Creating 2 Realmd using WoW Mangos Private Server

Some people have requested a guide on how to create or link their WoW Private server realmd so their users can choose whatever realmd they want to login to (for example, the first realmd is the PVP World, while the second realmd is to those who prefer normal world) :) … and that’s why i decided to create this guide, and hopefully it’ll be not confusing (i tried my best to make it easy to understand but you judge it by yourself) :)

So here goes the guide :

1. Have lots of free memory / RAM left for best result (i’m using 3GB DDR2 Dual Channel RAM)
2. Mangos already worked and you can use it before trying to attempt this ;)

Note : Depending on which mangos revision you’re using the realmd column might be different (if you’re using my 4602 version then you can just use the same sql query as shown in this example)

Note 2: You just need to have 1 account to login to each realmd, but it’ll use different data inside each database used

Here are the steps :

1. First make a copy of your mangos (or your mangos directory), so in the end you’ll get two mangos directory, in this example i was using my own compiled version 4617 (my latest version which is available for download for everyone is 4602)

Mangos directory

2. Now you need to open the command prompt and then type

mysql -u root -p -D realmd

# UPDATED 29 November 2011
INSERT INTO realmlist ( name, address, port, realmflags ) VALUES ( 'MY SECOND REALMD NAME', 'IP ADDRESS OR HOSTNAME', 'PORT NUMBER', 2 );

# After finished with the above. Type below code so you can see the new realm ID which is going to be used later
SELECT id, name, port FROM realmlist;


  1. Realmd Name should be change to whatever you like and
  2. IP Address Should be changed to if you run and going to access the second Mangos process on the same computer or change it to LAN IP Address / Public IP Address if the second mangos process running and going to be accessed on different computer
  3. Port should be changed to anything other than 8085 (default port used by mangos which is going to be used by the first instance) if you’re going to run it on the same computer
  4. and optionally change the server type

3. After finished with the above process, now of course you’ll need to create new Mangos Database for your second realmd, and to do this we need to create a new database and then import the Mangos-UDB.sql file (if you’re using my 4602 release) or adjust it as necessary if you’re using another release, see below image for the example:

3.1 Creating New Mangos Database

Create new mangos db


mysqladmin -u root -p create second-database-name

If you can’t see the command used on above image

3.2 Importing Mangos DB

Import mangos db

After finished creating new database for your second database, now you’ll need to import the fully working database from before into your newly created mangos database (if you’re using my 4602 release, the database name was called mangos-udb.sql and can be found in reaper-eazy-mangos folder)

Note: If you followed my guide on creating wow private server using mangos. In this step you need to import the UDB sql file into the second database (the database which is created at step 3.1) like what you did at the Installing UDB part on that guide, followed with applying all the updates :D … but of course it’ll be troublesome to redo everything, so to make things easier and faster, all you have to do is execute the command below

mysqldump -uroot -p --opt mangos > mangos.sql
mysql -uroot -p -D second-database-name < mangos.sql

4. Now you just need to go inside your second mangos directory which is created at step #1 and then open mangosd.conf inside that directory and search for this line :

RealmID = 1
and replace it with:
RealmID = X (where X is the ID you retrieved earlier on step 2)

and then search for :
GameType = 1
replace it with :
GameType = 0

and now search for :
WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;mangos;mangos;mangos"
and replace it with :
WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;your_mysql_root_password;second_mangos_database_name"

finally search for :
WorldServerPort = 8085
and replace it with :
WorldServerPort = 8086

The above step was done because the previous mangos user doesn’t have the privilege to touch that new database name so we need to use root that has global privilege (this is the most quickest and dirtiest way) :P

As a side note, it’d be better for you to create new username for your second database and grant privilege to it for better security (it’s not good to use root account) :)

5. Run the realmd.exe from any of your mangos directory (the first directory which was there before, or the new mangos directory which is created for this purpose), and then run mangosd.exe from the first directory and the second directory
So that result in three new process created … 1 realmd.exe, and 2 mangosd.exe from different directory

6. Now login with your previous username or create a new username and if you’ve done all of the above steps correctly you’ll see two realmd that you can use as shown on below image :

6.1 Realmd Selection Screen

Realmd selection screen

6.2 The first Database With all the characters from before (i think you’ve already seen all the characters used for the screenshot lol)

First wow realmd

6.3 The Second Realmd which is used for this guide

Second wow realmd

That’s it i hope you can understand the above explanation … and just like before, if i missed anything just let me know about it :)


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103 comments on “Creating 2 Realmd using WoW Mangos Private Server

  1. having problems with characters in the two realms. the characters from realm 1 are being used in realm 2 is there a way to fix that? or am i missing a step on here…

  2. well i did everything it said, but then for some reason when i try to log into the second server it says “cannot connect”
    im lost

  3. For all of you still looking for working DBC files /having problems with extracting your own can do what I did. I downloaded the latest ASCENT server and used the DBC files for the reaper-x-mangos server. worked perfectly.

