Mangos 4577, ScriptDev2 140 with PSDB and UDB work with WoW 2.1.3 to 2.2.3

Another WoW Mangos Release, and this time the WoW Client Supported is from WoW 2.1.3 into 2.2.3, but please note that currently the Mangos team still hasn’t fully support the 2.2.x client yet so you might see various opcodes related message being displayed on your mangosd window. Though it doesn’t really affect the gameplay itself, because i have tested this release with the newly released WoW 2.2.3 and … so far everything is working (unless it’s database related of course)

Anothing thing to note is, if you get various database related error message such as Item (Entry: xxxx) have wrong (not-existed) spell in spellid_1 … and so on when you run the mangosd.exe process, you can just safely ignore that message … because i also get that message but still the mangosd server process is still up and running and i can play just fine ;) … and no … mangosd process isn’t crash even when i talked to city guard in various place :P

As a lasy note, this new release contain two database from Project Silvermoon and Unified Database so you can switch between those two database freely and decided it by yourself which database is good for you

Screenshot taken using Silvermoon DB

WoW Silvermoon

Okay and here are the steps …

Requirements :

Update : Mangos 4602 has been released :)

Fresh Installation :

1. Extracting VMaps, Maps, DBC and configuring it (to make thing easier, i’ve created a separate guide for it)

2. Extract the self extracting 7–zip archive somewhere, or you can choose to extract it in current directory. And you’ll get ReaperMangos4577 Folder

3. Go inside the reaper-eazy-mangos directory and then run the reaper-x-mangos.bat , and you’ll be prompted with this screen :

Mysql directory

All you have to do is just write the full path into your MySQL bin directory (where mysql.exe can be found)

Note : The above step is important, if you don’t write the correct path you’ll get problem later

4. Now you just need to choose option number 1 (Install), and insert your mysql root password when prompted)

Installation Process

5. Now you need to configure which database you’re going to use in your Mangos Installation, in this release i have included Project Silvermoon Database and Unified Database. In below example, i choose the Unified database

Choosing WoW Database to install

As a side note, you don’t need to worry about choosing the correct database because you can always switch it later even if you already created your character with full set equipment. I choose to include 2 database so you can pick which one perform best for you

6. When you’ve finished the above process, now you just need to choose option number 4 to configure your mangos installation

Mangos Config Editing

If you follow my previous post about the Maps, VMaps and DBC extraction guide … you can just simply write C:\wow\data when prompted for your data directory. As for the rest (adjusting the rate) i think it’s self explained :)

7. Go to your WoW installation directory and open the file

and change the realmlist into using this one :

set realmlist

8. Run mangosd.exe and realmd.exe

9. Create new account as shown like below image for an example :

Creating Account in Mangos

10. Done :)

Switching Database or Upgrading :

1. Run reaper-x-mangos.bat and then choose to backup your character

2. Now choose the first option (Install / Upgrade) and continue with the step until you get back to the main menu

3. Choose the third option (Restore Backup) and you’re done with switching / upgrading database

To those who’s upgrading from my previous release

4. Choose the fourth option (Mangos Config Editor) to adjust your datadirectory, and if you already configured your server to be accessible from LAN then you’ll also need to choose the fifth option to adjust your realmlist again

Here’s a screenshot taken using Unified Database (and yep i almost die there even with Custom Weapon that gives all stats plus 1000 bonus) :P


Related Link :

Official Project Related Link :

Of course the above already tested with WoW 2.2.3 enUS Client :)

Forgot to tell you this, but just in case you want to try my character that is usually shown on my screenshots, i also included my backup character for you to use :) … all you have to do right after installing the database, just choose the restore backup option

Note: If you choose to restore my character backup directly you’ll lose all your character data

The username to login using my test character is Reaper and password is reaper .. enjoy ;)


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234 comments on “Mangos 4577, ScriptDev2 140 with PSDB and UDB work with WoW 2.1.3 to 2.2.3

  1. I see 2 errors :

    1. WORLD: unknown spell id 18350

    2. SESSIOS: recived unhandled opcode SMSG_UNKNOWN_977 (0x03D1)

    and the most importatn is that i dont see any informations about selected items!!! HELP!!!

  2. Found a work around for the feed pet problem. Use the GM command ” .learn 1539 ” to get the feed pet effect spell. just use this spell instead of the normal feed pet spell. The effect of this spell is a little slower then normal but it works. Just use it whenever you get the chance too.

