Reaper Mangos Mod 4651, Scriptdev2 151 AHBot with JailPatch and Unified Database

Just as i said before, that i’ve decided to also release Mangos that is using additional patches based on suggestions made by various commenters here :) … And unlike my other release that is designed to those who prefer to stay out of the trouble, this one is designed to those who already know how mangos work and such stuff … so if this is the first time you’re using Mangos, i’d suggest you to grab the normal version instead or if you’re feeling a little bit adventurous, you can try this one ;)

But first as a reminder that this Release only work with WoW 2.2.3 Client, and tested with TBC Expansion Pack installed, but to those who doesn’t have TBC Expansion pack installed, you can disable it by editing the mangosd.conf to disable expansion map

And here’s some information about this first Reaper Mangos Mod release :

1. Using Auction House Bot as suggested by Jordavius, to populates auction house with random items

And to make things easier to those who don’t know how to see their character GUID and their account ID number for the Auction bot purpose and they’re installing for the very first time of this release (i assume that you’re already familiar with mangos although you’re installing for the first time), i’ve created one account and one character (built-in) for the purpose auction house bot that own the items

the character information that is included used for the auction bot use (to those who are going to use the fresh install without modifying anything) :

Account ID : 5
GUID : 2

Username : reaperbot
Password : reaperbot

Important Note : for some people it might cause conflict especially to those who are going to Restore their character backup into this new database because there’s a high chance that you already have a character using the ID and GUID that is included by default and so to those who are going to use character data restored from my normal release or other release (perhaps) make sure to follow the installation steps after the fresh install section :)

2. Using Jail Patch as suggested by J. J. Roddy to make you easier to adjust character reputation to specific faction

3. Using another database name (mangosmod and realmdmod)

4. And i assume that you’ve installed MySQL of course :P

Download Link :

UPDATE : Reaper Mangos MOD 4703 has been released :)

1. Reaper Mangos Mod 4651 SD2 151 AH Bot and JailPatch | 9.48MB | Rapidshare

2. Reaper Mangos Mod 4651 SD2 151 AH Bot and JailPatch | 9.48MB | Megaupload

Fresh Installation (without restoring your character data into this one) :

1. Extract DBC, VMaps and Maps

2. Run the reaper-x-mangos.bat and write your mysql bin directory when prompted and then choose to install the database first

Mangos DB Installation

3. Choose option number 4 to configure the datadir and rate

adjusting mangos data directory

4. Edit and replace :

set realmlist
set patchlist

into :

set realmlist

5. Start mangosd.exe and realmd.exe

6. Create new account using these commands :

  • create myusername mypassword
  • setbc myusername 1
  • setgm myusername 3

Creating account

and login :)

Using Data Restored from my normal Mangos release or other release :

1. Backup using reaper-x-mangos.bat provided with my normal release

2. Copy the backup file (backup-realmd.sql and backup-db.sql) into reaper-eazy-mangos directory in this mangos mod release

3. Choose to install the database and wait until it finished

4. And then choose the fourth option to configure the datadir (don’t use the mangosd.conf from my normal release because there are many changes) and adjust the rate … and then you’ll get the mangosd.conf file for this mangos mod release

5. Now open the mangosd.conf in this release and search for these lines :

# Auction House Bot character data
AuctionHouseBot.Account = 5
AuctionHouseBot.GUID = 2

and replace it with :

# Auction House Bot character data
AuctionHouseBot.Account = 0
AuctionHouseBot.GUID = 0

6. Now choose to restore your backup using reaper-x-mangos.bat in this release

7. Now start the mangosd.exe and realmd.exe process, and create a new account for the Auction Bot purpose, and don’t forget to login at least once using that bot account

8. Now stop the mangosd and realmd process (shutdown your mangos server)

9. The next step is choose the option number 6 in reaper-x-mangos.bat to get your character account ID and GUID for AH Bot purpose as shown on below image for an example :)

Reaper ahbot configurator

from the above image the Character Account ID is 5, while the GUID for that character is 2

10. Now you just need to open mangosd.conf once again and then look for these lines you’ve edited before :

# Auction House Bot character data
AuctionHouseBot.Account = 0
AuctionHouseBot.GUID = 0

And replace it with the value you received from the AH-BOT Configurator (i guess that name is not bad at all) :P

# Auction House Bot character data
AuctionHouseBot.Account = 5
AuctionHouseBot.GUID = 2

The first value is your character account ID while the second value is your character GUID :)

11. Start your mangos and realmd process once again … and done !!! congrats … now you can login with your real character

And here’s some new additional commands for you (GM Only) to use which is available in this release :

1. jail – Syntax: .jail character hours [reason]

To jail character of course :P

2. jailinfo – Syntax: .jailinfo

Shows your jail status

3. unjail – Syntax: .unjail character

Releases character out of the jail

4. pinfo rep | jail – Syntax: .pinfo [$player_name] [rep] | [jail]

Output account information for selected player or player find by player_name. If rep parameter provided show reputation information for player. If jail parameter provided show jail information for player

5. setrep (reputation) – Syntax: .setrep REPID REPVALUE

Sets the REPVALUE of the reputation with the REPID to the REPVALUE. You can use .pinfo rep to get known reputation ids

6. setap – Syntax: .setap VALUE

Sets the arena points to the VALUE (0-999999)

7. sethonor – Syntax: .sethonor VALUE

Sets the honor to the VALUE (0-999999)

8. ahexpire – Syntax: .ahexpire <house id> <player GUID>

ahexpire will expire all the auctions in the requested auction house with the player GUID as the owner