    Thanks reaper and a merry christmas!

  4. hey reaper i am having trouble with getting my world friends on my server my server is up and running but my netherlands friends can’t get on it what am i doing wrong please help me thank you

  5. hello reaper, first of all i want to ty for all the guides u have posted. and second if possible i need some help with the account site for others to create their own accounts instead of me doing manually. email= [email protected]

  6. How can i make 2 mangosd.exe to run in one Mangos Restarter? I made 2 realms…but i need to make the restarter to work for both…what shoul i do?

  7. yo..reaper, i have stared a web site using shadowhunters repack (mangos) my problem is that when i use the speed commands i get stuck i cant move at all.. u know what this is or how i can fix it? =:)

  8. Also: Realm shows to be offline -.- and this WorldDatabaseInfo = “;3306;mangos;mangos;mangos” cannot be found, even if you uses WORLD as key word -_- …

  9. :S Ok, thanks great guide, but :S how can I remove realm ? Coz I have one incorrect ;S out of three ;S thx again ;S

  10. A really short (and proudly hard to understand guide) about to connect internet realms to your logon server

    first stem, in the logon server db, create a list whit all Id Names and IP (and ports if necesary) of your internet realms, i.e:

    (shown as vertical fields)
    id: 1
    name: internet server 1
    icon: 0
    color: 0
    timezone: 0
    allowedSecurityLevel: 0
    population: 0
    Repeat many time how realm u want to mount (changing the ID in ALL cases)

    THEN be sure all your internet realm can work perfect as local realms, if work, ok, we can continue, if all work good, then edit your mangosd.conf and change that configurations parameters only!

    RealmID = 2
    (REMEMBER: must match the realmlist on the db logon serv!!!!!)

    GameType = 1
    (or 0 NORMAL 1 PVP 4 NORMAL 6 RP 8 RPPVP)

    LoginDatabaseInfo = “;;;;realmd”

    LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;mangos;mangospws;realmd”

    the rest of connections can keep being local adresses on each realm

    ok, we are ready, now, we can up our realmlist

    run the REALMD.EXE on the logon server


    run the MANGOSD.EXE (ONLY don’t run the realmd.exe) on each internet realm.

    if all your connection to the logon db on each realm work then u have a wow serv whit internet_realm_list

    NOTE: make sure your logon serv can see your realms, and your realm can see the logon serv, and their DB (whit te respectives permision for insert, delete, update…etc, u know what permission need ;))

  11. # Snurro

    Yes, currently i’m working on it .. and hopefully it’ll be not confusing as this one (that’s why it took me a while to write it lol)

    # EZ-Mouse and Sscutlima

    Glad to know it works for you too :)

    # SauronTheGreat

    Lol … ah actually as long as you have mysql installed, then you can do it too

    here’s a manual step on how to do it :

    1. open command prompt
    2. type :

    mysql -umangos -pmangos -D realmd

    INSERT INTO `realmlist` VALUES ( NULL, 'YOUR SECOND REALMD NAME', '', 8086, 0, 2, 0, 0, 0 );

    to see if you’ve done it correctly type :

    SELECT * FROM `realmlist`;

    and see if you can see your newly created realmd name after typing the above SELECT ;)

  12. I mount 2 local realm + 1 remote realm (internet on another city) (3 realms) whit only 1 logon db, and work perfect!!!!

  13. Lol, the whole thing I was trying to make this damnit second realm, I didnt get anything with this step one, omfg ! Do I have to download it !? And what is it querty pfft … From all understendable so easy guides I found this one the most hardable to understend, and I still dont get first step with this damn programm sql or something, on how this working and etc !! What is it actually ? And can you share download link ???? Would be perfect -.- … Anyway thanks for ‘ good ‘ guide.

  14. I’ve manage to make my own server and everythings working:D But i just wonder can i make my own weapons? I’ve searched google for like 1/2 weeks now, (without finding anything)
    Then my friend telled me that you were going to make a guide about it is that true? And thanks for all the help your site gave me:D

  15. Hi there, I recently updated to the latest release yesterday, and now made another server.

    Now, in SQLyog, I have the main database fodlers, then my new one called mangos-db2 which i imported the database file into. So, now when i load the first mangosd.exe it loads both the servers at once, but, the new server loops. I had managed to get access once but I can not get in anymore. I just thought that if i could get this to work properly i wouldnt have to hog all my ram by loading two seperate servers accessing the database.

    All of the tables work in relation perfect so its just the looping i cant seem to fix by adding the ip to the realmd table.

  16. # Dorvita

    Could you tell me which mangos revision you’re using actually ?

    # Jimmy

    I’m really sorry for late reply because i didn’t saw your comment coming through

    actually previously (before writing this) i received email from few people and ask whether they’re able to run separate database with 2 realmd, and since i got confused on what they’re trying to do so i guess basically they’re looking for something like this

    and i’m really sorry if i’m not using the correct words because well basically i’m still learning too :)