Frequently Asked Questions about WoW Mangos Error Message

Since there still many people who still having problem with their Mangos Server, based from the number of comments i received so far on this site. I’ll try my best to explain what all those error messages means, so here goes the lists

Note : If you’re using older mangos release, i’d suggest you to upgrade first because i won’t be able to answer your question if you’re using a historic release or old release. And currently this is based on my latest 4524 (if you’re using my previous 4488, or 4505 release … try to upgrade first because in 4524 i’ve already created an even easier batch script so you don’t really need to know about varios MySQL Queries command)

As a side note, if you’re running World of Warcraft TBC version below 2.1.3, i can’t give you any support on this … unless you’ve upgraded your WoW Client into 2.1.3 or 2.2

1. The most frequently asked question is not exist error message so mangos can’t be started ?

The answer to that question is … did you run the extract-map.bat from your World of Warcraft Installation Directory ? and if so … did you wait until the process finished completely without interrupting it. And it’ll take a while to extract all maps completely but that’s depend on your computer specs. It took 6 minutes for the process to finished completely on my computer, and oh … i’ve done the extraction process for about 5 times or more, and i can locate the just fine by using Windows Search Function which mean the extraction process is successful

Vmap example and 4331 map

If you’re sure you can locate the using your Windows Search Function, try looking at the datadir section of your mangosd.conf (if you’re using my 4524 release you can just use the reaper-x-mangos.bat to edit the datadir) or you can edit it by yourself using Notepad / Wordpad or other text editor and make sure the datadir point to where you put the Maps, DBC and VMaps directory

For example if you put like on below image for example ( I:\WoW\Data )

Mangos datadir

You should write DataDir = “I:\WoW\data” as your datadir (with quotes and don’t copy paste from here because this software automatically transform quotes into curly quotes)

Also DataDir = “I:\WoW\data” or DataDir = “I:/WoW/data” is just the same, i can use them both without problem, although on some system you should use backslash (“/”) from various response

2. Could not find 001_33_39.vmdir or other vmdir related error message ?

Did you copy all files inside Tools\VmapExtractAssembler into your WoW installation directory ? and then run the makevmaps_SIMPLE.bat and wait until the process finished without interrupting it ? and one more thing :

if you see vmap_assembler.exe buildings vmaps splitConfig.txt displayed on the command prompt screen, you just need to wait until you can Press Any Key To Continue message appear on your screen

3. ERROR:Could not connect to MySQL database at ?

That error message mean, you haven’t started the MySQL process yet … did you follow my previous guide on how to install MySQL ? and another thing to keep in mind that you need Administrator Privilege in order to do that, and if you still get error message saying can’t bind or something. Make sure that :

There’s no mysql process running in background, to check it open the task manager and then look for mysql under the process list tab. This thing can happen if you previously using repack that include mysql into their repack

4. Could not locate locale-enUS.MPQ, patch-enUS-2.MPQ, or other enUS-MPQ related error ?

That mean you’re using different WoW version, you just need to edit extract.bat inside the DBC Extractor directory like below :

mpqe /d “.” locale-enUS.MPQ *.dbc
mpqe /d “.” patch-enUS.MPQ *.dbc
mpqe /d “.” patch-enUS-2.MPQ *.dbc

Into the correct MPQ filename, for example locale-enGB.MPQ

And another note, you’ll need .NET Runtime 2 in order to run the DBC Extractor

5. Friends could not connect from LAN or stuck in realm loop ?

Make sure you’ve change the realmd.realmlist ip address into your lan Address, and if you’re currently have mangos running close it first before adjusting it into your IP Address

Because some people keep having problem with changing the ip address into their lan ip address, i’ve created the batch script in my 4524 release so you just need to write your LAN IP address when asked (by choosing the LAN option from the menu first of course) … that’s it

But if you don’t know what is your lan ip address … i can’t help you with that

That’s it for now … because that’s basically the most frequently asked questions to me via the comment box ;) … hope this will help you solve your problem


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83 comments on “Frequently Asked Questions about WoW Mangos Error Message

  1. NVM m8, found what was wrong, the path needs to be with “/”, not with “\”:) moving on to next stage now, my thanks to a post (dont remember who was it) that said something similar and thought i try it:)

  2. using ReaperMangos4651 btw, followed every step at ur guide, up to the vmaps,maps and dbc. Have them at a folder C:\data. Kinda lost from there on…:)

  3. hey m8, great guide, im trying to install the reaper-x-mangos.bat in dos and i get the error message when i try to enter my root password i get the error message “‘mysql’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file. and i get it 2 times:)

  4. ok now i got a new problem. when i open up mangosd.exe it stays open until it hits 46% on loading data stores then it stops. what do i do?

