Winamp 5.5 just got better

WinampSo today i just upgrade my previously installed Winamp 5.35 into Winamp 5.5 and guess what ? i think the Winamp team has improved the Winamp skins considerably. Back then when Winamp 3 was launched it introduces us to their new skinning engine which was more powerful than the previous 2.x series, but the problem is … it take too many of your system resources which is not that great considering most people only use Winamp to listen to their favorite songs (even lots of my friends doesn’t really use Winamp 3 skins type anyway)

And actually because of that reason, i choose to use the previous Winamp 2 skin until today (before upgraded into 5.5). To be honest i was quite suprised when installing this over the previous Winamp installation, because right after i installed the Winamp 5.5, instead of launching the winamp directly it’ll ask you first whether you want to use the new skins or not … and since the new skin looks nice, i think i should give it a try then … and all i can say is … amazingly done, and here’s a screenshot just in case you want to see the new Winamp 5.5 skin :

Winamp 5.5 Screenshot

Dang … i just love their new layout, because their new skin layout match perfectly with my old winamp setup (I put the playlist on the right side of the main window, and put the media player directly below those two), other than that you can also see directly what decoder you’re using on your currently played media file just to the left side of the Playlist window

But just in case you want to know why i choose Winamp as my music player (not media player simply because i use another player to play video / movie file), that’s because i can use FFDshow with Winamp, in order to improve it’s output quality (or you can also says a free DSP effect but in this case FFDshow offers more features) ;)


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  2. This should have been a whole new version not just a minor increase in the previous version, cause this is like 10X better.