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This post was written by SiegeLink and updated by Jared (Oatman) and Reaper-X – Last Update 09 July 2008 :)

This guide’s purpose is solely for those who went through the latest tutorial for the latest ReaperMangos (normal) build and found problems with the installation.

Some steps explained in this f.a.q seem to be unnecessary to advanced users but are only there to make sure that nothing can go wrong, so the end result is always the same for every reader.

Reaper-X also has provided a modification (mod) version of ReaperMangos which includes handy tools/extra’s to the emulator that are not fully tested and supported by the community, using this in terms of installing will not guarantee a working emulator and may give bugs not found in the original, also I will not provide support for the mod version in this f.a.q, since it is for advanced users only.

Q: What is ReaperMangos?
A: ReaperMangos is a compiled build created by Reaper-X and Jared (Oatman) consisting of always the latest version of mangos and scriptdevelopment2 with a database to your liking. At the moment they are: The Unified Database (UDB) and The Project Silvermoon database.

Q: What are the differences between UDB and Silvermoon?
A: UDB is a clean database that tries to come closer to the real WoW game while Silvermoon is a bit more adventure like and adds custom in game related items like vendors who sell powerful weapons.

Q: How do I install ReaperMangos?
A: I suggest using Reaper-X latest guide on ( ) since it will always have the most up to date information on how to install. Always check in the “Recently Posted” section on the right area of the site for the latest posts, guides and FAQs.

Q: Does mangos change my WoW installation?
A: No, Mangos is standalone, the only alteration made is the in the root of WoW.

Q: What does the do?
A: It tells WoW what address the server is at, naturally you need to change it, since it’s going to be connected to your server.

Info and tips related to the
Before you make any changes to the list make sure you make an archived copy of it, so you can change back to the original for whatever reason. Download winrar here:

Q: How do I install WoW for this?
A: Just install it like you always do, but keep in mind to first install The Burning Crusade expansion (If you have it, off course) and then patch it up to the version necessary, and then extract the DBC/maps/vmaps. Before you go into the extraction process make sure (double check) that you have the right (patch) version of WoW that is compatible with ReaperMangos and that it is properly installed.

Info and tips related to taking precautions before extracting:
Go into the WoW main menu, and you can see the version number on the bottom left, furthermore try to log in ( with any name and password you can think of ) and if you have a corrupt or badly installed WoW, it will begin to check and re-patch.

Q: I don’t have The Burning Crusade expansion pack, is this going to be a problem?
A: Not in itself, keep in mind though; that before you start mangos you need to change the mangosd.conf file (with your notepad). You will see the line: Expansion = 1, you must turn 1 into 0 and save.

Info and tips related to saving in notepad:
Sometimes when you try to save your mangosd.conf (or, windows won’t allow you, to get around that; just change the file in to your documents folder and then move it back into the original folder.

Q: I have a European version of WoW?
A: Pay attention before extracting the DBC files, open up extract.bat with notepad and change the files like in this example: locale-enUS.MPQ into locale-enGB.MPQ

Q: I have Vista, is this going to be a problem?
A: That depends on how much total physical memory you have, when you have less than 1024 mb then mangos is going to have trouble keeping up and feeding the database info so you will experience things like NPC’s in the game disappearing and probably a crash after that. This problem will occur especially with project Silvermoon since it has more so called memory leaks.

Q: I have more than 1024 MB of memory (in Vista) but it still crashes?
A: Do try to keep in mind the incredible complexity and the monikers work that goes into making this all work, there are loads of bugs that are still present; and the only thing you can do (as an beginner) at the moment is wait for a newer version.

Info and tips related to vista, server and in game bugs:
Try using different databases, at the moment of writing this f.a.q there are two; (UDB) (Project Silvermoon).

Q: mangos crashed when I started it, and it worked an hour ago?
A: Try restarting your pc, maybe your router\modem\internet connection got disconnected which can mean that MySQL isn’t working anymore, you can check that by going to your command prompt and type: MySQL -u root -p When it asks you for a password you know it still works, but do a restart anyway.

Info and tips related to command prompt (how to in XP and Vista):
Click Start » Accessories » Command Prompt, or go to start/run and type: cmd.

Q: Mangosd.exe is giving an error message stating that it is missing some files or maps?
A: If you don’t have The Burning Crusade; then change the mangosd.conf file (with your notepad). You will see the line: Expansion = 1, you must turn 1 into 0 and save. If the error still occurs than double check the map path you’ve given when you had to specify which directory the maps are in.

Info and tips related to data maps:
You can put the three maps (DBC MAPS VMAPS) in every directory you like but keep in mind that the longer the directory structure is, the more mistakes you can make, so it is wise to make the structure small, for example: c:\maps

Q: Could you please upload the vmaps for me?
A: It is not possible for Reaper-X to upload the vmaps, because it’s really huge, about 1.76 GB. Also from a downloading perspective this is a little too much for comfort.

Q: Rapid share or Megaupload sucks, could you put ReaperMangos on a different site?
A: They don’t suck, your cookie handling, system configuration sucks. Yes it’s true that once you downloaded a file; you will have to wait, but hey it’s for free.

Info and tips related to cookies, to get a working Rapidshare:
There are a lot of ways to get to your cookies settings, I, m sure you can get there trough the tools\options menu in your web browser, the bottom line is that you must enable all the cookies for the site; otherwise downloading might fail to work. Also cleaning up your system might work. Also read for information on Google what is essential (to install) for having a working Rapidshare.

