSVCR71.dll was not found. Re-insalling the application may fix this problem.

  7. having problems with the teleport orb in undercity and silvermoon i enabled tbc and it wont teleport you to one or the other it just sends you 10 feet behind the orb how can i fix it

    It is released, it released today for US and GB. Both of part 2 were done and so was the finishing files to install patch 2.3.0. I assure you that it is live. Now, how long will it take mangos??? I think a good week becasue of the guild banks unless they decide to skip this issue.

  9. Yes will there be an update for the 2.3 patch that was released if not is there a way to make the server allow users with 2.3 patch on the server just not have any of the 2.3 features cause I would like to play on the private server and on real wow and i dont have enough hdd space to make 2 copies of wow and not update one. Great work on the server im using 4651

  10. ok so reader, since i never made any chars because i had just finished installing 4651 when the new one came out, i should just run reaper-x-mangos.bat and select option number 1?

  11. Siegelink,

    I do not wish to revert to a previous patch–I was hoping that I could play on my private server with all of the new 2.3 implementations. While I appreciate your help, I look forward to some commentary from Reaper-X, himself.

  12. I just e-mailed you with this problem probelm.

    But i fixed my realmd.exe back to the way it was i remembered how i changed the port 3724 to 6060. anyway..

    I didnt see the updated bat untill after i did the upgrade, do you think thats why its trying to access my database with the username mangos? I just cant get it to connect, will i have to run the update again?

    I cant afford to loose my characer data =(

    If you could email me back [email protected] i would appreciate it so much, i was hopeing you could just remotely connect to see what i’m talking about that would really really be awesome.

    I just dont know where to go to get it to use root and use my password.

    last update i did from you i didnt have this problem =(

  13. hey, i keep getting this error message

    c:\mangos\data/dbc/ItemExtendedCost.dbc (exist, but have 14 fields instead 13) Wrong client version DBC file?

    any suggesions?

  14. Is this release compatible with Patch 2.3 that was released today? Or can we expect another Mangos release here, soon enough? ;)

  15. # Colin

    ah it seems your gameobject_template table in mysql database get corrupted, i’d suggest you to backup your character first (if you already created backup before, move the previous backup first to another directory) .. and then reinstall the database again

    # justin

    Probably that’s one got messed up after the recent changes at the item database since the freeforall got introduced, btw did you set the drop rate to 100 or more ? because it’ll cause some problem with quest item not dropped if you set it to high (the safe value is 10 or below)

    # Death Scythe

    Did you previously change the realmd port to another value ? (default is 3724)

    or as a test purpose, make sure that the realmd and mangos process already running then go to this page :

    and see whether port 3724 (or other port specified in your realmd.conf) is stealthed or not :)

    # vcain

    Unfortunately the NPC at GM island is custom made by Silvermoon database :( .. and since this one use UDB as it’s database (because there hasn’t been any update on silvermoon database) you won’t find it … unless you duplicate the creature used on the silvermoon database and move it over to this database

    btw .. forgot to tell you this, if you don’t mind having message about creature equip something being displayed (because im just doing a quick and dirty database dump) :P .. i can upload the ported GM Island npc from silvermoon so you can use it on UDB :)

    UPDATE: you can download the GM Island npc now .. but don’t forget that if you’re upgrading you should also download the updated batch file too ;)

    # The Dude

    Did you wait for the vmaps extraction to complete ? (it’s quite long actually to wait before it finished)

    # solixes

    1. Actually in order to do that, you’ll need to create your own custom weapon (i’m currently working on writing this) :)

    2. disabling boss skill ? you can do that by editing the database directly and remove the script for that boss name

    3. probably it’s not finished yet :)

  16. 1.Do i know how to set all the character skill to make to stronger like change the character attack power,change the character stat,for example the player can hitted the damage more that 10kup.i m trying to use but its cant,only can set up the hp or other.
    2.May i know how to set the boss skill to make the boss without the spell when we fight him?
    3.some of my skill are missing,like rogue POISON,trying to use but it wont work…
    pls help

  17. btw, i don’t have anything in the vmaps folder… which is bad

    the mangos.exe ain’t finding any of the files, and than i can’t go further by typin in the box

  18. reaper the mangos are great got them working
    after a couple of goofs on my part
    was wondering about the silvermoon to undercity portal not working right and also how to populate gmisland all the mangos i have found dont have any venders on the island did i do something wrong
    thanks again for your hard work

  19. Thank you so much man, this is all happen alot =)

    buuut, I’m having trouble with the fresh install
    i press 1…enter password… than it comes up with

    ‘mysql’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file…

    also is supposed to be my IP, or just that?

  20. Reaper,

    I got it working, I had to uninstall everything, delete all SQL folders, and run a reg. cleaner to get rid of the registry. Then i started it all from scratch. It sucked, but I didn’t know what else to do. Hope this upgrade is beter than the last. Still love your guides, With out them, i still wouldn’t be able to get it up and running. Keep up the Great work.


  21. Hi reaper-x!

    First of all, you are doing a really great job with this.

    and now my Problem:

    The previous 4651 release(which worked great thank you!) was installed on my computer.

    I tried the upgrade option (99) for the 4703 release, everything went after plan, I tried to run it and realmd.exe worked just fine, but mangosd.exe couldn’t connect to the characters database, and low and behold I look @ my database and a database characters was no there.

    After finding this out I decided to nuke everything, reinstalled all of MySQL and followed all the instructions for a fresh install. It worked very good, no errors and the database characters was also created. I created new accounts and they all seem to be able to log in, and it works awesome.

    my server worked over the internet, I played with some friends, and after this update, they try to connect with they’re new accounts and they can’t connect. I can connect just fine with they’re accounts locally, but they can’t connect externally outside of the network.

    I tried a lot of things and nothing seems to work. I configurated the realm inside the with a dynamic IP address from No-IP service(witch worked fine before this update) and I configurated everything to be exactly to be the same as before, I can connect, but my friends can’t.

    I’m all out of ideas, would it be to much to ask for a little advice on how to fix this problem? Thank you very much for everything! you are awesome, and I hope you are able to keep up the great work you have been doing until now.

    Thank you
    -Death Scythe