Suzumiya Haruhi – Lost my music Guitar Solo by Ginjineko

So i just found this nice clip from Youtube yesterday while i was looking for Animetal Clip but later i ended up to Suzumiya Haruhi because there’s no new animetal clip over at youtube website (i guess i’ve downloaded almost every animetal video clip from youtube). Anyway here’s what the video looks like (seriously, this guy named Ginjineko is just amazing)


PCSX2 0.9.4 the PS2 Emulator has been released

Please check Reaper-X PCSX2 SVN Compile / Build. In order to make things easier for you to download whenever i’ve compiled newer pcsx2 revision, i’ve put it on separate page :)

PCSX2 0.9.4 (the one and only PS2 emulator i’ve tested and works) has been released yesterday (based from my local time). In fact i just tested two games (Suikoden V, Metal Gear Solid) on this new pcsx2 release and it seems there’s some improvement from the previous version (though i think my current pc specs is still not enough to run games normally on pcsx2). And btw … i’m using Athlon64 X2 5200+ with 3GB PC5300 DDR2 RAM, and GeForce 8600GT

But as a side note, i haven’t tried to play around with all of the new settings yet, other than enabling the Multi Threaded GS Mode and Dual Core mode on the cpu setting

The first one is Suikoden V, i get around 20 to 30 FPS at the Intro part and between 25 to 30 while on ship at the beginning (most of the time it just sits between 25 to 30)

Reaper Mangos Mod 4703 – Easy Custom WoW Mangos Private Server

This update is to those who are using my custom mangos release (or called Reaper Mangos Mod) and just like the previous 4651 Mod Version this Reaper Mangos Mod use the Jail Patch and Command patch so you can adjust your reputation easily, and also include Auction House Bot so there’ll always be auction on your server. Other than that two patch, in this release i’ve also include Custom Vendors created by D-Treize from Project Silvermoon forum (see screenshot below), that perhaps might be useful to those who want replacement for the custom vendor at GM Island (because this release use Unified Database and that GM Island vendor only available in Silvermoon DB only)

Mangos Custom Vendor

Reaper Mangos 4703 – Easy WoW Mangos Private Server

Time for another Mangos release and as the title said, this is a clean compiled version of Mangos 4703 (without any custom patches) with Scriptdev2 Revision 156 and Unified Database 0.8.1 with Changesets 326 applied. Although you can also download the small version (minus the Unified Database), that perhaps might be useful to those who prefer to update their mangos core manually :)

While Reaper Mangos Mod 4703 (the custom version) can be found at that link (Note: if you’re not familiar enough with Mangos i’d suggest you to get this one instead)


Reaper Mangos FAQ

This post was written by SiegeLink and updated by Jared (Oatman) and Reaper-X – Last Update 09 July 2008 :)

This guide’s purpose is solely for those who went through the latest tutorial for the latest ReaperMangos (normal) build and found problems with the installation.

Some steps explained in this f.a.q seem to be unnecessary to advanced users but are only there to make sure that nothing can go wrong, so the end result is always the same for every reader.

Reaper-X also has provided a modification (mod) version of ReaperMangos which includes handy tools/extra’s to the emulator that are not fully tested and supported by the community, using this in terms of installing will not guarantee a working emulator and may give bugs not found in the original, also I will not provide support for the mod version in this f.a.q, since it is for advanced users only.

Message from Google Adsense Optimization Team

Okay so yesterday when i checked my adsense account, i just noticed that there’s a message on my adsense reports page … and to be honest, this is the first time ever i saw this message because previously it just left blank until yesterday (actually at first i thought that the Recent Message section on the reports page is just for decoration purpose only lol)

But the question is … what is the subject of the message actually that makes me interested on posting it ?

Adsense message


Converting FLV file into another format

Let’s see i think most people love watching movies online from Youtube, but get confused on how they can convert their downloaded movie files from Youtube into another format such as AVI, MP4, WMV or even MP3 (if you just want the audio) … for free (because getting shareware software for flv converter is easy)

And if you’re just like me and want to get a good free flv converter for Windows, i’d suggest you to use FFMPEG. It’s fast, free … although it doesn’t have a nice graphical interface included by default but i think if you just want the fast and the easiest way to convert flv files, this program might come in handy ;)

Okay but how to do it ?