WoW Mangos Map, VMaps and DBC Extraction Guide

Warning : this page contain lots of images

To make installation of WoW Mangos even easier, based on various suggestion / comment made by the commenters on this site, i’ve decided to create a new complete guide using lots of images instead describing each step carefully especially at the extraction process of Maps, Vmaps, and DBC which caused problem on some people because they keep getting various error message related to missing vmap, vmdir, map, etc

As a side note, this process is based on my release (i already include all the tools required) so if you’re using someone else mangos release, you can always adjust the path accordingly (i mean the tools itself of course) or find the tools by yourself :)

Okay and here are the steps …

Requirements :

  • DBC Extractor known as MPQE
  • Ad.exe to extract Maps
  • VMaps Extractor and Assembler to create vmaps

Fresh Installation and Upgrading :

Note : the default WoW Installation Directory is C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft

Note 2 : the default data directory of your WoW Installation can be found at C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS

Note 3 : Make sure to delete the buildings, vmaps, and maps directory (if there’s any, left from the previous extraction process) before running the .bat files to extract maps, vmaps, and dbc files

Note 4 : All the Tools needed to extract DBC, VMaps and Maps can be found in Tools directory of my release

1. Extracting Maps :

Copy below files into your WoW installation Directory :

Map extraction

and then run extract-map.bat from your WoW installation directory … and wait … until it finished (it’ll automatically close itself when finished). And here’s what it should look like after you run the extract-map.bat

Extracting map from wow

2. Extracting VMaps :

Copy below files into your WoW installation directory :

Extracting vmaps

then run makevmaps_SIMPLE.bat from your WoW installation directory and wait until finished

Waiting time

When you see something like above image, just wait until PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE MESSAGE appear on your screen. If you close that window before it finished the process, you’ll need to redo the vmaps extraction process from start … estimated time : 40 Minutes – 2 Hours or more depending on your computer speed

And here’s what is should look like when the VMaps extraction process finished :

Vmaps finished

3. Extracting DBC :

Copy below files into your data/enUS directory of your WoW installation

DBC Extractor

And then run the extract.bat from your WoW data directory and wait until it finished, and here’s what it should look like when the dbc extraction is finished

Dbc extraction

4. Moving the VMaps, Maps, and DBC directory

Now since you have finished with the above process, all you have to do is just moving the VMaps and Maps directory like shown on below images into somewhere for example C:\WoW\data

Maps directory

and then now you need to go inside your data/enUS directory and then move the DBC Directory there into C:\WoW\data too. As shown below

Dbc directory

To make things clear, here’s what it should look like when you’ve moved the above three directory into your C:\WoW\data

Moving finished

That’s it … you’re done … as a reminder, you should keep that C:\WoW\data folder to make upgrading mangos process easier and to save time of course (unless there’re some big changes at your WoW installation like new patch) ;)


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502 comments on “WoW Mangos Map, VMaps and DBC Extraction Guide

  1. currently i struggled through every step but now i have come to a new problem which is on the extract-enUS.bat. I load it up everything works except one which comes up with the message:
    “Fatal: could not locate mpq archive expansion-locale-enus”
    Anyhelp could be useful. cheers

  2. #TDJ

    I’m getting the same problem and i’ve tried just about everything to work around it. I think Vista just hates ad.exe.

  3. im running vista (64 bit) and when i run extract-map.bin it gets to 41% and says “ad.exe has stoped working” ?????? what do i do?

  4. Hi
    I’m having some probs with launching this thing.. I haven’t downloaded from this page but I think it should work anyway.. also I think the stuff I’ve got is based on your release.

    the version should be 2.4.1 updated 4 times from 2.3.0 I had it working on 2.3.0, updated to 2.4.1, tried launching and got this error, found a new .conf file, seems it didn’t make much difference.(remembered this was from you now, might be nice to know:P, although it did fix the warning about an old .conf file)

    My wow directory is located at “c:\Games\World of Warcraft”, and the server files are at “C:\Games\WoWServer”

    this is the things I downloaded:

    *still trying to get a screenshot up*

    If you can’t help me, could you at least point me in the right direction to your releases? (Can’t find a download on this site)


  5. i have the problem that when i open the extract-map.bat, then there comes a folder named maps, but there is nothing inside? what should i do?

