Reaper Mangos Mod 4651, Scriptdev2 151 AHBot with JailPatch and Unified Database

Just as i said before, that i’ve decided to also release Mangos that is using additional patches based on suggestions made by various commenters here :) … And unlike my other release that is designed to those who prefer to stay out of the trouble, this one is designed to those who already know how mangos work and such stuff … so if this is the first time you’re using Mangos, i’d suggest you to grab the normal version instead or if you’re feeling a little bit adventurous, you can try this one ;)

But first as a reminder that this Release only work with WoW 2.2.3 Client, and tested with TBC Expansion Pack installed, but to those who doesn’t have TBC Expansion pack installed, you can disable it by editing the mangosd.conf to disable expansion map

And here’s some information about this first Reaper Mangos Mod release :

1. Using Auction House Bot as suggested by Jordavius, to populates auction house with random items

And to make things easier to those who don’t know how to see their character GUID and their account ID number for the Auction bot purpose and they’re installing for the very first time of this release (i assume that you’re already familiar with mangos although you’re installing for the first time), i’ve created one account and one character (built-in) for the purpose auction house bot that own the items

the character information that is included used for the auction bot use (to those who are going to use the fresh install without modifying anything) :

Account ID : 5
GUID : 2

Username : reaperbot
Password : reaperbot

Important Note : for some people it might cause conflict especially to those who are going to Restore their character backup into this new database because there’s a high chance that you already have a character using the ID and GUID that is included by default and so to those who are going to use character data restored from my normal release or other release (perhaps) make sure to follow the installation steps after the fresh install section :)

2. Using Jail Patch as suggested by J. J. Roddy to make you easier to adjust character reputation to specific faction

3. Using another database name (mangosmod and realmdmod)

4. And i assume that you’ve installed MySQL of course :P

Download Link :

UPDATE : Reaper Mangos MOD 4703 has been released :)

1. Reaper Mangos Mod 4651 SD2 151 AH Bot and JailPatch | 9.48MB | Rapidshare

2. Reaper Mangos Mod 4651 SD2 151 AH Bot and JailPatch | 9.48MB | Megaupload

Fresh Installation (without restoring your character data into this one) :

1. Extract DBC, VMaps and Maps

2. Run the reaper-x-mangos.bat and write your mysql bin directory when prompted and then choose to install the database first

Mangos DB Installation

3. Choose option number 4 to configure the datadir and rate

adjusting mangos data directory

4. Edit and replace :

set realmlist
set patchlist

into :

set realmlist

5. Start mangosd.exe and realmd.exe

6. Create new account using these commands :

  • create myusername mypassword
  • setbc myusername 1
  • setgm myusername 3

Creating account

and login :)

Using Data Restored from my normal Mangos release or other release :

1. Backup using reaper-x-mangos.bat provided with my normal release

2. Copy the backup file (backup-realmd.sql and backup-db.sql) into reaper-eazy-mangos directory in this mangos mod release

3. Choose to install the database and wait until it finished

4. And then choose the fourth option to configure the datadir (don’t use the mangosd.conf from my normal release because there are many changes) and adjust the rate … and then you’ll get the mangosd.conf file for this mangos mod release

5. Now open the mangosd.conf in this release and search for these lines :

# Auction House Bot character data
AuctionHouseBot.Account = 5
AuctionHouseBot.GUID = 2

and replace it with :

# Auction House Bot character data
AuctionHouseBot.Account = 0
AuctionHouseBot.GUID = 0

6. Now choose to restore your backup using reaper-x-mangos.bat in this release

7. Now start the mangosd.exe and realmd.exe process, and create a new account for the Auction Bot purpose, and don’t forget to login at least once using that bot account

8. Now stop the mangosd and realmd process (shutdown your mangos server)

9. The next step is choose the option number 6 in reaper-x-mangos.bat to get your character account ID and GUID for AH Bot purpose as shown on below image for an example :)

Reaper ahbot configurator

from the above image the Character Account ID is 5, while the GUID for that character is 2

10. Now you just need to open mangosd.conf once again and then look for these lines you’ve edited before :

# Auction House Bot character data
AuctionHouseBot.Account = 0
AuctionHouseBot.GUID = 0

And replace it with the value you received from the AH-BOT Configurator (i guess that name is not bad at all) :P

# Auction House Bot character data
AuctionHouseBot.Account = 5
AuctionHouseBot.GUID = 2

The first value is your character account ID while the second value is your character GUID :)

11. Start your mangos and realmd process once again … and done !!! congrats … now you can login with your real character

And here’s some new additional commands for you (GM Only) to use which is available in this release :

1. jail – Syntax: .jail character hours [reason]

To jail character of course :P

2. jailinfo – Syntax: .jailinfo

Shows your jail status

3. unjail – Syntax: .unjail character

Releases character out of the jail

4. pinfo rep | jail – Syntax: .pinfo [$player_name] [rep] | [jail]

Output account information for selected player or player find by player_name. If rep parameter provided show reputation information for player. If jail parameter provided show jail information for player

5. setrep (reputation) – Syntax: .setrep REPID REPVALUE

Sets the REPVALUE of the reputation with the REPID to the REPVALUE. You can use .pinfo rep to get known reputation ids

6. setap – Syntax: .setap VALUE

Sets the arena points to the VALUE (0-999999)

7. sethonor – Syntax: .sethonor VALUE

Sets the honor to the VALUE (0-999999)

8. ahexpire – Syntax: .ahexpire <house id> <player GUID>

ahexpire will expire all the auctions in the requested auction house with the player GUID as the owner

9. ahdelete – Syntax: .ahdelete <house id> <player GUID>

ahdelete will delete all the auctions in the requested auction house with the player GUID as the owner

Auction House Bot Screenshot :

Auction House Mangos

Adjusting your Reputation :

Set reputation in mangos

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109 comments on “Reaper Mangos Mod 4651, Scriptdev2 151 AHBot with JailPatch and Unified Database

  1. # ryan

    Are you experiencing that problem with this release and using UDB ?