  5. its really strange because its saying one of the cimatatics wont load in the beginning and i pulled up the PTRs and it works for there, is there something wrong with my computer? (the error is 131: C:\world of warcraft\wow.exe
    file: DBfilesclient\areatrigger.dbc)

  6. # Jerry

    Which mangos revision you’re using ? did you download it from somewhere else ? because if there’s no mobs, npc, etc that mean you didn’t import the full database but import the blank empty database from mangos directly only ;)

  7. i have figured it out, i was running 2.1.3 and for whatever reason it wouldn’t let me into outland, i updated it to 2.2.3 and it now works :D

  8. hi, i have a bit of a problem. i got mangos installed and working, the only thing is when i try to go to outland, it says i must have The Burning Crusade installed to access the area. i have it installed!

    any help on how to fix this problem would be appreciated.

  9. # Pickle, M

    What is your operating system ? is it Vista ?

    # Matt

    that error message appear because you didn’t import the core update, let’s say you’re using 4400 and you want to upgrade to 4455 (im 100% sure there’re database structure changed) .. then you need to import individual core update file

    if you’re using my mangos release, you just need to run the reaper-x-mangos.bat and follow the rest of the process until finished :)

    # jimmythefrog

    Are you trying to create old mangos server or trying to create new tbc server ?

    also, have you checked my new 4577 release ?

  10. Hey. Im getting the Same error as Python.. I didn’t understand you’re solution. Maybe you could tell me how to fix this?


  11. Ya well my server works fine and everythin but when i start up WoW it will stay at connect for about 30 seconds and then say disconnected from server….what do i do or what did i do wrong????

  12. # Python

    Just as Kythios says, if there’s an update to the database scheme and you didn’t execute the update, you’ll get that error message :)

    to fix it, if you’re running my mangos compilation, you just need to run the batch file included and choose install

    if you’re using other compilation and they didn’t create a batch file, then you need to import the sql update file included :)

  13. I have recieved that error before as well, but that was due to using different mangos revisions. with my most recent attempt to getting the server running (this is my second serious try, but i have half-hartedly tried many other times) has not brought up that error. try re-downloading a mangos compilation, and using the files there, and make sure you use the mangos.exe and realmd.exe from that revision as well as the SQL dumps. the DBC and maps should not be an issue. that’s all i can say on the matter, but hopefully someone who has a working WoW server can tell you more.

  14. i keep gettin a message that says
    error in “item_template’, probably sql file format was updated (there should be 138 lines in the sql.)

    can u help?

  15. apparently the less than and greater than signs do not work.

    zephar_leoin at hotmail dot com
    rob.roy at keyano dot ca

  16. I’m having a bit of trouble with the mangos setup. i’m using your 4488 build (because i found that i was able to follow that guide the easiest) but when i try to run the dbc extractor or the mangosd or realmd .exe files, and error pops up. i got around the dbc error by downloading the dbc dump you supplied, but the error i get is

    “mangosd.exe – unable to locate component”

    “this application has failed to start because MSVCR71.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

    any ideas? if so, please email me at zephar_leoin hotmail com, or rob.roy keyano ca, both addresses i check frequently. (i removed the @ and the . symblos to avoid spambots, if any access this site because i get enough spam as is.)

  17. After fixing the error (thanks a lot btw) i’m now getting this error:
    Error in ‘gameobjext_template’ table, probably sql file format was updated (there should be 32 fields in sql).
    I am completely baffled and confused with this whole process, please help me.

  18. ^^^^ Answer
    Make sure that when you copy the DBC tools over.
    Make sure that the folder you place them in isnt
    And run the DBC tools from there

  19. 1. The most frequently asked question is not exist error message so mangos can’t be started ?

    after trying a few time going back and for with trying to figure out what was wrong with this thing when your in reaper batch file and it ask you for the folder where the maps, vmaps and dbc is located instead of (\) use (/) example C:\reaper-mangos-R4524\data don’t do that do C:/reaper-mangos-R4524/data and it will pick up the other folders just fine