WordPress 2.3, tags, categories … and duplicate content

Duplicate Content ?I guess you’ve already heard about the new tags feature (basically it’s just the same as site categories) that is built into the core of WordPress 2.3. But now if you’re wondering does the new tags function can really give you some benefit from Search Engine and your site visitors point of view ? The answer of course is depend on your site visitors itself and whether you care about duplicate content or not, so it’s up to you to decide it ;)

The first is all about tags / categories (since both of them offer the same view so i consider it to be exactly the same). Do you really think your site need to use tags if basically they just shows you the same content ?

Previously Google Webmaster Central published a great article about duplicate content issues and how to prevent it but in this case, here are the most important point you should take note :

Block appropriately: Rather than letting our algorithms determine the “best” version of a document, you may wish to help guide us to your preferred version. For instance, if you don’t want us to index the printer versions of your site’s articles, disallow those directories or make use of regular expressions in your robots.txt file.

Understand your CMS: Make sure you’re familiar with how content is displayed on your Web site, particularly if it includes a blog, a forum, or related system that often shows the same content in multiple formats.

If it’s for me, i’d rather choose to block it (the category page i mean, because i’m not interested on using tags on this site) … and of course that’s because i always believe that most people came to this site mostly from search engine, but what would happen if those visitors arrived at your categories page and couldn’t find matching article because search engine shows them the old description from your category page / tags page ? well … there are two possibility for this :

  1. They’ll use the search function on your site
  2. They’re going to leave your site by pressing the back button on their browser and continue with the next results

Though most people are going to choose the second option instead

Of course the above points does not applies to your site if you consider your site at the same level as Darren Rowse of Problogger (because you’ll always get many links to your post) just as Aaron Wall of Seobook said on how to get your blog out of Google’s supplemental result :

If you get strong editorial deep links from other bloggers that should also help search engines crawl that portion of your site better to make up for any information architecture related issues that may be causing certain portions of your blog to be inadequately crawled.

As a side note, according to this site Google Analytics for the previous month, this site only received a total of 265 Pageviews from only the Category view, while the total pageviews for the previous month reached 200.718 to be exact it’s 200.453 with the category view excluded … so if it’s for me i believe that most people who browse this site isn’t interested on looking at the category view page (although i’ve made it so it’ll looks like a tags page … and that’s all thanks to my big mistake i made when i still hosted at wordpress.com)


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