Reaper Mangos 4703 – Easy WoW Mangos Private Server

Time for another Mangos release and as the title said, this is a clean compiled version of Mangos 4703 (without any custom patches) with Scriptdev2 Revision 156 and Unified Database 0.8.1 with Changesets 326 applied. Although you can also download the small version (minus the Unified Database), that perhaps might be useful to those who prefer to update their mangos core manually :)

While Reaper Mangos Mod 4703 (the custom version) can be found at that link (Note: if you’re not familiar enough with Mangos i’d suggest you to get this one instead)

So here are the steps :

Requirements :

1. Working MySQL Installation (if you have MySQL Installed automatically from another Repack, i’d suggest you to completely remove it unless you know how to configure it)

2. World of Warcraft Client version 2.2.3 with TBC Expansion Pack installed (because that’s what i’m using right now, so if you don’t have TBC installed and not using the latest 2.2.3 version, i can’t really help you)

3. Mangos Server :

UPDATE : Reaper Mangos 4875 has been released

IMPORTANT : If you’re upgrading from my 4651, you should download this updated batch file and overwrite the reaper-x-mangos.bat inside reaper-eazy-mangos directory with this one, btw i’d suggest you to get this one even if you’re not upgrading

Update : It seems that some people love the custom GM Island Vendor made by Silvermoon Project, so i decided to convert it so you can use it on this 4703 Release, but as a side note because there is specific item that only exists on the Silvermoon Database, if you see message on the Mangosd Window saying that some item can’t be found, you don’t need to worry about it (it doesn’t affect your gameplay)

Download GM Island NPC Custom Vendor (you just need to run the batch file included)

For advanced users only :

Optional :

This section is optional to those who want to create a public server

4. You need to know how to setup port forwarding from your router first, and also configure your firewall to allow the port specified in Mangosd.conf and Realmd.conf (if you use DSL Connection, you’ll need to know how to setup port forwarding first or else your friend won’t be able to connect to your server)

Also please read the Mangos FAQ too

Fresh Installation Steps :

1. Installing MySQL on Windows XP 32 Bit (you’ll need to have mysql installed first)

2. Extract DBC, Maps and VMaps from your World of Warcraft Client

3. Run the reaper-x-mangos.bat inside the reaper-eazy-mangos directory / folder, and you’ll see something like this, and now all you have to do is just write the full path to your mysql installation directory (where mysql.exe and mysqldump.exe can be found) ;)

Reaper Eazy Mangos

4. Now you just need to choose option number 1 to install the database as shown on below image, and when prompted for your mysql root password, don’t forget to write the correct password … :)

Mangos Database Installation

5. After finished with the database installation, now you need to choose option number 4 (required, unless you know how to edit the mangosd.conf manually) to adjust the datadir and adjust the exp rate, and drop rate :)

Editing Mangosd.conf

6. Now after finished with all the above process, you’ll need to go inside your World of Warcraft installation directory (for example C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft) and then open the using notepad and …

replace :

set realmlist
set patchlist

with :

set realmlist

save it and close file

7. Now you just need to run mangosd.exe and realmd.exe from your mangos directory and then the next step would be creating username of course :D by typing create username password inside the mangosd window as shown on below image as an example … followed by typing setbc username 1 … so you can choose Blood Elv and Draenei

Creating account in mangos

finally you just need to type setgm username 3 so you’ll have the GM Power, and … done !!! congrats … now all you have to do is just login using the username you’ve created before ;)

Optional :

If you want to change the server name into something else, you can use the reaper-x-mangos.bat to adjust it :)

Upgrading from Reaper Mangos 4651 :

First of all i’m really sorry that since there are many changes made to the database structure itself in Mangos, i can’t write instruction on how to upgrade your server from any version below 4651 (or it’ll be a very long post and i know that you don’t really want to read a long post) :P

So to those who are still using Mangos revision below 4651, you can contact me directly if you need help :)

and here are the step to those who are using Reaper Mangos 4651

1. Backup any custom data you’ve created before (such as custom vendors, custom weapon, custom armor, etc) using your mysql client … (i’m sure those who are creating their own custom stuff already have their own mysql client ready to be used) … but remember though if you’ve created custom vendor just make sure that it is compatible with this mangos version ;)

2. run reaper-x-mangos.bat inside the reaper-eazy-mangos directory and then choose option 99 to begin the upgrade process … and wait until it finished

3. Choose option 4 to reconfigure your mangosd.conf and no, don’t use the previous mangosd.conf because it has been changed

4. Done :)

Here’s some screenshot :

Riding Chocobo or Pecopeco perhaps :P


Blackfang Tarantula


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  1. well actually that depends on the GM Level :) … the highest GM Level is 3 and have access to all commands (the same status as admin)

  2. reaper-x## is the gm the same as the admin.. command’s in the cmd prog..plz answer.. i need to know sense im setting up a privat server my self..