    # ppk & Bigdave

    Your welcome ppk & Bigdave , glad you like it :)

    # will

    Actually the bat file is inside the reaper-eazy-mangos directory :)

  2. ok reaper i tryed to find this file but i could not find 1. open reaper-x-mangos.bat
    2. locate these line :

    echo USE `realmd`;

    3. replace it with :

    echo USE `realmdmod`;

    help me please where i could find it to fix the problem so i could get the lan working again please ty alot

  3. Reaper A word of thanks from a load of our South African wow players with lagg being crazy most of the time setting up your our own private web server was amazing, nway to the guys wondering on how to make this work with GB version and dont have much batch file experience just go and rename your enGB files inside dbc folder to en enUS and run the batch file easy and it works lol. THANKS again Reaper you Rock

  4. got everything working finally (had some problems with the MySQL config), which by the way, if anyone is getting the ‘Could not connect to MySQL database @’ error, log into your mysql server (mysql -u root -p) and run the ‘status’ command. This will tell you which port your MySQL server is configured to (default 3306 but sometimes different), make sure in your mangosd.conf and realmd.conf have the same port listed in the status command. I kept getting this error because the config files were looking for port 3306, but mySQL was setup on port 3308.

    anyway~ to the point, Reaper – whenever i run into ogrimmar, and try to go to the auction house area, i get teleported to Azshaara Crater, but not when i run around the back way (left side of bank and around back of windrider tower), any reason why this is happening? I basically cannot get to the auction house or the steps leading up to the windrider (ONLY in orgrimmar)

  5. Reaper,

    thanks a billion. Your continued excellent work on simplified mangos installations has repeatedly made my life a hell of a lot easier the last few weeks. Your reaper-eazy batch file is simply a fire-and-forget tool – easy and extremely effective. Junst wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you are doing.

    Keep up the splendid work!


  6. Or a ready to use Registration (with all the Progs and pages,with a Start.bat :) Ummmm….) like the one I have On the old server.

  7. Hello ppl, i have a litle problem and im noob in this stuff, i open mangosd and give me error,
    could not find vmap file, i apreciat any help thx :)

  8. i have tryed multipull premade registrations and none of them have worked so far… if you want any suggestions for up coming topics configureing mysql with apache 2.2 and php 5 would be sweet!

  9. Nevermind, I fixed the problem. It turns out the Mangos I was using (4524) was too old to upgrade from, so I had to manually upgrade my data :P Thanks again for the great guides and files, Reaper-X! You helped a bunch of bored and broke college dormies :D

  10. Hey Reaper-X, thanks a bunch for the great releases! I’ve been having a couple problems with this release though…
    1) When I lauch mangosd.exe, I get an error saying “unknown column ‘population’ in ‘field list'”.
    2) realmd.exe gives me an error saying No valid realms specified.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  11. there is no need I’ll just make them play from the Beginning ….. lol
    Wit the old server I got a Dir. called “Disc W” and in this Dir. it stores all ht data for the server + apache + Php . and a Start.bat file that makes my life easy :),
    here is the Start.bat :

    diskw\home\admin\program\pskill.exe Apache.exe
    IF NOT ERRORLEVEL 1 goto started
    set Disk=%1
    IF “%Disk%”==”” set Disk=w
    rem create the disk
    subst %Disk%: “diskw”
    IF ERRORLEVEL 1 goto hint
    set apachepath=\usr\local\apache2\
    set apacheit=%Disk%:%apachepath%bin\Apache.exe -f %apachepath%conf\httpd.conf -d %apachepath%.
    set programit=%Disk%:\home\admin\program\
    set closeit=%programit%close.bat %Disk%
    cd \usr\local\php
    start /MIN \usr\local\mysql\bin\mysqld-nt.exe –defaults-file=/usr/local/mysql/bin/my-small.cnf
    echo The server is working on the disk %Disk%:\ [http/]
    start /MIN %Disk%:\home\admin\WWW\redirect.html
    start /MIN %programit%miniserv.exe “%apacheit%” “%closeit%”
    goto end
    echo The disk %Disk% is busy. Use start.bat [disk letter]
    goto pause
    echo ERROR!!!
    echo One of the instances of MySQL server is started. Use stop.bat
    echo .

    Can I use this somehow to be able to create accounts on my new server ?

  12. I have an old mangos server 3604 Can I insert the players informations and characters from that server into this one ?
    Will i have problems with the bot’s ID ?

  13. # will

    Well actually i made a mistake by not changing the realmd to realmdmod in reaper-x-mangos.bat (i’m really sorry i completely forgot about this)

    as for the solution :

    1. open reaper-x-mangos.bat
    2. locate these line :

    echo USE `realmd`;

    3. replace it with :

    echo USE `realmdmod`;

    # Silly

    Are you using this release or the normal version ? the setrep only available in this release only because it can be considered as mod / non official :)

    # Checkmate

    Take a look at the about page at the top of this page / every page :)

    # Darksun

    You can try opening mangosd.conf and look for the AHBot entries there to adjust it to your liking :D

    # Mci

    Did you extract the DBC files from WoW 2.2.3 client ?

  14. This is the error I get :(

    Some required *.dbc files (4 from 39) not found or not compatible:

  15. question about the AH-BOT. is there someway to get this BOT to put in more items on the AH that what it does on it’s own ? as there is not much really that gets onto the AH that one can buy from..