  3. confused:

    I think the config files is generated when you the reaper -x- mangos.bat file and you use option 4 to adjust the setting for your server.

    I have another question. Does anyone know of a fix for the feed pet problem that a hunter has with the silvermoon database? Or is it just a matter of only 1 type of “food” works for all pets?

  4. Ive tried all the different Mangos downloads you have and for sum reason there is NEVER a Mangosd.conf…there is only a mangosd.exe….however there is a realmd.conf. Any way to get the mangos one or does it not matter?

  5. Ok, I found the problem on my server. Whenever I restore the charector database, it seems too corrupt other parts of the database. Looks like I have too start my charectors from scratch is all… I tested it without restoring the database and it works great.

    Thanks for the superb work on this pack Reaper-X.


  6. man:

    everything that shows up on the mangosd.exe is saved to a log file named server.log

    it can be found in the Logs folder where you installed the server.

  7. Ok, i found upgrade-realmd.sql XD

    now is ok, but!

    If i select an item, i dont see any window. any stats. nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HELP PLZ!!!

    and, no vendors at gm island, but i can make them self.

  8. HELP!
    When i run realmd.exe i see this message :

    whata **** is it?

    my realmd.conf :

    MaNGOS realmd configuration file


    # Database connection settings for the realm server.

    # Default: hostname;port;username;password;database

    # .;somenumber;port;username;password;database – use named pipes at Windows
    # Named pipes: mySQL required adding “enable-named-pipe” to [mysqld] section my.ini

    # .;/path/to/unix_socket;username;password;database – use Unix sockets at Unix/Linux

    # Unix sockets: experimental, not tested

    LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;***;***;realmd”

    # Logs directory setting.

    # Important: Logs dir must exists, or all logs be disable

    # Default: “” – no log directory prefix, if used log names isn’t absolute path then logs will be stored in current directory for run program.

    LogsDir = “Logs”

    # Settings for maximum database-ping interval (minutes between pings)

    MaxPingTime = 30

    # Default RealmServerPort

    RealmServerPort = 3724

    # Server console level of logging

    # 0 = Minimum; 1 = Error; 2 = Detail; 3 = Full/Debug

    # Default: 0

    LogLevel = 1

    # Logfile name

    # empty name disable creating log file: LogFile =

    # Default: “Server.log” – not recommended.

    LogFile = “Realmd.log”

    # Logfile with timestamp of server start in name

    # Default: 0 – no timestamp in name

    # 1 – add timestamp in name in form Logname_YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS.Ext for Logname.Ext

    LogTimestamp = 0

    # Server file level of logging

    # 0 = Minimum; 1 = Error; 2 = Detail; 3 = Full/Debug

    # Default: 0

    LogFileLevel = 0

    # Color for messages (format “normal_color details_color debug_color error_color)

    # Colors: 0 – BLACK, 1 – RED, 2 – GREEN, 3 – BROWN, 4 – BLUE, 5 – MAGENTA, 6 – CYAN, 7 – GREY,

    # 8 – YELLOW, 9 – LRED, 10 – LGREEN, 11 – LBLUE, 12 – LMAGENTA, 13 – LCYAN, 14 – WHITE

    # Default: “” – none colors

    # “13 7 11 9” – for example :)

    LogColors = “”

    # Used processors mask for multi-processors system (Used only at Windows)

    # Default: 0 (selected by OS)

    # number (bitmask value of selected processors)

    UseProcessors = 0

    # Process proirity setting (Used only at Windows)

    # 0 (Normal)
    # Default: 1 (HIGH)

    ProcessPriority = 1

    # Realm list Update up delay (updated at realm list request if delay expired).

    # 0 (Disabled)

    # Default: 20

    RealmsStateUpdateDelay = 20
    when i’ve write my ip, not, the message was so :
    cannot connect to database or something like that. please help me!!!

  9. When starting Mangosd.exe i can see that i recieve many errors, unfornunate theres a limit for how long i can scroll upwards in the command window.

    Is it possible to get the entire content in a file, so i can compare with a other installation i have made with the UDB?

