4 Things to do after creating your first Website / Blog ever

So you just finished registering your own domain name for the first time ever, and you got yourself a good web hosting company and already created / use some custom themes for your website. But you’re confused on what you should do next in order to get your website listed on various search engines and in the end you’ll get some nice traffic from those search engines ? or even better you could make money from it ?

1. Create / Write a useful content first

WWWThis step is the most important thing you should do first, because in order to get your site listed on various major search engines, you’ll need to create a useful content or two. Of course the best thing you could do is create a unique post that your site visitors think it could be useful for them

2. Avoid placing advertisement on your website

Most people think that they can make money directly right after they just created their first web site / blog ever which is wrong. Because when you just launched a new website, you’ll need to create a good impression to your site visitors, and ads are well known to drive visitors away from your new website (especially to those who dislike ads)

3. Ask for honest opinion about your web site from your friends

After finished with the above two steps, now you’ll need to ask some of your friends to visit your new web site and ask them for their honest opinion about your web site, and you’ll need to listen to their opinion carefully because they are going to be the first one who’s going to visit your web site and perhaps can also helps you to promote your web site

4. Make other site link to your web site

Back then getting other web site to link to your website can be considered as hard task, but now you don’t need to worry about that anymore and that’s all thanks to various social bookmarking web site that can be found easily on the web, such as Stumbleupon, Del.icio.usReddit and Digg

Those social bookmarking website of course can bring an incredible amount of new visitors to your site especially if you can get your site listed on their frontpage (the worst case is your server might get overloaded because of the huge incoming visitors). But even though your site didn’t make it to the frontpage of those social bookmarking website, you’ll still get a backlink to your site, and that’s really help your site to get listed by major search engines

That’s it … and of course if you know some other good tips to those who are just creating new website, feel free to write it in the comment area below :)


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  1. submitting a new website to at least 20 high pr directories such as open project of seomoz and alike is also a great tip to increase page rank.

  2. After Creating a website/blog. Okay I create traffic. Many people will visit my website/blog. Then they click on it and comment on it then what to do? How will I get paid. Should I register in some kind of website? If so then which website. How they get benefited from it? How they will pay me? Where they were going to send the money? I really don’t understand these things.

  3. i need links for the new 3.2.2 repack (mangos). someone link…? pls. i hv a 3.2.2 ascent working, but it is SO FULL OF BUGS OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT MOTTLED BOAR! so i asked around on forums. its said that mangos is stable and has less bugs. please, supply a link? thank you very much

  4. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  5. I have created a blog of my own for the very first time. So you can say i am a newbie. I hope that my blog can be very unique and popular. Could you give me some tips (eg blog graphic design, making money thru ads)? Also,I’m from Malaysia. I have downloaded pcsx2 but all I need now is just the BIOS. Could you kindly send the bios to my email at [email protected] and I really appreciate it. Thank you!!

  6. Uh.. can you make a guid on making a website/ connecting your server to it … I dont have a router so? Yeah unless linksys is a router.

  7. First, I would like to thank for useful article. then I wanna ask you about domain and hosting. most of my blog use free blog engine, and I use them to make money. What the differents for search engine to list or to index them, Does the free blog engine slower indexed then other payed hosting/domain?

    I am waiting your explanation..

  8. How to make website public? I don’t know where is that ”port forwarding center” thing.So i need help, every1!

  9. I’m really sorry for late reply (didn’t saw your comments coming through) :(

    btw actually right now you can use lots of free templates from around the web so you don’t need to worry about design anymore (though you’ll need to customize it a little bit in order to get the best thing possible from that templates) :)

  10. As you can tell just by my site address its not finished yet, but when it is done i want it to look professional and be a tool for myself and others to use as a home page. If at all possible could i offer any help to you or your affiliates in any grunt work as so i may expand my wealth of knowledge about web development? Please if you view my site send me feedback to my email. P.S.I couldnt gey my private server to work lol i couldnt even get started right:(