9. ahdelete – Syntax: .ahdelete <house id> <player GUID>

ahdelete will delete all the auctions in the requested auction house with the player GUID as the owner

Auction House Bot Screenshot :

Auction House Mangos

Adjusting your Reputation :

Set reputation in mangos

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109 comments on “Reaper Mangos Mod 4651, Scriptdev2 151 AHBot with JailPatch and Unified Database

  1. hey reaper but how do i fix the problem of not being able to set up the lan ok need help tryed to setup the new bot for lan for more kids friends but it wont let me helppp please get error 1044 (42000)at line 1 access denied

  2. # will

    yes because the setrep command is unavailable on the non modded version by default :)

    though i can always put it into the normal version if lots of people requesting for it to be included

  3. also one more thing is the one with bot the only one that you could setrep or doe’s the other one do it please reaper helppppppppppppppp

  4. ok need help tryed to setup the new bot for lan for more kids friends but it wont let me helppp please get error 1044 (42000)at line 1 access denied

  5. Hey i was just able to get MySQL to work with your Reaper Mod thing and when it says enter your realm and ip (i used it says
    ” ‘mysql’ is not recognized as an internal or exteranl command, operable program or batch file Done ”
    what does this mean and how can i fix it?
    This whole thing started looking simple but now im completely lost ive tried other peoples and thiers just does nothing and makes little windows pop up and auto close. So far yours is closest to actually making my server . Thank you plz email me solution to all of this
    @ [email protected](dot)com thank you

  6. Tamim, my servers setup and working fine if you want to email me at [email protected] ill send you the edited DBC file so you can eztract the files you need, i would just send you the files but im on a university connection and it stinks!

  7. Hey I have been searching for weeks for a good site this has helped some but according to others in order to set up my site i need MaNGOS Database (TBC) and i cant find that or the MaNGOS Server (TBC) i was wondering if you could email me the files someone. That would help me alot ill remember to post my server when its up thank you in advance. PS try to link your files directly i hate rapid share it suck trying to get files from there.

  8. # Tamim

    since i don’t own the enGB version, i couldn’t test it by myself, so i think if someone with enGB version would like to create a guide about it here, i’d really appreciate it :) (and of course full credits will be given to the author)

    as for your question, could you tell me what is your operating system and do you have .NET Runtime 2 installed on your machine ?

    because .NET Runtime 2 is required in order for the DBC Extractor to work :)

  9. I’ve been telling my friends that i’ll be finished soon and its been 8 months since i started LOL but they keep asking that when i’ll finish and i get stuck trying to answer to them plz try to make a guid if u can if u can’t then just let me know :p

  10. I ryed by changing the enUS to enGB in the dbc extractor bat but it still dint work
    plz plz plz make a guid on how to set up a enGB
    server Its been 8 months now and still no progress ill be thankful if u could make a working enGB guide cause non of these guides work for enGB :P

  11. unfortunately you’ll need to use the mod release if you plan on using the auction bot because the normal release is just a normal compilation without any additional patches included :)

  12. downloaded the normal and the mod. installed 4651 with silvermoon. how do i use the auctionhouse bot with the normal release?

  13. OMG … thanks a lot for telling me, i completely forgot to change it in the batch file, will fix it on the next release

  14. Lan party
    For those that know how to manually change to a lan IP in the command prompt, when you log into mysql dont forget to type use realmdmod instead of realmd. The database has changed to this from the normal version of 4651 therefore when you change your ip to the Lan IP you must use realmdmod database not realmd.

  15. # Quakes69

    Sure, i can always include it by default into this release :)

    # RA

    Could you locate the actual file in your data directory (in this case 001_33_39.vmdir in C:\Mangos\ReaperMangosMod4651\data) using windows search function ?

  16. # Baelfire

    Actually it’s automatically loaded when mangosd started, but .. most mobs still not scripted yet :)

    # will

    Ah .. actually you just need to extract it into different directory, and if you previously running 4629, all you have to do is just backup your previous character data using the batch file included, and choose to install the database and lastly choose to restore your backup

    btw if you don’t want to reconfigure your configuration file (mangosd.conf), you can copy the previous mangosd.conf from your 4629 directory and paste it into the 4651 directory .. and you’re all set :D

    # Tamim

    Actually it works fine with the enGB version with the exception you’ll need to edit the bat file inside the dbc extractor directory and replace enUS with enGB :D

    (actually at first i want to include the enGB bat file ever since the 4629 but it seems that i completely forget about it once again) .. hope i’ll remember about it for the next release

  17. hey reaper one question when i down load the new 4651 where do i put it since i am running 4629 i dont want to do fresh start but everytime i try to do this i mess it up i down loaded it the new one to my wow file thats where i put everything help me thats the only thing i have not been able to figure out

  18. Hey none of the mobs are using spells? How doI tell if scriptdev2 is installed and/or working correctly? Thanks in advance.

  19. Everyone with DBC extraction problem because they run with ENGB, You can just rename the files :
    Locale-engb – patch-enGB-patch-enGB-2 to :locale-enUS – patch-enUS-patch-enUS. It worked for me. And i have no problems with the server.

  20. I am having the same issue as Darkside guy. I log in with my AH bot character and then hit option #6 . It replies with my character id number. When I put that number in as prompted, it replies with done and does not return a GUID number. What needs to be done?

  21. I need help with seting up server. I try setup various versions of mangos servers and I always get same result.

    I allready tryed extract files again.

    Here is picture of problem:

  22. Darkside guy,

    You need to log in with the AH bot character, once you do this it will assign him or her a guid number. Then you can go back and hit option #6, just don’t forget to change the mangosd guid and id numbers once you find out what they are.