  6. well Reaper i really need ur help. i’m here on this site fallowing the guide and all but i can’t find any links to software. u talk about, so i downloaded the stuff individually from various mirrors on the way.

    So i need help with the *.bat files. When i get the programs from other websites they dont’ have the *.bat files and im stuck now on step 3.

    Step 1 someone posted in coments :D
    Step 2 i managed to find a download with the *.bat in it.
    Step 3 *.bat missing as of 23 May 7AM

    thanks for response

  7. Im running vista, and seems to have problems extracting DBC and vmaps, the extraction apps starts and seems workin prety well, but then it finish, it havemt crated any folders for me to copy into the wow\data\ directory?

    Anyone else having this issue? Or maybe someone have solved this allready and like to share info.

  8. Hi reaper,

    having problems with the dbc folder,
    i place it in to the data dir and then i run the reaper-x-mangos.exe ( the dos thing )
    but it always tels me that the folder isn’t in the data dir. Is there a place i can download the good ones??
    would be very helpfull.

  9. I get an error once I get to 41% of the Maps file extracted. and then the command prompt closes, and I tried using what was extracted, but the mandosd exe wont run without the maps after that.

  10. hey im attempting to use the map extractor but every time i use it it comes up with the message that says “error opening archive ‘./data/patch-2,mpq’: file operation error”
    it does this for all the mpq files and then closes, it creates a maps folder but its empty some1 help me plz!!!!

  11. hello all it all works good but when i try to log in it stay at handshaking and want do nothing plzz could use help thank u.

  12. I would like to say, even though I am still in the process of setting up my own server, this has to be one of the least difficult times I have ever had with this kind of setup. mysql went like a breeze, found the correct patches when I looked. Read and reviewed the setup guide and faqs, then reread them just to double check myself, and prepare for any issues I may or may not come across. I give kudo’s to all those who have assisted those in need or gave helping advice in some instances when it was not asked for. I will let you all know how the setup goes. Thanks for all the hard work and help!

  13. when i use the extract-map program its starts processing and then closes when its done i just noticed 1 difference between my screenshot and yours instead of having it saying everything is opening fine it says

    “Error opening archive ‘.\data\patch-2.mpg’: File operation error”
    For one of the files is this going to cause problems in the future and if so how can i fix this. (I am using enUS 2.41)

  14. As much as Ive looked I must be missing it about the DBC folder. Ive tried C:\worldofwarcraft\data (with and without spaces and caps and with :ProgramFiles\) no luck
    Also tried copying it all into a new folder, wow/data. No luck either way changing lines or caps full or short directory. Still cannot find the directory even at last delete and fresh install, still no luck. Is there something I missed? Thanks Reaper for any help.

  15. I have installed MS Net 2 framework, and executed from the enUS directory. This time the (0×0000135) did not appear, but instead after unpacking the first part, the archive patch enUs-mpq had a fatal error. Then archive patch-enUS-2.MPQ also had a fatal error. Both instances says it failed to locate these files.

  16. I am using 5472 Mangos download. I am just trying to use whatever is the most recent, and will work with current patch, or 2.3.3

  17. I have put the DBC files in the data/enUS folder and tried to extract with the files transfered from the tools folder. I have encountered an error, “The application has failed to initialize properly (0x0000135) Click on ok to terminate application.” The file I tried to execute was not the same name as the one included from this page. Instead of extract.bat, I had extract-enGB, and extract-enUS.

  18. Does it matter if we use ‘extract-map.bat’, ‘makevmaps_SIMPLE.bat’, ‘extract.bat’ before or after the patches?

  19. Oh, and I think I speak for all of us when I say ‘Thank You’ for helping us through our Private Server experiences.

    Just clarifing, Is the dbc directory in the reaper folder?

    I also need to know when you are on to reply and help us all out, if thats not much trouble.


  20. no offence or ne thing, but i think u should get to work on updating this page because patch 3.4 just came out and i’m not really sure wat to do with that….