Mangos 4602, ScriptDev2 145 with Unified Database 0.7.5 CS319 work with WoW 2.1.3 to 2.2.3

Time for another Mangos release again :) … this time the Mangos revision used is 4602 with ScriptDev2 145, and as a warning that although you can play it using WoW Client version 2.2.x (such as WoW 2.2.0, 2.2.2, and 2.2.3), but it’s still not officially supported, so expect something to behave strange for example, hidden teleport in Orgrimmar when you are using WoW 2.2.x client. Although there’s already a fix for it, but since i prefer to distribute a clean compiled version without adding custom patch (such as database, script, mangos core), i decided not to include it :)

Things to note in this version :

1. I decided not to include the Project Silvermoon Database because Project Silvermoon Database website is down (it has been several days if i remembered it correctly)

2. No custom vendor on GM Island (because this is using Unified Database only, and custom vendor which is available on GM Island can only be found in Project Silvermoon database)

3. As for feeding pet … i’m not to sure on how to test it (seriously, because i never play on official server, though i wish i could play too)

That’s it … and now here are the steps :

Requirements :

Update : Reaper Mangos 4629 with ScriptDev2 150 and Dual Database has been released :)

1. MySQL (link to my previous post on how to install mysql)

2. Mangos + Database :

Optional :

Fresh Installation Guide (follow this if you’re planning on installing Mangos for the first time) :

1. Extract Maps, Vmaps and dbc files from WoW Client

2. Extract the self extracting archive somewhere, or you can just simply run it and choose to extract into the current directory (don’t worry it’ll create the ReaperMangos4602 folder automatically)

3. Run the reaper-x-mangos.bat inside the reaper-eazy-mangos directory / folder, and you’ll be greeted with this screen, and all you have to do is just write the full path to your mysql installation directory (or where mysql.exe and mysqldump.exe can be found) ;)

Reaper Eazy Mangos

4. After finished writing the full path to your mysql installation directory, now you just need to choose option #1 to install the database for you and when prompted for your root password, you just need to write your mysql root password (remember the mysql installation ?) ;)

Database installation

5. After finished with the above process, now you just need to choose option #4, and adjust each option accordingly (the most important thing is your Datadir location)

Mangos Datadir

6. Now you need to go into your World of Warcraft Installation directory and open the file using notepad and then change these lines :

set realmlist
set patchlist

into :

set realmlist

7. Now run mangosd.exe and realmd.exe

8. The first thing you should do of course create a new account for you, and this can be done by typing create username password in the mangosd window as shown on below image

Creating Account in mangos

But a normal account can be boring of course, so we need to configure our username to be a GM, and this can be done by simply typing setgm username 3 (the highest level of course, so you can do anything you want in your server) :P … and done :)


Upgrading from 4577 or below version (note: i only test it from Mangos 4488++ so if you’re using any version lower than 4488, i can’t give you any support)

1. Run the reaper-x-mangos.bat, and then go with option #99 and wait until finished

2. Then choose to backup your database

3. After finished with the backup process now you just need to choose the first option to install the database

4. Now you just need to choose the restore option

5. For the last step you just need to continue with configuring datadir (If you’re using ReaperMangos4577 previously, you just need to copy the previous mangosd.conf and realmd.conf into ReaperMangos4602 directory and done) :)


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249 comments on “Mangos 4602, ScriptDev2 145 with Unified Database 0.7.5 CS319 work with WoW 2.1.3 to 2.2.3

  1. Hey. I got this problem too with Mangos 4577 but then I found out it was the program Mysql that did not work correctly. I reinstalled MySQL and re-uesd reaper-x-mangos.bat to reinstall the right data. then it loaded completely. Maybe it will help you too.

  2. 2007-10-16 14:43:46 Using configuration file mangosd.conf.
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 MaNGOS daemon /Reaper-X R4577 0.8-SVN (Win32)
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 to stop.

    MM MMM

    Reaper-X R4577 SD2-140

    2007-10-16 14:43:46 World Database:;3306;mangos;mangos;mangos
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Login Database:;3306;mangos;mangos;realmd
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Realm running as realm ID 1
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Using UDB 0.7.5 (319) with SD2 calls rev.145
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Using DataDir C:\wow\data/
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 WORLD: VMap support included. LineOfSight:1, getHeight:1
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 WORLD: VMap data directory is: C:\wow\data/vmaps
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 WORLD: VMap config keys are: vmap.enableLOS, vmap.enableHeight, vmap.ignoreMapIds, vmap.ignoreSpellIds
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Initialize data stores…
    2007-10-16 14:43:46
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 >> Loaded 38 data stores
    2007-10-16 14:43:46
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Using Autodetected DBC Locale (0).

