Mangos 4577, ScriptDev2 140 with PSDB and UDB work with WoW 2.1.3 to 2.2.3

Another WoW Mangos Release, and this time the WoW Client Supported is from WoW 2.1.3 into 2.2.3, but please note that currently the Mangos team still hasn’t fully support the 2.2.x client yet so you might see various opcodes related message being displayed on your mangosd window. Though it doesn’t really affect the gameplay itself, because i have tested this release with the newly released WoW 2.2.3 and … so far everything is working (unless it’s database related of course)

Anothing thing to note is, if you get various database related error message such as Item (Entry: xxxx) have wrong (not-existed) spell in spellid_1 … and so on when you run the mangosd.exe process, you can just safely ignore that message … because i also get that message but still the mangosd server process is still up and running and i can play just fine ;) … and no … mangosd process isn’t crash even when i talked to city guard in various place :P

As a lasy note, this new release contain two database from Project Silvermoon and Unified Database so you can switch between those two database freely and decided it by yourself which database is good for you

Screenshot taken using Silvermoon DB

WoW Silvermoon

Okay and here are the steps …

Requirements :

Update : Mangos 4602 has been released :)

Fresh Installation :

1. Extracting VMaps, Maps, DBC and configuring it (to make thing easier, i’ve created a separate guide for it)

2. Extract the self extracting 7–zip archive somewhere, or you can choose to extract it in current directory. And you’ll get ReaperMangos4577 Folder

3. Go inside the reaper-eazy-mangos directory and then run the reaper-x-mangos.bat , and you’ll be prompted with this screen :

Mysql directory

All you have to do is just write the full path into your MySQL bin directory (where mysql.exe can be found)

Note : The above step is important, if you don’t write the correct path you’ll get problem later

4. Now you just need to choose option number 1 (Install), and insert your mysql root password when prompted)

Installation Process

5. Now you need to configure which database you’re going to use in your Mangos Installation, in this release i have included Project Silvermoon Database and Unified Database. In below example, i choose the Unified database

Choosing WoW Database to install

As a side note, you don’t need to worry about choosing the correct database because you can always switch it later even if you already created your character with full set equipment. I choose to include 2 database so you can pick which one perform best for you

6. When you’ve finished the above process, now you just need to choose option number 4 to configure your mangos installation

Mangos Config Editing

If you follow my previous post about the Maps, VMaps and DBC extraction guide … you can just simply write C:\wow\data when prompted for your data directory. As for the rest (adjusting the rate) i think it’s self explained :)

7. Go to your WoW installation directory and open the file

and change the realmlist into using this one :

set realmlist

8. Run mangosd.exe and realmd.exe

9. Create new account as shown like below image for an example :

Creating Account in Mangos

10. Done :)

Switching Database or Upgrading :

1. Run reaper-x-mangos.bat and then choose to backup your character

2. Now choose the first option (Install / Upgrade) and continue with the step until you get back to the main menu

3. Choose the third option (Restore Backup) and you’re done with switching / upgrading database

To those who’s upgrading from my previous release

4. Choose the fourth option (Mangos Config Editor) to adjust your datadirectory, and if you already configured your server to be accessible from LAN then you’ll also need to choose the fifth option to adjust your realmlist again

Here’s a screenshot taken using Unified Database (and yep i almost die there even with Custom Weapon that gives all stats plus 1000 bonus) :P


Related Link :

Official Project Related Link :

Of course the above already tested with WoW 2.2.3 enUS Client :)

Forgot to tell you this, but just in case you want to try my character that is usually shown on my screenshots, i also included my backup character for you to use :) … all you have to do right after installing the database, just choose the restore backup option

Note: If you choose to restore my character backup directly you’ll lose all your character data

The username to login using my test character is Reaper and password is reaper .. enjoy ;)


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234 comments on “Mangos 4577, ScriptDev2 140 with PSDB and UDB work with WoW 2.1.3 to 2.2.3

  1. I ran ad.exe from the command prompt, it runs to 100% and exits fine. No errors. I have 3492 map files in my map folder, yet doesn’t exist.