  3. Hey #will

    The solution is simple… Just download WoW and TBC from torrent site… After that u can patch it to version u need for free from official site… Well to say it simple after download instal Wow and TBC start it and download of patches begins….

    U can allso find torrent with patches…

    So its for free!!!

  4. hey i have a question, can i make a server without buying the world of warcraft disc?
    would i be able to manage the server without if I could?

    Please email me, this will be a great help

  5. GrRrRrr… Nothing ever works..
    I’m gonna wipe wow and everything I ever download for a private server (Ive tryed milions of em) and gonna start from scratch with yours

  6. oh i think i know whats wrong
    I’m running on 2.3 isn’t that bad i’m gonna downgrade to 2.2 lol i’m so nooby

  7. would it say Unable to connect if i typed my username/password wrong? or have i done something else wrong to make it say unable to connect
    (I could be typing the username/password wrong)

  8. Omg, I can’t connect.
    I have done everything right no errors.
    I can’t logg in :S where did we choose what our username/password was?

  9. check existing of map file ‘I :\wow\data\maps/’ : not exist! correct *.map files not found in patch ‘I:\wow\data/maps’ or *.vmaps/*vmdir files in ‘I:\wow\data/vmaps’ . Please place *.map/*.vmap/*vmdir files in appropriate directories or correct the dataDir value in the mangosd.conf file.

    Hey reaper do you know what the problem with that is?

  10. Hey Prudelic if it was me first i would try and go to a website and look up the skill, and in the address bar of the site is the code for it, use that and do the learn command (not sure what it is on your server) and put it in
    (for example is the page for beast training on thottbot so try that code 5149, using whatever command like .learn or whatever, if that doesnt work im sorry i cant help, but i hope that works for ya. :)

  11. I have patch 2.3.0 and everything worked perfectly up to when everything is set and done I try and log on and it tells me that it’s unable to validate game version. I’m assuming it’s because this only goes up to patch 2.2.3, is there a way I can revert back to 2.2.3?

  12. I am trying to get a pet for either a Draenei hunter or a Blood Elf hunter, but the quest line doesn’t work, I tried to bypass it by going to different trainers, but that didn’t work either.

    How can I get Beast Taming on my Draenei or Blood Elf?

  13. Major issue i have, i got everything running just fine, but now when i try to execute world of warcraft i get an error. To be exact this is the error i get:

    ERROR #131 (0x85100083) File Corrupt
    Program: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    File: DBFilesClient\Startup_Strings.dbc

    If anyone knows how to solve this setback, please post back to me on this forum, or email me at [email protected]. Your help is greatly appreciated!

  14. i got it working, i was checking instances and i noticed bosses missing , i have ManGold and when i loaded the creature database its all nubers not creature names how do i add the bosses needed???

  15. I am having a problem that i hope someone can help with… all of the early level beasts in the game will not attack me when i walk by them. also they are partially in the ground. when i kill them the end up floating at head level. any thoughts, tips, tricks…..anything? Thanks.

  16. Ok, it works, without needing a new ‘’ now I seem to have a problem in my DBC File.
    this is what it sayes:’Some required *.dbc files not found or not compatible:
    D:\World of Warcraft/dbc/itemextendedcost.dbc wrong client version DBC file?’

    could someone send me a Itemextendedcost.dbc? or is there an easier way to solve this?
    my e-mail is still [email protected]

  17. Hey, I need some help, but I think it’s just some little problem that can be solved easily, I just need a working version of it from someone els, I need a file from the MAP folder, could you send me from the map folder the file:’0004331′ to [email protected] ? I would like to test if it then does work, cause that seems to be the only problem with me (from someone that doesn’t have the problem that it sayes about ‘0004331 missing’ ofcourse)
    I thank you if you do so.