Q: “Reading” but I’m lazy?
A: I know.

Q: I can’t extract the vmaps, because DBC extractor crashes or does not function correctly?
A: On older systems then XP with service pack two; you might need .NET Runtime 2.

Info and tips related to .NET Runtime 2.
You can find information on what .NET Runtime 2. And how to download it at the following

Q: I installed .NET Runtime 2 and still can’t extract the vmaps?
A: If DBC extractor still isn’t extracting the vmaps; the only option that remains is to disable the vmaps function for Mangos by changing the following:

Open the mangosd.conf with your notepad and change the lines:
vmap.enableLOS = 1
vmap.enableHeight = 1


vmap.enableLOS = 0
vmap.enableHeight = 0

Q: When I try to install the database; Mangos opens up in a new window and stands idle?
A: You must have administrator rights and/or user account control in XP/Vista.

Info and tips related to administrator rights and/or user account control:

Vista: Go to start/search and type: Accounts then go to user accounts and Turn User Account Control off. Leave the user accounts window open and check on the right if the word administrator is in your account box. If it isn’t then log in to your Administrator account which is the one you created during the initial startup of Vista you must have one because Vista won’t allow you to have only user rights accounts.

XP: This information will be provided next update. (But it is in a way similar to Vista)

Q: Every installation step was successful; I want to play, but how?
A: Click mangosd.exe and let it finish, then click realmd.exe and let it finish; leave them open.
In the mangosd.exe window type the following: create monkey bush
now start up WoW and login to your account with Name: monkey, Password: bush

Info and tips related to GM (Game/Server Master) rights:
This is for advanced users, but some info on this seems necessary, only use the GM option when you want to create a dedicated server, if GM is on as a player then certain and or more instances/creatures won’t work properly. (Confirmed on UDB forum)

Q: I tried a database and I want to try a different one, do I need to re-install MySQL?
A: You don’t have to re-install MySQL, just make sure to backup your character data if you want to keep your characters, and you can just replace the new database trough the reaper-x-mangos.bat, it will replace the data in MySQL with the new data.

Info related to losing character data:
Regretful as it is, sometimes people make mistakes, and therefore it is not guaranteed that your character data is always 100 percent save when you’re installing a new version of ReaperMangos. Remember that all of this (the emulator and the Reaper-X build) is an experiment and still in the so-called alpha stage.

Q: What is your mangos/world database name?
That depends on what value you provide during the installation (if you’re using Reaper Mangos), but for reference the default value for mangos database is named mangos while the realmd database is realmd

Q: What are some gm commands in wow?
A: If you’re running Reaper Mangos, you can always get an updated list for each release from this page

Q: How to host wow server?
A: Well actually you have two choices for this, the first one is you can always rent a dedicated server to run your wow server process while the other one is from your own computer. The downside of running from your own computer of course, your internet speed won’t be capable of holding too many users at once unless because your internet connection speed won’t be as fast as connection speed that is used by Datacenter, but since that is the cheapest way to do it most people prefer to run the server from their home instead

Q: How to make wow server public?
A: In order to create a public server you need to setup port forwarding first, and then you need to setup an apache web server with php to be able to server http request for the registration page

Q: What port does mangos use?
A: Mangos by default use port 3724 for the realmd server (login server) and 8085 for the world server (inside game). Also as a side note, if you change the default realmd port into another value, then you’ll need to tell your client to use that port (by default wow client connect to port 3724 for the realmd selection)

Q: What kind of servers are WoW run on?
A: The answer is depend, some people run it on their own computer or you can called it as home server, while others choose to rent a dedicated server (that is not going to be cheap) from various dedicated server provider

Q: How to add a game master to wow private server?
A: You can add game master by simply issuing setgm username (1/2/3) while 1 is the lowest level and 3 is the administrator from inside the mangosd window (prompt)

Q: How to be a GM on WoW?
A: If you’re asking to be a real game master on Blizzard Official server, then i’d suggest you to look at their jobs offering page (if there’s any). But if you want to be a gm on your own server then you can simply use the above command (if you use mangos). If you want to be a gm on your friend server, just ask them directly :P

Q: How to compile Mangos and Scriptdev2?
A: You can read my post on a detailed guide to compile mangos and scriptdev2

Q: I found a bug or a certain quest doesn’t work?
A: Check the following info and tips.

Info and tips related to bug reporting and working features implemented in the mangos emulator:
When you have a bug regarding the installation of Reaper mangos you can do that on , for in game bugs there are different forums, but keep in mind that in order to do that, you must have knowledge about how everything works and to follow the rules of conduct assembled by the community.

These are the main forums where to go to for further information regarding fixes or bug reporting:

Q: I don’t know what “rules of conduct assembled” means?
A: Than I suggest staying away from the forums!

Q: I have an error message with ReaperMangos that’s not in this f.a.q?
A: I will try to update this f.a.q on a regular basis, also (if you didn’t do it already) try to read this complete f.a.q from top to bottom and try anything that might relate to your problem.

Q: There is a new (patch) version of WoW, when will mangos support it?
A: That is difficult to say, that depends on the update and if the mangos and scriptdev2 team decide if this patch is something that must be dealt with immediately, Waiting is the only thing to do here.
A: I, m not happy with the service provided for the emulator and/or this build!
A: Remember, It is a privilege to download and use ReaperMangos not a right!

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