    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Cleaning up instances…
    2007-10-16 14:43:46
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 >> Initialized 0 instances, deleted 0 old instances
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Packing instances…
    2007-10-16 14:43:46
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 >> Instance numbers remapped, next instance id is 1
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Loading Game Object Templates…
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 >> Loaded 12991 game object templates
    2007-10-16 14:43:46
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Loading Spell Chain Data…
    2007-10-16 14:43:46
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 >> Loaded 1904 spell chain records
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Loading Spell Learn Skills…
    2007-10-16 14:43:46
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 >> Loaded 42 spell learn skills + found in DBC 74
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Loading Spell Learn Spells…
    2007-10-16 14:43:46
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 >> Loaded 42 spell learn spells + found in DBC 5930
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Loading Spell Proc Event conditions…
    2007-10-16 14:43:46
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 >> Loaded 850 spell proc event conditions
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Loading Aggro Spells Definitions…
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 >> Loaded 56 aggro generating spells
    2007-10-16 14:43:46
    2007-10-16 14:43:46 Loading NPC Texts…
    2007-10-16 14:43:47
    2007-10-16 14:43:47 >> Loaded 3522 npc texts
    2007-10-16 14:43:47 Loading Item Random Enchantments Table…
    2007-10-16 14:43:47
    2007-10-16 14:43:47 >> Loaded 28408 Item Enchantment definitions
    2007-10-16 14:43:47 Loading Items…
    2007-10-16 14:43:47 ERROR:Error in `item_template` table, probably sql file format was updated (there should be 138 fields in sql).

    well i got past that file problem now i get this any suggestions oh and ty on the advise

  3. I have a similar problem to Oko’s login loop, although I am using the windows version from this guide.

    I get as far as Oko where you have to choose a realm language & type, but I get recommended Reaper-X realm and then I also get stuck at the realm list. Selecting the Reaper-X realm again brings up “Logging into game server” and then it gives up, returning to the realm list.

    Thanks for any help.

  4. hey will i had that problem a while back and they way that i fixed it was like this: I tried to Register MSVCR71.DLL and it wouldn’t work then I found the same type of file but only in lowercase letters and lowercase ext. and it worked. Sorry I can’t remember where I found the file but you can try to rename it in all lowercase and then register it.. Hope that helps.

  5. Reaper help please just tryed to do a clean installation and i get this application has failed to start because msvcr71.dll was not found re-installing the application may fix it this happens when i try to bring up mangosd.exe and i have redone it all 7 times still same thing please help

  6. Hello there,

    I have your compiled windows version running nicely. However I grabbed r4602 from the SVN repository and built it for Linux. At first I got “Unable to validate game version” but resolved this with a simple fix to src/realmd/AuthSocket.cpp (validating any game version).

    Now I get so far as to choose a realm language & type, get recommended MaNGOS realm and then i get stuck at the realm list. Selecting the MaNGOS realm again brings up “Logging into game server” and then it gives up, returning to the realm list.

    Are there any specific patches / changes you do to your source tree before building it for windows?



  7. # mapisto

    Did you choose to upgrade realmd first ? (option number 99) because there’re several changes made into the realmd database :)

  8. Hey
    Thanks a lot to Reaper-X for all your work and dedication
    I just have this little problem with this version. I backed up, installed, and restored, upgrading from version 4535. now, mangosd.exe is working just fine but when I try to work ralmd.exe it gives me the following error:
    SQL: SELECT `id`, `name`, `address`, `port`, `icon`, `color`, `timezone`, `allowedSecurityLevel`, `population` FROM `realmlist` WHERE `color` != `3` ORDER BY `name`
    query ERROR: Unknown column `allowedSecurityLevel` in `field list`
    No valid realms specified.

    Please please help me out…

  9. Actually those don’t work because they have not been scripted yet. Void Reaver was working a bit more like intended already, there still are some wrong flags in the arcane orb target definitions, they have a dumb model and you nearly always resist their damage, althought they are marked to be lvl 70 in the DB but they appear as lvl 1 creatures. He also enrages after 10 minutes, that was kinda hilarious to experience.

  10. Not to mention, I couldn’t finish Taretha’s diversion; the barrels were in the flaming houses, but lighting them did nothing.

  11. Most things on the server seem to be functioning well, but I am having problems with instances, especially the Caverns of Time. In Old Hillsbrad, the internment camp is in flames from the start. In Hyjal Summit, there are no waves of enemies; they just stand there. And in the caverns themselves, those two little children who give the quests are not there (though the swirly purple design is).

  12. # Nick

    Well … actually i already included it with different name :) , try using the batch file and then choose the fourth option to adjust datadir and drop rate ;)

    # Sanctus

    Probably but im not to sure about creating custom maps though, i think mangosproject website should give you some information about it :)

    # metaltildea

    Unfortunately it’s impossible for me to upload large files (100MB+) such as maps and vmaps :( (even 10MB file takes 30 minutes to complete)

    btw actually you just need to wait until all the vmaps gets extracted properly (check the vmaps extraction guide so you know how it’ll looks like when vmaps extraction finished) :)

    # Repins

    Your welcome Repins, glad you like it :)

    # RazMaTaz & Jared

    Thanks for the link to the backup site of PSDB ;)

    i just downloaded the 18.5 release but still wondering should i include it in this one or include it on the next release ?

  13. Hey Reaper I just wanna say thanks for takin the time do post all the how to’s and things… I’ve been tryin for weeks to make a private stable server and your guides have become a life saver! thanks again and please keep up the good work!!!!

  14. I use silvermoon, but oh well its good that he got this for others :) I’ll see if I can find the new database for project silvermoon and tell reaper cause they have backup sites.

  15. sorry i forgot to post this before but i can never seem to get my vmaps completely so could you post a download for them already extracted?

  16. thanks reaper i though u were going to stop at 4590 but u went up anyway and I’m glad you chose to use the unified db it’s much more functional than the silvermoon one’s

  17. Hello there,

    Do you know how I can build a real Mod for WoW. With Custom Maps and Systems?

    Learning how to develop to ScriptDev2 will do the trick?

    Thanks and regards…