Mangos 4629, ScriptDev2 150 with Silvermoon 18.5 and UDB 0.8 323 support 2.2.3

Another Mangos release time, and this time i choose to include two database again (Unified Database 0.8.0 Changesets 323 and Project Silvermoon 18.5) unlike my previous Mangos 4602 release so you can choose which database you like best :)

Other than that, in this new release it’ll only support WoW 2.2.3 Client only because Mangos has officially support the 2.2.3 client (which mean there won’t be any er. So to those who are still using the old WoW 2.1.3 client, you’ll need to upgrade your WoW client first into patch 2.2.3 :)

As an important note, if you want to upgrade safely from any previous release (especially from my old 4488, 4505, 4524 release, etc). Make sure to copy the backup file (backup-db.sql and backup-realmd.sql) from the reaper-eazy-mangos directory into somewhere else first, so if anything goes wrong at the upgrade process you can still restore it (although i’ve done everything possible to make sure you don’t lose your character data)

And here are on how to use it :

Requirements :

1. MySQL and it’s install guide

Update : Mangos 4651 has been released … and i’d suggest you to grab the new version instead ;)

2. Reaper Mangos 4629 with the Database (15012 KB) :

Fresh Installation :

1. Extract the self extracting archive somewhere (or you can also choose to extract to current directory) and don’t worry it’ll automatically create ReaperMangos4629 folder for you :)

2. And then you’ll need to extract Maps, VMaps, and DBC files from your WoW 2.2.3

3. Run the reaper-x-mangos.bat inside the reaper-eazy-mangos directory / folder, and you’ll be greeted with this screen, and all you have to do is just write the full path to your mysql installation directory (or where mysql.exe and mysqldump.exe can be found) ;)

Reaper Eazy Mangos MySQL PATH

4. After finished writing the full path to your mysql installation directory, now you just need to choose option #1 to install the database for you and when prompted for your root password, you just need to write your mysql root password (and no it’s not your account password) ;)

Reaper Eazy Mangos Installation

5. Now you’ll need to choose option number 99 as shown on below image

Mangos 4629 upgrade

6. After finished with the above process, now you just need to choose option #4, and adjust each option accordingly (as a side note, the most important thing is your datadir location)

Mangos Config Editor

7. Now you need to go into your World of Warcraft Installation directory and open the file using notepad and then change these lines :

set realmlist
set patchlist

into :

set realmlist

8. The first thing you should do of course run the mangosd.exe and realmd.exe and create a new account for you, and this can be done by typing create username password in the mangosd window as shown on below image

Create account in mangos

But a normal account can be boring of course, so we need to configure our username to be a GM, and this can be done by simply typing setgm username 3 (the highest level of course, so you can do anything you want in your server) :P … and done :)

as a side note, if you can’t choose Blood Elves or Draenei, then you just need to type setbc username 1 at the mangosd window ;)

and here’s a screenshot taken using Unified Database

Flying to the moon

Upgrading from 4602 Release :

1. Run the reaper-x-mangos.bat, and then go with option #99 and wait until finished

2. Then choose to backup your database

3. After finished with the backup process now you just need to choose the first option to install the database

4. Now you just need to choose the restore option

5. For the last step you just need to continue with configuring datadir (or you can copy the previous mangosd.conf if you’re upgrading from 4577++ and already have the DBC files extracted from WoW 2.2.3) :)

Upgrading from 4577 Release :

1. Run the reaper-x-mangos.bat, and then go with option #98 and wait until finished

2. Then choose to backup your database

3. After finished with the backup process now you just need to choose the first option to install the database

4. Now you just need to choose the restore option

5. After finished restoring your data, now you just need to choose option #99

6. For the last step you just need to continue with configuring datadir (If you’re using ReaperMangos4577 previously, or you can just simply copy the previous mangosd.conf and realmd.conf) :)

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Just like before if i miss anything just let me know :)

and here’s another screenshot showing nether drake in Silvermoon City

Nether Drake goes to Kalimdor


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246 comments on “Mangos 4629, ScriptDev2 150 with Silvermoon 18.5 and UDB 0.8 323 support 2.2.3

  1. Reaper

    Very nice job as always, one thing that i ask, can you include the ah bot patch in your next repack. Im sure alot of people not including me would like to have a ah bot for their server.