  2. Sigh :<
    No matter wat i do, no matter wat database it is, the instances dont work.

    Monsters dont aggro rite, dont use their abilites properly – just auto atk basically.
    Same goes with ANY boss, phases dont work, they just sit there taking the dmg and auto atking.

    WTF going on its so frustrating :<<<<

    thx in advanced

  3. # Rickie

    sorry i didnt saw your comment before (that crash thing) btw … i just tested talking to undercity guards … without problem .. and mangos still up and running in the background … so i assume that is not related to mangos itself

    what OS you’re running ?

    # WaLshy

    The updates folder is to those who want to update their database manually using mysql command :) .. if you just want the easiest way you can use the batch file included

    # Skyler

    If you can’t locate that file, i guess the extraction process didn’t finished, try deleting the maps folder and re-run the ad.exe ;)

    # elliott

    I believe you can find premade registration template from mangosproject forum :)

    # Cyrrus

    Try comparing the displayid from psdb with the udb (import the udb dump into another database and compare it) :)

  4. Hey RazMaTaz
    could u link that page, or yeah i dont understand what im looking for and im having a hard time finding it.

  5. OK, so I have extract the maps 3 times using Ad.exe, I still get this error. The folder where the maps are “D:\wow\data\maps” is correct but I did a search for the file there and before I moved the folder and it doesn’t exist. I have 2.2.3 wow installed and that’s where I am running Ad.exe. Any ideas?

    World Database:;3306;mangos;mangos;mangos
    Login Database:;3306;mangos;mangos;realmd
    Realm running as realm ID 1
    Using UDB 0.7.5 (316) with SD2 calls rev.137
    Using DataDir D:\Wow\data/
    WORLD: VMap support included. LineOfSight:0, getHeight:0
    WORLD: VMap data directory is: D:\Wow\data/vmaps
    WORLD: VMap config keys are: vmap.enableLOS, vmap.enableHeight, vmap.ignoreMapId
    s, vmap.ignoreSpellIds
    Check existing of map file ‘D:\Wow\data/maps/’: not exist!
    Correct *.map files not found in path ‘D:\Wow\data/maps’ or *.vmap/*vmdir files
    in ‘D:\Wow\data/vmaps’. Please place *.map/*.vmap/*.vmdir files in appropriate d
    irectories or correct the DataDir value in the mangosd.conf file.

  6. Just installed it freshly AGAIN and still not working properly.

    No boss fights are happening as they shld, am i missing something?

  7. Can anyone please tell me how to update the database?

    Do I use the reaper-x-mangos.bat in the reaper-eazy-mangos folder and select my database?

    I have notice there is a “Updates” folder as well full of SQL files. Do I need to do anything with these to update the database? And how?

    OR is the mangos database already fully updated and I dont need to worry bout updating it myself?

    BTW I did a fresh install of this version Mangos 4577 using PSDB

  8. yeah the website to see what i have so far is:

    for my question: ok i know i’v asked this alot and i’m sorry.. but do you have a program or script that i can use to make an automatic account creator? like i have a website and it sends me peoples account names/pass that they want.. and it takes to long to make all those accounts.. so i wanted to make it automatic

  9. Everything is working great except on my friends rogue he uses Merciless Gladiator’s Left Ripper which is not displaying correctly, I’m using the psdb

  10. Hi Reaper-X, tkx for your nice work ! I have a lil question. Can we set MaNGOS as a Windows Service ? If we can, how we can do it ?

  11. ok i know i’v asked this alot and i’m sorry.. but do you have a program or script that i can use to make an automatic account creator? like i have a website and it sends me peoples account names/pass that they want.. and it takes to long to make all those accounts.. so i wanted to make it automatic

  12. update . . . going on 12 hrs idle, and still nothing, the other thing, it does this with both databases :'( thought that would fix it :(