Indonesian paypal users now can withdraw funds too

Paypal Indonesia

I just noticed today that paypal now allowed Indonesian paypal users to receive money using their paypal account (previously Paypal can only be used to send money only)

While this can be considered as good news especially to those who’s participating in online business (read: making money online), but if it’s for me … i’m still not sure if i can use that withdraw function yet

Based from the description on Paypal website, they says that you’ll need US Bank account in order to withdraw funds from your paypal account, and when they says a US Bank account, a bank account located in United States :(

Paypal us bank account

As you can see from the above image, the country name can’t be changed … so that mean the withdraw paypal funds to US Bank option can still be considered as useless as for now (at least for me)

But what about the withdraw to credit card option ? … since i’m still not sure whether i can use my credit card to receive funds from my paypal account or not … i can’t really talk to much about it … my best option for now is to contact my local bank where i get my credit card, and ask them directly about it


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2 comments on “Indonesian paypal users now can withdraw funds too

  1. Can I use PayPal in Indonesia for paying and receiving money from inside and outside Indonesia ?
    My banks are : BNI and Mandiri