Converting FLV file into another format

Let’s see i think most people love watching movies online from Youtube, but get confused on how they can convert their downloaded movie files from Youtube into another format such as AVI, MP4, WMV or even MP3 (if you just want the audio) … for free (because getting shareware software for flv converter is easy)

And if you’re just like me and want to get a good free flv converter for Windows, i’d suggest you to use FFMPEG. It’s fast, free … although it doesn’t have a nice graphical interface included by default but i think if you just want the fast and the easiest way to convert flv files, this program might come in handy ;)

Okay but how to do it ?

1. First you’ll need to get the FFMPEG Binary for Windows of course, and this can be done by visiting this page

2. Now when you’ve downloaded it into your harddrive, of course the next step would be extracting it somewhere, but if you just want the easiest way, i’d suggest you to extract the FFMPEG.exe into your Windows directory (for example C:\Windows) so you can type it anywhere you want, or you can also add the FFMPEG location into your System Environment Variable path if you know how to do it

3. The third step would be … getting the FLV files from Youtube using the hard way, or you can use various online Youtube Downloader if you prefer to do it that way

4. Now when the FLV file already downloaded to your harddrive, all you have to do is just open the command prompt (Start Menu -> Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt) or by simply typing CMD in the Run command

5. Now for the last step, you just need to type this :

ffmpeg -i flv-source.flv flv-output.mp4 (i usually choose to convert it into MP4 directly but you can always change it into whatever you want, like wmv, avi, mpg, for example because ffmpeg will adjust it automatically)


Note : on the above example i choose to use 350kb bitrate for the output video file

6. And done … now you can watch the converted video file freely

As a side note, you can always adjust what options are used when converting the video files, and if you need to look at all the FFMPEG commands, you just need to type ffmpeg


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  1. # maurice

    Well since i’m not using FreeBSD (i have CentOS installed on my local machine) and i’m guessing that probably you’re looking for the freebsd binary, right?

    all you have to do is just get the svn, and compile it by yourself (well at least that’s what i do on my linux box, but if it’s in windows i just prefer to get binary compiled by someone else) :)

  2. hi there! do you have any configuration for FreeBSD for this one? i would really appreciate it! thanks!

  3. # qasimshah

    Your welcome qasimshah :)

    # Admael

    First of all i’m really sorry for a really late reply because i didn’t see your comment coming through :(

    as for your question, well you can choose anything you want … but the higher the number means the latest revision ;)

    # bloody

    Haha well perhaps :P

  4. Hi, I wanted to thank you for posting the information up. I understand everything you wrote on here but I do not know what link I am to click on in order to download the binery thing. There is more than one link in the download page that you have posted on top. I have no clue what to do there so if you can help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  5. R-Sir
    i’v been lookin for this ghost for a very long time, at last i got it. n am just really very very very gratefull to u, u r just a Hero for me, may u live soooooooooooooooooo long, may u be blessed everything u need, n keep helping we ppl, hats off sir hats off, hats off n hats off
    i don’v more words to as admire you as you really deserve
    infact i cud never admire you coz you r just….. you r just The Solution sir
    may u always b happy