  2. Joe, Unfear:

    If you create custom items, vendors or teleport locations (or anything else) you have to export the relevant data from the database before you update, and re-import it again afterwards.
    This is fairly easy if you use a database client like Navicat.

    For example, I created custom items: They are stored in the items_template table. I export them into a TXT file, delete all items from it that I did not make, and use the import function on my TXT file after the update is fully finished.

    The only challenge is to find out in which table your information is stored so that you can export it, but that only involves a little searching.

    I don’t think you can recover your customs if you never backed them up, but I am not exactly an expert.

    I hope this helps for the future at least.

  3. Thanks for all your work on this! One question on the upgrade procedure above. I’m currently running 4535. Can I upgrade to 4629 directly, or do I need to go to 4577 first in order to use your batch file above. (Opt 98, then Opt 99)
    I’m currently running the 2.1.3 client too, so I’ll have to upgrade that side as well…
    Thanks again for your help!

  4. Yeah I have the same problem with the error:0 thing, how do I remove the sql from the 3306 port its using, I suppose it’s caused from the older mangos I used?? How to get that out the way to make way for this new MySQL? Thanks.

  5. all I want to know is how the hell did you get those databases? there huge I know you didnt make them or were they like farmed from the server? I’m interested in these kinds of things. O_o?

  6. you would need to back up the item and vendors table if you dont want them removed when you update (the installer will remove them)

  7. yeah i lost all my custom objects and vendor\creature spawns not sure if i did something wrong or if thats going to happen everytime i update to latest version

  8. Everything work nice, but im lost all my custom shops and everything what i made in game. And still GM island is whithout vendors like in Mangos 4602 release.

    Any suggestion here?

  9. I installed, and it works! Except for TBC. I’m not able to create and Blood Elf or Dranai characters. I’m also not able to go into outland. It says I need to have TBC installed, which I do. Any ideas? Oh and the allow server to use expansion content is enabled.

  10. Ah! Poor you! Be sure to get well again before you do anything at the computer.

    I hope you’ll feel better soon!

    Best wishes~!

  11. I know reaper = god but, some issues. I cant make ANY tier vendors on psdb and i cant trade the gladiator gear vendor or this other 1 =P And 1 that’s allied called ” Destiny Tier ” Please help if possible. Thanx =D

  12. Thank you very much everyone :)

    # Sully

    Try using this one, and let me know ;)

    # confused

    First you need to make sure that port 3724 isn’t blocked by your firewall, also if you’re behind router, you’ll need to set up some port forwarding rules too especially on port 3724 and 8085 (or any other port you used if 3724 gets blocked);)

    # Chris

    Ah you’ll need to edit the .bat file inside the dbc extractor and replace the enUS into enGB :)

    # Phen

    Haven’t tried that one yet but i’ll test it later when i have fully recovered :)

    as a last note, i’m really sorry if there are any other questions left unanswered because currently i’m not feeling too well / sick for about 3 days now and need to get some rest

  13. I changed from UDB to Silvermoon and now I do have my weather back! :D

    … But the Silvermoon database does not seem to work so well with WoW 2.2.3
    On startup and character loadings it gives me scary messages about not finding locations and spells and deleting them.

    Well, I simply wanted to update you (or anyone interested) about this. Perhaps people other than me have weather issues too?

  14. Thanks for the update! It all worked out beautifully. <3

    But I still don’t have any weather. D:

    It is definitely enabled, and I checked the interval too, which should be okay.

    The .wchange command does not work.

    Now, I am wondering if the weather system has to be started at MaNGOS startup?
    It does say it loads the weather definitions, but I can’t see any message like “WORLD: Starting weather system”

    Should that be there, though?

    It may seem odd to be going on about a detail that does not affect the actual game play but to me these effects contribute about 20% of the fun, so I’d be really extremely happy to learn of a solution.

    Many thanks either way!

  15. its me agian ,and im trying this and its not loading up the maps again, it keeps okin for enGB files and i dunno where to change them from plz help

  16. hey i just got this latest one and its awesome!:) but i still cant get it online…it never works….i got the thing and its set up in the .bat but when other people try to get on it just says “cant connect”