  10. Curently got a “little” issue… Seems that after doing a complete wipe of my old mangos database(version 4270 I think…), and as close too a fresh install as this allows, the server will no longer allow me to enter any instances. I can join the server just fine, and the quests and mobs seem to work correctly, but the moment I try too enter an instance, Mangosd.exe goes nuts and crashes…

    Trying too enter Hellfire Ramparts for example leaves me with this set of errors, the last 2 repeating for nearly 9,000KB in the server log:

    2007-10-21 00:47:07 ERROR:SQL: SELECT `instance_template`.`maxplayers`, `instance_template`.`reset_delay`, `instance`.`resettime`, `instance_template`.`script`, `instance`.`data` FROM `instance_template` LEFT JOIN `instance` ON ((`instance_template`.`map` = `instance`.`map`) AND (`instance`.`id` = ‘0’)) WHERE `instance_template`.`map` = ‘543’
    2007-10-21 00:47:07 ERROR:query ERROR: Unknown column ‘’ in ‘field list’
    2007-10-21 00:47:07 ERROR:Instance (Map: 543 Id: 0) not have records in `instance_template` and `instance` in DB. Using default settings.
    2007-10-21 00:47:07 ERROR:SQL: SELECT `instance_template`.`maxplayers`, `instance_template`.`reset_delay`, `instance`.`resettime`, `instance_template`.`script`, `instance`.`data` FROM `instance_template` LEFT JOIN `instance` ON ((`instance_template`.`map` = `instance`.`map`) AND (`instance`.`id` = ’13’)) WHERE `instance_template`.`map` = ‘543’
    2007-10-21 00:47:07 ERROR:query ERROR: Unknown column ‘’ in ‘field list’
    2007-10-21 00:47:07 ERROR:Instance (Map: 543 Id: 13) not have records in `instance_template` and `instance` in DB. Using default settings.
    2007-10-21 00:47:07 ERROR:SQL: INSERT INTO `instance` VALUES (’13’, ‘543’, ‘1192945627’,”)
    2007-10-21 00:47:29 ERROR:SQL ERROR: Column count doesn’t match value count at row 1

    also getting repeated errors similar too this, but with different opcodes:

    2007-10-21 00:44:19 ERROR:SESSION: received unhandled opcode SMSG_UNKNOWN_978 (0x03D2)

    How bad’s the news doc?

    note: I have tried re-extracting the maps, v-maps, and dbc files 3 times and doing a full reinstall 4 times with mangos version 4577. I have thew same problem with version 4602…

  11. I can’t import the mangdosd and realmd to wamp. When i try realmd it sas

    ConfVersion =2007062001LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;root;realmd”LogsDir = “Logs”MaxPingTime =30RealmServerPort =3724LogLevel =1LogFile = “Realmd.log”LogTimestamp =0LogFileLevel =0LogColors = “”UseProcessors =0ProcessPriority =1RealmsStateUpdateDelay =20

    MySQL sad:

    #1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘ConfVersion=2007062001

    LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;root;realmd”

    L’ at line 1

    If you can help me add me on msn would be nice [email protected]

  12. yo Reaper i was wondering if there was any way to edit the maps and make your own buildins cuz i was checking out other peoples priv servers and they had a place called the dance club wich was actually the caverns of time but it was edited like mad how is this possible? plz let me know asap

  13. I got a bigass problem:
    When i start mangosd.exe, the window is up for less than a second, and it says something like:
    “Database not specified in configuration file”

    Please help me, i’ve followed the guide to 100%(promise) :(

  14. i was using 4577 on W.o.W version 2.2.3 and now i have a 2nd version of wow thatis on 1.12 and i am running 3462, both times ican getthe server up and running but when i go to log into the actuall game i get the unable to validate game version.

  15. # QueloR

    You’ll need to change the database username, password or it’d be better if you change the database name too :) .. also forward only necessary port

    # saveme

    Could you tell me are you using the 4577 version or the previous version ?

    # Help meee;

    you’ll need to make sure that mysql has been installed properly in your machine, and it’s running in the background of course :)

  16. my 2nd version of wow i am actually deleting to start it from scratch and only letting it update to the 2.1 patch i will post the results for anyone who was having any issue like mine.

  17. As a note to my previus reply, i may have been unclear. I want to put my server as a LAN one, but then use hamachi (same goes for my friends) so they can connect from their computers at home.
    P.S. I apologise for the end of my reply before xD

  18. one of my games is on 2.2.0 and the other version 2.2.3, i also have a real account so i tried putting the realm list back to blizzards and it still lets me log in, but when i use it tells me that it cant validate the game version due to corupted files or a program interfering. mangos seems to be running it keeps doing game events adn stuff on its own but i cant log into it. is there a trick to getting it to validate the game?

  19. Well, I was thinking, if i want to make my server public to my friends, but with some security, can I follow your guide about putting up my server LAN and then use Hamachi in some way? xD… or is it totatly fucked?